How I Met Your Mother Episode Promo: Who is This Guy?!?

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Consider yourselves warned, How I Met Your Mother fans: you'll be seeing a whole new side to Barney Stinson on Monday night.

Tame. Whipped. Considerate. Scared. Quinn will change our favorite suited stud for the worse on "The Broath," giving the gang no choice but to break the couple up. If they can.

Check out the official CBS promo for the episode now and be afraid. Be very afraid...

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Sue ann

Anyone remember the hippie Barney, working in that coffee shop before his girl broke his heart? He really was a very sweet guy, and underneath the pain, insecurity and bravura is still that very sweet guy. Knowing that is the only thing which makes him tolerable ...


i love becky newton, but i hate her character quinn


I. Hate. Quinn. =/


What happened to Barney ? He's like Ted now. :(

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How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Patrice: You seem so down today Robin, I made you cookies.
Robin: Patrice, stop smothering me!

Baby you're like twenty slutty chicks rolled into one.