Supernatural Preview and Sneak Peek: "The Born-Again Identity"

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Last week's episode of Supernatural may have been titled "Out with the Old," but it's this Friday when a couple of old friends will pay Sam and Dean a visit.

First, much to the chagrin of Sam, Mark Pellegrino will reprise the role of Lucifer, taking this hunter to such a breaking point that he ends up in a mental hospital.

From there, Dean will seek out all the assistance he can find, eventually being led to a healer played by... Misha Collins! But this returning star won't be taking on the classic character of Castiel, not exactly at least. Watch the official preview and then a sneak peek from "The Born-Again Identity" now.

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misha is back
excuse me while i die of happiness
rahhhhhhhhhh!!! i jus cant blieve it!!!
my hubby is still alive
oh, trenchcoat wearing, hippie in the future, twitterloving, clueless angel, porn watching, crazy off your head beliveing ure god, virgin cass! how i missed thee!
sorry got a lil shakespearian there
i cant wait for the born again identity! rah!!

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