How I Met Your Mother Review: Quinntervention

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I, Christopher Forrest O'Hara, solemnly swear that this How I Met Your Mother episode, "The Broath," was one of my favorites of the season!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but tonight's installment would have rocked my world at any given point. It had it all. We were treated to a diabolical scheme by Barney with Quinn's help; a fake history flashback; some tumultuous and tender moments between Marshall and Lily; and some plot development mixed into the emotional moments shared by Ted and Robin. 

Barney's got a monk guy? Of course he does. I loved the attention to detail there with the original bro chant. Barney was on fire this week and I guess we had Quinn to thank for that. He hasn't been this happy in some time now and it showed with all the Barney-isms and catch phrases to which we were treated. Self-five, Broman Times, sealed with a kiss, even Quinn got in on the action, making Barney painfully "wait for it."

I know there have been a lot of Quinn haters out there, but there was no denying the genuine connection between those two tonight. Their high-five was reminiscent of Marshall and Lily. Even fans pining for Robin and Barney to end up together could not ignore how awesome it was to see our bro so in the mo. His little head knock together with Quinn was so GIF worthy. 

Barney as Caesar

While it was good to see one character back to normal, the strain on Ted and Robin's relationship was anything but. The awkwardness was palpable as we watched them in the bar together, not sure what to say next. What did everyone think Ted meant when he noted how they would not see each other for a long time after that night? Was that the beginning of Robin's travels? I'm curious to hear your thoughts. 

Marshall and Lily's kiss and tell conversations got a little long in the tooth but they managed to wrap it up in amazing fashion when Marshall produced the photo album from his production of Peter Pan. The before and after growth spurt pictures made me lose my proverbial sh-t. I also appreciated the title of Lily's baby magazine, Small Fry

There was so much to ramble on forever about this episode, but if you check out my favorite How I Met Your Mother quotes from the half hour you'll get a more complete idea of why I enjoyed it so much. I feel pretty strongly that if you didn't walk away from the television with a smile on your face here, you might need to look for something else to watch because you just aren't getting it. 


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bring on HIMYM caption contests!!


is this ever comming back befor may?! i am getting tried of seeing an show the repeats. please stop


As much as I love Barney. Can we please have some more plot development for Ted. I mean! How I met your mother makes me feel so sorry for Ted. And lose hope that he is even going to find anyone. Are they just going to bombard us with a ton of information about his wife. If there is ever going to be one that is.


still dont see the chemistry between barney and quinn.


It's amazing what the writers did on this episode - they made people love Quinn. Most of the fans hated Quinn when they first introduced her but then no one can deny the chemistry between Barney and Quinn, to the point I don't mind if it's Quinn that is Barney's bride at the end of the season. Then again, if Quinn really is the bride why would Quinn want to talk to Ted minutes before the wedding? Robin seems to be the more realistic choice. I guess if there is another good scene between Robin and Barney in the next few episodes then people will think twice again.


There haven't been any BRo scenes together lately (since episode 12) because as soon as they do it is pure magic. The way they act together no one and nothing else can compare.


I think this is it for Robin. Victoria hinted at the beginning of the season that Ted would never find his wife with Robin always hanging around so she eventually has to go. I think she won't be on the show for a while and if she is, it will be to find the guy from the bar last season that Ted stopped her from getting with or with Don because Don already had kids and Robin doesn't want kids. Bye bye Robin. You've become really annoying recently and I won't miss you.


:D her and Barney belong together it's Amanda from Ugly Betty I hope her and Barney get married


One more thing: I dont life in America, but what the hell is wrong with the tv programm? Seriously HIMYM is on a break every 2 weeks.. 1 episode, 3 weeks break, 2 episodes, 2 weeks break - why????? so annoying


and Marshall and Lily were really cute this time! And what i really wanna say: THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING SEASON!!!! not like the 5th season - which made me soo angry and also the whole thing with Zoey in Season 6.. But this season is just awesome!!!
I love the mix of serious stuff and fun - love it.. the storys, how everyone changes.. love it!

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