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It's been two weeks since we've spent time with the Gallaghers and it seems like there's a bit to catch up on. In "Parenthood," the latest installment of Shameless, summer is over and it's time for the kids to hit the books.

When Lip tells Fiona he's dropped out, they make a deal that if she gets her diploma, he'll get his. The only problem with this idea is that Fiona has more credits left to fill and not enough time now that Debbie's daycare center is closed. 

Bloody Mary Time

Lip knows this isn't about just a diploma and he's feeling the heat. Lip is also really aware of how smart he is. He knows he can go far in life and with all that talent will come great responsibility. He doesn't want to feel like the family's golden ticket; when in reality I think his loved ones are just supportive of him having a great, successful life that is full of possibilities. 

Everyone's expecting something from him except for Karen. Yet Karen is the only person he really wants to prove himself to. He also wants to prove to himself that he can be better than Frank. I'd say as long as he doesn't steal his dying parent's morphine drip one day, he'll probably do just fine!

Just another Shameless moment brought to you by Frank Gallagher. I have to say it was sweet that Jody and Sheila took care of Grammy those last few days. We know that even though Jody might not be the sharpest tool in the box, he's got a very good heart. Sheila is also probably one of the most understanding people ever. Speaking of, when did she forgive Frank? Did I miss a beat?

Sheila is as nice as she is nuts, and I'm not talking about her OCD and agoraphobia. She straight up Dr. Kevorkianed Frank's mother. Somehow Joan Cusack manages to outperform herself week after week. The way she looked at Frank innocently, while sitting on top of a pillow she just suffocated his mother with while managing a simple "Sweetie, your mother has passed..." how does she pull it off? 

Grammy's failing health was definitely a major storyline this week, if not the most important. I wish we had gotten to see her interact with the grandkids one last time. Fiona and Steve's back and forth was also entertaining. He is nothing if not persistent. I really enjoyed finally getting some subtitles for his Brazilian wife, mostly because what she was saying was pretty hilarious.

I feel like this episode paid too much time to Mickey. I'm not a fan of him at all and looking at me just makes me want to run him through a carwash, he is so damn filthy. Ian can do so much better than him!! Thankfully it looks like he's headed back to juvi. 

What did you all think of this week's episode? Are you glad to bid farewell to Mickey? How long will Lip and Fiona stay mad at each other? Will Steve ever get out of his marriage? Last but certainly not least, write a brief eulogy for Grammy Peg Gallagher before Hurricane Monica blows back into town next Sunday.


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Your insights about the dnfeereicfs between New Year's Resolutions, bucket lists and dreams are very interesting! I agree that dreams raise our energy because of the higher level emotions they evoke. I think Becky's on to something reframe our New Year's Resolutions as dreams. Not the one's about losing weight or smoking, but the resolutions to change something that could move us more toward our goals. Is that possible, Karen?


The only thing disappointing this season is the whole Lip and Karen storyline. I feel that it dominates almost every episode. I feel like V and Kevin are way more interesting then Karen and they don't get enough screen time!! It's always about Karen and her slutty antics. Karen does not love Lip whatsoever. And I know in a coming episdoe Mandy is preggers too and I have a feeling it will be Lip's. And what is wrong with Lip? This season they have turned him into a giant wuss. I miss Lip from last season. Even the way they dress him is very dumb. What guy growing up in white trash central wears crop pants? Seriously??

C f ohara

Lip may not want to be the golden goose but he does have a golden ticket and it looks like he realizes that is what it's going to take to get Karen on board with the whole famn-damily. If he applies himself and gets a job, he has the smarts to make a great living and take care of her and the baby. While it's not his job to provide for his siblings for the rest of their lives it isn't Fi's job either but she has given up a lot to do so. Would be nice of Lip to see that and give her a break. I liked Kevin's speech to Lip a la Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting when Chucky told Will, "you're sittin' on a winning lottery ticket and you're too much of a p-ssy to cash it in... It'd be an insult to us if you're still here in 20 years." Whats going to happen with Jodi though? How are they going to unpitch his tent? There better not be any baby snatching like when the IRA stole Abel in S.O.A.


seeing carl run after Lip was so sad...brought tears to my eyes.


I want karen and lip together so bad, I want her tp stop acting like a money grubbing whore and keep her child with the man that loves her....up know she us never going to do better than lip, shed be the luckiest girl in the world if she landed him, but shes to stupid to think past where her next big part day is going to come from....didn't she just get a bunch of money? And she needs more? I talky hope she spa acting crazy and gets her head on straight, but it's shameless so probably not. Oh abs lip does need to finish school.... The nest thing he can do for karen and his baby (I'm assuming it's his) is finish school, and I don't know why hes quitting, he should be smart enough to know that. I was shocked, and so was my mom, when shelia kevorkiand (love the term) peg. It was awesomely shocking but at the same time totally something I could easily see shelia doing. Like you said shes bonkers.


I think Lip is trying so hard not to be Frank that he is becoming Frank. Steve/JImmy's wife has great subtitles but Steve/JImmy needs some alone time with Fiona her being around all the time doesn't help his cause.


This was an intense episode. I disagree with you about Mickey, I think he got just the right amount of screen time given that he hasn't been seen for a couple of episodes. I absolutely love Joan Cusack, her in any scene was pure gold, especially her sitting on top of the pillow to kill grammy. I'm getting annoyed with Lip and Steve. They're both making Fiona's life worse, and my thoughts towards Karen haven't really changed. It'll be interesting to see Monica back next week.

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