Californication Review: Dog Water

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"At the Movies" opened like so many other episodes of Californication, with Hank and Charlie starting their morning together.  As the episode unfolded, however, we saw that such good mornings may be no more as the bromance was dealt a knock out blow thanks to Charlie's decision to sign Tyler. I guess that is what happens when a guy who normally thinks with his penis listens to his gut. Lizzie was his very own Yoko Porno this week as she helped Charlie make the decision that ultimately cost him his greatest friend. (I did like the rubber ducky in sunglasses though bobbing along next to Charlie in his own shades.)

Just when I was starting to like Tyler he went and showed his immaturity by making Charlie jump through hoops. While I loved the cameo by Brian Thompson, the Night Slasher from 1986's Cobra, did those guys he was hanging with really seem like they would be his group of friends let alone the kind of guys who would stand watch while their buddy slapped the taste out of a guy's mouth with his baby making parts? 

Trouble for Hank?

Samurai's big film kicked off this week and I wish butchering one of cinema's greatest lines was the only crime committed by the Malibu Cop. While I understood his erratic behavior when it came to Kali, going all King of Pop and dangling Hank off the balcony because of his dalliance with the movie's leading lady and her pound puppies seemed a bit dramatic.  Even if it was to only save face, to then follow it up with the gut shot just didn't rest well with me. Hank is off the picture, but there's no chance that is the last we have seen of Rza's character. With the Kali storyline still unresolved there will hopefully be ample chances for him to once again bring da ruckus. 

After the laughter of last week though came the tears of disappointment that even a reunion of Karen, Becca and Hank couldn't wash away. I very much hope Becca has a larger role in the remaining episodes because I found her limited screen time tonight to be her worst to date.  Madeleine Martin is so capable and deserves so much more for all her time on the show and for the influence her character has on her protagonist papa. 


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I think Charlie has right to represent Tyler as well as Hank. Given some similarities in their purple prose, don't they represent different generations? Presumably he represents other writers as well? BUT, the problem is, his best friend asked him NOT to! for very personal reasons. Ya think he might have let that sink in and passed, specially in light of the dick slapping he later endured to prove himself to the upstart.


charlie is DEAD WRONG, and if i were hank, id fire him too... hank has stuck with him through thick and thin; never before (that we know) has he told him he cant represent a person- this is the first time. and what does charlie do? he goes against his client/best friend, and signs the deusche bag? screw that chris- its unacceptable on so many levels. im angry just thinking about it. i cant wait to tyler screws him and he realized what a poor decision he made!

C f ohara

What are people's feelings on Charlie signing Tyler against Hank's wishes? Was Hank being selfish or was Charlie in the wrong?


At the movies, episode was pretty much different from old ones. Hank finally decided to write scripts for movies. He joined up his previous director to make a movie.

C f ohara

"marc" thx for the kind words. Interesting that you liken Tyler to Mia, very similar in some ways. This is different for me though because Becca is in the line of fire and any fall out Tyler runs into will hurt her as well. Speaking of Becca how come we haven't seen her with her guitar once this season? Music has always been such a big part of her character.
Getting back to this week, I think Charlie is aware of Lizzie's motives. I reference the conversation he and Stu had.
Stu: I know I'm not a handsome man, but I am a very successful man. I know what it's like to be hit on by pretty young things who want something from me.
Charlie: Must be nice, wish I did.
Whether he is being used or not I don't think he really cares so long at the hot tub oral exams continue.

C f ohara

"MarkHill" Is it safe to say you did not appreciate my Cobra reference or found it misplaced? In the case of Brian Thompson, for me his most memorable role will always be the Night Slasher. Maybe the alien bounty hunter from X-Files would have been more apropo given your example, but he hasn't really had the kind of career that is full of memorable characters in my opinion. I'm guessing in the case of Mr. Colt 45 himself you would use Lando Calrissian as your reference opposite Harrison Ford. Fair enough, I see where you are coming from, point taken.


Referencing the fact that Brian Thompson was the Night Slasher in Cobra while guest appearing on a show with Duchovny would be like saying that Billy D Williams was Harvey Dent in Batman if he appeared on a show with Harrison Ford.


PS - Hank is still the man, i love the words that come out of his mouth


Californication has turned to shit a bit! Samurai is the worst character they have introduced to date and i have watched every series. Going down the hip hop path was a massive error in my view. Now Lou Ashby was a great character but it just might be me hating rap/hip hop and loving the rock scene but I always saw Californication in more of a rock light then ever hip hop if that makes sence. If there is another series please scrap the Rap componet. Some of the character are getting too weird to be funny i.e Stu and Charlie is getting pretty dam Odd its un-humerous.

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