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On this week's episode of Supernatural…

Sam's mental stability worsens with insomnia kicking in resulting in a car accident and being sent to a psych ward in a hospital.

Lucifer continues to badger Sam waiting for him to break.

Sam helps another psych patient with a ghost problem.

Dean wants to fix his brother and gets information on a man named Emmanuel who has healing powers.

Emmanuel turns out to be an amnesiac Castiel and Crowley has sent demons to capture him.

Meg, a demon the brothers' have encountered before, shows up to help Dean.

The two reveal to Castiel his true angelic nature and while defeating demons that surround the hospital, he remembers everything.

Castiel is unable to fix Sam's now crumbled wall from his destroyed soul. Instead he chooses to transfer it all to himself to save Sam.

The brothers are forced to leave Castiel behind, his mind now shattered, under the watchful eye of Meg.

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I'm glad that Cas was brought back to the show. One of the biggest reasons he should be on the show is because his role has fit so well in to the winchester's role that he becomes a key part in their lives. Show's even with the gratest writers wont work without a cast of actors and actresses that have the rite chemestry. While the show has the main actors as the brothers they need to have a few other personalities in there group dynamic to the show have the rite feel to it, which brings the fans and keeps them. While the show had me worried by killing of the role of bobby they at least filled it back up with Cas who fits so well with the brothers that you ALMOST forget bobbie. I say almost because Bobby did play a key role as well even before Cas came. Either way I'm glad Cas has returned and that one of the key players has come back, hopefully we wont lose him again. I mean how many people have they got to lose even they deserve a break.


I am extremely elated to see Ca's back!! Thank you so much! I am really loving the parts with Lucifer dogging Sam. I'm not rooting for him, but it makes for great story. I love all you guys! Please keep up the great work! ( I know you will).


Sam and Dean are ace.