30 Rock Review: Negotiating a Nickname

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Although I am too young to know what a Murphy Brown is, apparently she lied to the good working women of America. Yes, in "Murphy Brown Lied to Us" Liz Lemon took yet another step towards growing up, something she's been doing more and more of lately.

It was mostly thanks to Jack, who set Liz up with Kev's awesome daughter. The girl wasn't just beneficial for Liz, because she helped Lemon realize that she still might want to have kids in this life time. Kat was also extremely entertaining, which is rare for an actress of her young age.

Kev and Kat

Between her obsession with To Kill A Mockingbird, her understanding that a short haircut would make her look like a lesbian, and her negotiating a new nickname, Kat portrayed a Manny Delgado-esque maturity that played very well opposite Tina Fey.

By the end of it all, Liz realized that she didn't want to throw out that baby Leia costume, and might want to have a kid after all. Thankfully Criss might feel the same way, and if 30 Rock's lifespan isn't all that much longer, it wouldn't be a bad route to take with the series.

Jenna faking a celebrity breakdown, and Tracy helping her through it, wasn't all that interesting, so we were left with Jack and his crazy KouchTown business.

While the fact that the American-made sofas were completely terrible was funny, and the shots at the furniture business were a nice touch, the sporadic commercials for the new KableTown subsidiary were what made the story line.

Stacy Keach was the perfect man to call upon to be spokesman. My favorite had to be the tagline "Kouchtown, sit down or get out of the way." The final shots at Bazooka Joe came in a close second. Why was that gum so hard? 

There were a number of good one-liners during "Murphy Brown Lied to Us." Check some of them out below, and then head to our 30 Rock quotes section for the rest.  

What did you think of the episode? Was it one of the funnier installments this season? Are you happy to see that Liz is rethinking the idea of children? And what's the best nickname negotiating you've done?

Tracy: I didn't get to work an hour late just to be the first one here. | permalink
Liz: I watched like three MythBusters last night so I'm pretty exhausted, if you know what I mean. | permalink
Tracy: Jenna I've been thinking.
Jenna: Why? You're famous. | permalink
Spokesman: When did gum get so soft you sons of b*tches? | permalink


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her music was dope, whatever that means . I think Brit is awmeose, and her music old, and new is sweett! if you agree with meh, comment plz thx


p.s. sorry not to totally jump down your throat, it just riled me up a little bit. I've been thinking a lot about age recently and I've been noticing more than ever how young people like to point out how young they are ALL the time. And I am guilty of it myself! I don't know if it's to make ourselves feel great that we aren't made fun of for being old or if it's a playful way to avoid embarrassment when we don't know things, but I wish there was a campaign to get us to all lay off of doing it. I don't think I'm gonna enjoy feeling not as good when I'm old and all young people are trying to cram it down my throat that I'm no longer as young as they are...


Seriously. I'm pretty freaking young, yet I know who Murphy Brown is. I love TV and I have ears. She's still referenced a lot. In fact, Candice Bergen was on Live with Kelly the other day and they talked about it. I may not have seen any episodes or know the ins and outs of the show, but I understand the general premise. I mean, heck, they even have a Seinfeld episode about Murphy Brown. We may not have been old enough to watch TV when that aired, but that episode is on in syndication ALL the time. And if you haven't seen all the episodes of Seinfeld, you do not care enough about TV to be a TV blogger. Those are just two examples off the very top of my head that mention Murphy Brown, but I know I hear about her fairly a lot because she really made strides for women in television. It'd be along the lines of saying you don't know anything about the Mary Tyler Moore show just because we weren't alive until the '90s. I know you were probably saying your "too young" line to half make a joke and half feel good about being young and stuff, but I agree that it didn't come off well.


I agree with the review. Kat was like a young Liz. Jack was sweet in arranging the Kat/Liz meeting. The KouchTown story was good and even tied in Avery.

C f ohara

Danielle, that being said I gotta give Dan props for admitting so in such a funny way. I'm old enough that I watched the show when it was airing, and I got a good laugh from the first line of this review.


There is no excuse for not knowing who Murphy Brown is! ESPECIALLY if you work in television blogging. The DVD is like 8.99 on Amazon. Educate yourself; it's amazing. And sad as this may be, the issues of journalism devolving into tabloid that Murphy deals with in the PILOT are more than relevant today.

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30 Rock Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

I didn't get to work an hour late just to be the first one here.


Liz: Has anyone ever known a good person named Kevin?
Jack: Kevin Garnett helped me move once. Kevin Costner cooked me dinner after a bad breakup.