Revenge Round Table: "Perception"

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Revenge brought up the topic of perception versus reality last Wednesday night, as Grandpa Grayson went at it with his son and Conrad told Charlotte the truth about her father.

Indeed, a Pandora's Box was opened and we all can't wait to see what falls out of it on this week's engagement party-themed installment. First, though, Round Table panelists Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines and Dan Forcella are here to take a look back...


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Christine: Is it sad to say that my favorite thing about the episode was the outfits. I thought all of the dresses were stunning and Madeline Stowe was gorgeous in her white dress with the red details. I also love that Victoria can dictate what her guests will wear to her party. Even when it all goes to Hell, at least she can guarantee that everyone will look good.

Leigh: My favorite part was definitely the end when the trap door was open and the fire and ice invitation was there that said "Emily Thorne will attend." Fauxmanda just put her game face on and I was not expecting that!

Dan: I loved Grandpa Grayson yelling at Conrad for being such a jerk. Before that moment we saw a nice old man, so it was awesome seeing the Grayson mean streak come out.

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Who will Grandpa Grayson eventually help most by returning to town?
Christine: I love William Devane. He's the perfect actor for this role. Grandpa Grayson may end up being a wild card but I love the bond he has with Victoria. Those two could make one heck of a devilish duo.

Leigh: I think Grandpa Grayson has a strong bond with Victoria now, but as things unravel he will become more protective and involved with the kids.

Dan: I think he'll help out all of the Graysons, and therefore be a big detriment to Emily's plans. Not only does he seem to be determined to help his family, but Grandpa Grayson might have the means to take Emily out if need be.

Do you agree with Nolan's decision to show Fauxmanda the tape?
Christine: No! Nolan's a bit of a softy and I love that about him, but it was a dumb move and could have deadly consequences.

Leigh: Nolan needs to stop having a conscience if he wants to be part of Emily's plans.

Dan: Not if I'm Emily, but I loved seeing him do it. There are certain people that don't need to be taken advantage of over and over again. Fauxmanda and Jack aren't on her list, so why continue to put them in harm's way?

Is Jack becoming too annoying with his love for Amanda? Or do you feel for him?
Christine: I've never really liked Jack and his obsession with Amanda is too much for me.

Leigh: I feel bad for Jack because the woman he loves isn't real. The Amanda he holds a candle for isn't the little girl he once knew.

Dan: Oh, he's definitely annoying, but I agree with Leigh that it's hard not to feel bad for him for the mess he's got into with Fauxmanda. It's not good for anybody.

Who shoots Daniel at this week's engagement party? And what are the consequence?
Christine: Are we sure that Daniel's the one who gets shot? I still think there are other possibilities. It wouldn't surprise me if Tyler wandered back for this party. I guess we'll find out Wednesday night.

Leigh: I echo Christine's idea that it might not be Daniel. Either way, it will probably result in a trial and even more revenge.

Dan: Okay, I'll be the lone one who still thinks it's Daniel. He's not going to die, though. Jack shoots him. Daniel survives.


I think that daniel took the box, found out that he was being played, and that Emily shot him in order to keep her secret hidden.


Sa'ad702,the ABC official character bio for Charlotte has called her "youngest daughter of the Grayson clan" all along...Conrad may have given up custody of his daughter(s) by his first wife (in the pilot he told Victoria he "gave up everything" for her) but they're out there.(And I bet they hate their stepmother,who may not even have told her children they exist).


1. Best moment was the ending when Granpa Grayson gave it to Conrad and told him that he's taking him out and putting Daniel in and Vicky's smile. As if the whole thing was her plan from the start. Madeleine is Ahmazing. 2. Grayson snr will help Victoria as he clearly preferred her over Conrad's first wife. I wonder if there are any kids from that marriage. What would be great is if he changes his loyalties and backs Conrad. That would be an amazing twist. 3. No. Emily may leave a lot of collateral damage. But Nolan set this whole thing up by showing him the tape. Yes, its wrong what Emily is doing, but sometimes it just has to be wrong for the end result to be right. 4. He's love is a bit ridiculous. The writers should tone it down. Its annoying. I forwardwinded thro the whole thing. 5. Either Jack or Tyler. I can't find a reason for Jack shooting but Tyler is a bit more obvious. Oh well.


I always love the stunning clothes but my husband said Victoria's dress looked like a bloody pad and I thought it looked like it had a trail of ants going up it! I like when they are normal for a bit too though, like when Emily had her shoes off coming in the door and threw them on the ground! Normal people sore feet!


I adore jack!!! Wish writers give us more depth in his character!


I think Fauxmanda will ask Jack to shoot Daniel. Messed up plan xD


1. The ending
4. I don't like Jack.
5. Don't know it's Daniel.

Carla day

I think it was Tyler who broke into the hidden compartment. He's back! He's going to be on the beach. The question is whether he is doing the shooting or being shot, or both!

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