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Barney wants Quinn to meet his friends but before that can happen he makes Ted swear not to reveal the truth about her job as a stripper. Ted breaks his oath and the gang stages an intervention to let Barney know they think Quinn is out to get his money. Quinn and Barney announce they are moving in together which pits Ted and Robin against one another as they battle for Quinn's rent controlled apartment. Barney and Quinn reveal to the gang that the last few days were an elaborate set up to make them sweat. Robin asks Ted if they can just go back to acting normal around each other but Ted is not sure if he can. 

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HAHAH this seems super awesome


I'm guessing "Broath" is the "Bro Oath", but not another book. It's probably something special that every bro must take, and was invented by "Stinsonus Caesar" or something like that...
As for the ninjas... well, we'll just have to wait and see!


"The Broath" clearly stands for "Bro Oath". I'm curious what this is about. May it even be a new book? The Bro Oath? The Successor of the Bro Code?

How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Patrice: You seem so down today Robin, I made you cookies.
Robin: Patrice, stop smothering me!

Baby you're like twenty slutty chicks rolled into one.