Shameless Review: Rock You Like A Hurricane

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Just like the woman at The Alibi said about Frank and Monica, "When they're good they're good." And when Monica is back, she is BACK. "Hurricane Monica" blew onto Shameless this week like a category five storm.

Unlike a category 5 storm, however, Monica actually seemed to do less damage than usual. For now at least...It was stressed throughout the episode that Monica is in fact bi-polar and she's off her medication. Combine her mental health with Frank, booze, and any amount of drugs and we will eventually be on a path to destruction. Oh and by "any amount of drugs" I'm including the fact that she and Frank rolled a joint with his mother's ashes in it. (Flashback to How High anyone?)

Karen and Lip

I know this is probably gross to some of you but I'm going to have to say it anyway, I actually like Frank and Monica together. They are each other's true loves, it's obvious. I mean they are both completely messed up lunatics, but they've clearly got the passion. They also have the history.

When they blew into the house after a night at The Alibi with their old friends and started grooving to a little "Earth, Wind & Fire," it just felt happy to me. I understand Fiona's anger that the kids had to be up for school, but Frank was actually right about one thing. You only get one mother and Fiona had her time with Monica, it's Debbie's turn. It was a moment Debbie will remember.

I'm not saying this is healthy by any means. But I don't come from a family where my mother peaced us for a woman named Bob. Who am I to say whether or not it's an essential experience for Debbie and Carl to bond with Monica? All I know is that Fiona can't shield them from everything and despite every action and maternal instinct, she is not actually their mother.

I was surprised to hear that Frank repeated catching Ian and Mickey to Monica. I suppose if he was going to tell anyone, it would her. Like I said before, they are twisted little soul mates! I love that Monica embraced Ian and took him to the gay club. Ian is old enough to know what to expect from Monica and to take her with a grain of salt, but it's nice that they had that bonding experience. Ian has barely had anyone to talk to about coming out.

Speaking of Ian and his preference for men, how surprised were you when Mandy and Mickey's father busted through the door and started wailing on him? Obviously we know the baby is Lip's as we recall them having sex the night of Debbie's sleepover. So is Lip now the baby-daddy to two young ladies on the Southside? I'm starting to think that Lip is not the father of Karen's baby. Was she going around and asking past sexual partners for money just to be a money grubbing ho? Or was that guy we saw actually the father? 

My prediction is that the baby is not Lip's and he's going to freak out when he finds out. Karen is psychotic, but she's his first love and he can't let go. Lest we forget that Karen is still married to Jody, who is now banging Sheila. Hello Mrs. Robinson! Those two have been giving off a sexual vibe for awhile now. Another sexual surprise that wasn't so shocking, Estefania is in love with a guy back in Brazil. How hilarious was Lip translating her phone sex online? 

Steve and Fiona need to get back together. I'm over the fighting. He's trying to repent, she is miserable without him. He also referenced Friday Night Lights and you know I am a sucker for that. Fiona needs to take that other club job she was offered because nobody should be picking up dirty condoms with cheetos stuck to them. That was vile. 

Overall this episode was more of a rollercoaster than a hurricane. Everyone was all over the place, several different storylines were running, but the Gallaghers know how to make chaos work. Now that Monica is back and Mandy's pregnant, we're sure to see things get even crazier! 


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Chicago Slums,
THANK YOU for commenting on the clam diggers. Listen, I am an East Coast girl (Dirty Jerz baby!) and I have no idea how you do things out in Chi-town but I am not buying that teenage boys run around wearing clam-diggers, ever. For any reason. It really distracts me from the fine acting when I see him wearing those ridiculous pants. Please stop that madness.
Otherwise, I love this show! I am speed watching through Season 2 right now and I love the characters and actors and everything. Except those darn pants.


I surprised myself by welcoming in Monica, but only because she made Frank apologize to Ian! Good for her, acting like a mother. On a different note, I AM SO OVER FRANK'S ANTICS! Every week I scream at the TV for the Gallagher gang to get Frank out of their lives -- Fiona and kids would be so much better off without him. If somehow he is the accident in the promos, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.


I tried loving this show. Gave it every shot - wanted to love it...I did. Emmy Rossum tries just far too much to be tough. At times its so insipid - she isnt right for this part. "Should I be wide eyed and clueless or should I try and sound really tough..AWE SHUCKS!" And Lip - cropped blue jean clam diggers? Serious? Not a chance in hell a kid from the Southside of Chicago would be in "cropped pants". This I know for certain. Watched this last episode - gave it a last attempt at "I think I am wrong on this" was sheer misery. Rossum was really overdoing the fake tough act. Steve is just boring. Storyline with Lip and Karen - please just end it - so boring and drawn out. Even Joan Cusack got on my nerves. Macy - fun to watch, but not worth the rest of the bad acting.


Come on. we know Lip is not the father. the series will not allow it. He cannot be a character who is saddled with a woman and a kid through a whole 3rd season. He has to be free to be Lip. Don't be taken in by Monica. She is a shameless as the rest. She draws her kids to her only to let them down. Fiona is getting ready to bolt. Watch out!


Karen got Jody to sign a prenup. They are still married. She is getting so much worse each week with her attitude. Don't know how much longer I can stand her.


Blown away....

C f ohara

Part1 of my 2 comments. The bi-polar thing has me worried too Leigh. Only a matter of time before the little happy home blows up. I also agree with you re. her and Frank being good together. Not necessarily good for anyone else, but they do make each other happy. Frank was right to tell Fiona not to rob Deb of that memory. Interesting question about the father of Karen’s baby. I thought she was just shaking down past lovers for cash but you might be right. Sjhe really bugged me this week with her attitude toward the adoption as well as her blatant disregard for the health of the fetus inside her. I sort of hope Lip ends up getting together with Mandy. You could see the initial disappointment on her face when Ian told her his big bro had dropped out of school, but I did not see the pregnancy coming. That was a good twist to end things. I don’t think Jody and Karen are still married though. Didn’t she get him to sign an annulment or was that a prenup?

C f ohara

Steve was just awesome, for the FNL reference but also for his persistence each morning with the coffees and doughnuts. Still funny to see Deb sipping on her own cup of joe. Good for her to as she finally seems to have caught the eye of Lil' Hank after he scoped out Monica in her cheer outfit. It was also nice for Fiona to finally get some thanks for all that she does. While I think it will be short lived I hope she takes advantage of the free time and does something for herself. Not sure why but I got a little emotional for Fi as she was so nervous to leave Liam. It was so touching and cute when she told Monica if he wanted juice it had to be watered down and he had to drink it out of a big boy cup. What's gonna happen with Sheila and Jody? Can only imagine what was going on behind that door with Seal blasting. Debbie's words about grannie were a little out of place and forced but overall I loved the episode. Kevin realizing circle doesn't start with a "S" was the LOL moment of the week for me.


I was completely surprised by how much I welcomed Monica back this week. I absolutely hated her last season but for some reason I was happy with her bonding with the kids. Especially Ian. Her and Frank, they really do seem like they were made for each other. I found Sheila and Jodi having sex to be extremely funny and not really all that surprising. I really liked how the professor gave it to Lip, he needs it. Also I loved how Monica pulled Mandy's dad off of Ian. And I like Steve again. That's about it.

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