Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Clips: Let's Play!

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It's all come down to this Monday.

On the season two finale, viewers will finally be introduced to A, as a masquerade ball on "UnmAsked" will answer the single most pressing question on the ABC Family hit - and will also lead to many more, Lisa Cochran-Neilan says.

Are you ready? Have any guesses regarding A's identity? Take them now, and then check out two clips from the episode, both of which implicate Melissa and one of which depicts an inspired Spencer...

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FRESH PAIR OF EYES! That's the song that was playing during Ezria's kiss in the rain scene!!


I know they said that they're not doing it the same with book, but now the only logical "A" will be Mona.
OH Crap! I'm so pumped up for tomorrow's finale!!!
Mona, Ezra, and Aria are my top suspects!


Ali and Jenna are not twins. There should be no Jenna is Ali's twin theory at all because it's ridiculous. As well as the theory of Officer Wilden being A.
A is someone that is the same age as the liars, IT SAID SO IN DR SULLIVANS FILE!!! And not some character we saw 5 times throughout the whole show. I really hope it's not Jenna. Would be no shocker at all. I still hope it's Maya or Mona.


i really think that the twin is A and spencer really saw her and so did emily and hanna in the hospital.
but everyone in this show is really suspicious.
does anyone ever notice that she is never there when stuff is happening to the girls? in the freaky doll store she wasn't there she was "with ezra"
when hanna got hit by the car she was "with ezra"
she is never there when stuff happens and i know when they were in the greenhouse thing she was there but she may have hired someone. i really dnt know i dont want it to be her cuz that would suck but idk just thinking.


OH YA AND ON THE BOOK COVER FOR VIVIAN DARK BLOOM there r black glasses more related to jenna


Do u guys remember when ali said "I'm pretending to be someone else" in a flashback wish vivian dark bloom well who else has black long hair that she would be pretending to be?...... jenna maybe? XD and that i think goes along with this whole jenna is ali's twin theory. does anyone else agree with me?????


thinking about detective Wilden, Spencer's parents and Ezra
top suspects


My top picks for A are Maya, Jenna, although I really hope its Mona.I'm hoping it follows the book and make the first A Mona then Ali to come later, as it should.


probs evil twin is A and that spencer saw 'allison' for real
really boring
but it is the truth

Snow not so white

There is definitely something with Spencer. Something that I don't know how to explain, but I have this hunch... hmmm, we'll see =)

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Hide and seek was my favorite game with Melissa. You want to know why? I always won.


I don't know about you guys, but A talking about body bags makes me very nervous.