Pretty Little Liars Producer Teases Revealing Finale

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We're mere days away from the event that many Pretty Little Liars fans had feared would never arrive until the final episode of this ABC Family drama:

A will be revealed on Monday's season two finale.

How and why did the series decide to unravel this mystery after two seasons of suspense?

"There have been ongoing discussions since the start of the show," producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan just told me over the phone. "You can't hold this kind of information back forever. It's important to pay homage to our fans and give them what they've been dying for."

Naturally, Cochran-Neilan wouldn't say a word about the identity of A, but she did acknowledge that the final decision changed many times over the course of the series.

"There's a map writers can always look at," she said. "And the fun part has been creating many paths to A and someone being able to check the map and be sure it all makes sense."

The finale will touch on the relationships in which fans are invested, but Cochran-Neilan said the crux of the episode will be the four girls and "the trap they've been stuck in" all this time.

How will they escape it? What will be the next mystery that leads us in to season three? Read over our latest PLL review and debate these questions with fellow fans now!

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guys mona is working for A and no of course not hannah did not run over spencer


@Lenia, Ian tried to kill Spencer at the bell tower, not Aria. Melissa isn't A. It would be too obvious. Wouldn't be a shocker at all.


I think that Mellisa Could be A. Alisons evil twin could be A and is just trying to take over everyones mind. The season finally Will be VERY interesting to watch!

Lemonaki myrwdato

do you remember when Ian was at the church trying kill Aria and then -A came push him and said what r you doing here??like he knew him or her??


@Jackie, you're not serious about Jenna and Ali being twins, are you? They look NOTHING alike.
I don't think that the girl in the black Swan dress in the Canadian promo really is A. I mean, that could only be Jenna, Mona or Ali/her twin with dark hair and maybe Melissa. And Mona has a different costume. I think it's a red herring. It would give too much away.


We will be dissapointed for sure


I think Jenna and Allie could be twins, that would make for an awesome twist. They look a lot alike, same chin and blue eyes.


in the start of season 1 one of the Jenna to tell someone in the phone send the message!!!!


The canadian promo is so much better! A is in a black dress, dressed as the black swan, and has dark hair. I think they're going to end up making A be Ali's twin

Jess gannon

I have a feeling some people will be disappointed with the identity of A, so be prepared for shit to hit the fan after A is revealed!

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I don't know about you guys, but A talking about body bags makes me very nervous.