Revenge Photo Gallery: Daniel in Distress, Jail

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The bad news? ABC won't take Revenge again until April 18, when this thriller finally returns with a new episode.

The comforting news until then? The network has released a slew of photos from that installment, along with the official synopsis, and they give fans plenty to ponder.

According to the description, Daniel's imprisonment will send his mother to "depths that no one thought possible." What might that mean? Madeleine Stowe gave us an good idea at PaleyFest.

Also arriving on the scene, although not pictured below, James Purefoy as a man from Victoria's past. Get an idea of what's to come (poor, poor Daniel) by clicking through the following images now:

Stuck Behind Bars
Victoria and Emily Together
Thorne in Daniel's Side
Daniel Gets a Visit
Emily as a Visitor
Daniel in Jail
Daniel Grayson, Inmate
Is That Jack?

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I know! No one cares about us and no one will read this, but this is really disrespectful to all of us! I can understand a 1 or 2 weeks break, but why 2 months?


I really don't care about this show at all. I tried to watch it but it was basically the same story and pretty predictable.


I agree with Donna and Paul.
These long breaks are very disrepectful to the audience and make you feel like they are really pulling your leg and taking advantage of the fans. I refuse to start watching it again, by that time I will have forgotten about it anyway.


This is why people stop watcing. I don't know if I will watch when it comes back. I can't believe how many reruns were on and now a hiatus. No thanks. I'll watch something else!!


It's disrespectful to the fans of the Revenge show that it is taking this nearly two month hiatis without any explanation (shows have done it when they've lost a star to death or scandal (ie Charlie Sheen) but not like this). I can only assume that the show will run well into June since the other shows still airing new episodes will quit around the first or second week of May.


Ugh. Still another month? FAR TOO LONG! :(

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