Private Practice Review: Addison's a Mom!

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Tonight's Private Practice proved that good things come to those who wait.

For starters, we’ve been waiting nearly forever for a new episode, and the Seaside Wellness doctors finally returned with an amazing installment of an already stellar season, airing "It Was Inevitable" on its new night.

Then there was our girl, Addison, who received the surprise of her life. Just as Addie has been patiently waiting, we’ve also been here all along rooting for her since her days on Grey’s Anatomy. Even though it was sometimes difficult to watch her long, frustrating and difficult journey in becoming a mother, seeing her perfectly executed moment in finding out that she was going to get her wish of having a baby was so worth the wait.

One Happy Addison

It was a wonderful moment that will certainly go down in Private Practice history. I loved how unbelievably happy and surprised Addie looked and the way she even tried to fix her hair prior to the moment that will she will always remember changed her life. To say the least, I am so ecstatic for her!

Things are certainly going to get very interesting for Addison with her bundle of joy. In fact, even as a Jaddison fan, I am hoping she puts that budding relationship on hold and focuses on her new baby boy. Although it’s clear that Jake and Addie both have feelings for one another, it was also very obvious that AddiSam are far from over.

I really wish she had stopped Sam from kissing her, but it was also understandable that she still keeps him very close to her heart. I don’t like admitting it, but I just have a feeling that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. One thing’s for sure, though: I’m betting that Sam and Jake will be at odds sooner than later with Addie’s heart on the table.

Elsewhere: Charlotte and Cooper tried their best to prepare Mason for accepting his mother’s death. During my interview with KaDee Strickland, she praised both Griffin Gluck, who portrays Mason, as well as A.J. Langer, who plays Erica, for their remarkable talent. They were definitely a believable family and both did a phenomenal job.

I could honestly feel how cold Erica felt and scared Mason was. I couldn’t help but brush away the tears as Mason told his mother how much he loved her for the very last time. From Charlotte and Erica’s unconventional but inspiring relationship to the scene with Cooper teaching Mason how to pray, everything about this family was heartbreaking to watch, but incredible to see how far they all have come.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Jake worked with a devastating case in which a woman, jailed for killing her two children, was pregnant with a third. It was definitely an intriguing storyline, and I appreciated how the husband took Jake’s words to heart and chose to give the mother her chance to see her baby girl.

Finally, it’s time for the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). In short, I’d like to say that it was hard for me to stomach both Violet and Pete throughout the entire installment. I’ve just grown so tiresome of their back and forth immaturity and don’t think that they belong together. Regardless, I’d like to rate this episode a 5 on the VAS.

While I agreed with Violet that they both need to put work in their relationship first before jumping the sack. I also think that Pete was right in saying that she is so complicated. They both want each other back in their lives, and couldn’t they just kiss? Clearly, it’s what they both wanted. By the way, it wasn’t just him who walked out, Violet. You have some major clearing up to do as well.

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Why do you think Sheldon needs to see his ex-wife? Should Amelia be worried about her pregnancy? Don’t forget to vote for Private Practice as the show that needs to be saved. Hit the comments below and tell us why you think it deserves another season!


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Sooo glad Addies FINALLY a mum! I was hoping she would get pregnant from the IVF but oh well shes a mum! I really want Jake and Addison to get together. I'm hoping now that Addison has a baby Sam will back away. I was so sad when Erica died! Poor Mason! I thought Erica was gonna be ok after they fixed her tumor! I hope Cooper, Charlotte and Mason make a good family. I hate Pete for what he did to Violet. I hope they dont get back together. I thought it was creepy about the mother killing her children. How could a mother do that?! Finally, I hope Amelias babys ok but i think theyre building up to something. Anyway i LOVE this show and im soo glad about Addies news!:)


I agree with the reviewer, the episode was amazing!
I was able to freeze the image on the baby monitor during the promo and the picture of Amelia's baby is very disturbing... I don't know what to make of it. So sad but I figured the writers were not going to let it all just be alright after the drug binge she went on. We shall see next week.


@ Anni - She keeps the baby. Watch the promo -


Come on Addison be strong! Sam is a guy of convenience, when it is to him. I agree Sam is a waste of time. If he went to Addison before he discovered she was no longer on her children thought span, then I would have considered him for being genuine, but right after makes him a jerk for it and not the right guy for Addison. What happens now that she files the papers for her new child, would Sam abandon her again, highly likely. I want Addison to see for herself that there are other possibilities and to be a mother takes a lot of sacrifice and it also pushes her to make decisions, especially the strong ones that make her realize a poor choice in Sam.


As amazing as this episode was, I'm afraid to say that Addison might just turn this baby away. After she heard the baby killer say that "wanting a baby and becoming a mother are totally different things" I noticed she was turned off by the thought of motherhood. She openly admitted to giving up motherhood three times (e.g., Amelia, Jake, and Sam), slowed down to fix her hair (rather than running into the room), and didn't answer to her counselor at the end of the episode. I REALLY hope I am wrong, but I'm afraid Amelia and Addison both becoming mothers at the same time might just be too much for the writers to include. We'll see... Please Shonda... make Addy a mom :)


One of THE BEST EPISODES OF THE HISTORY OF ALL EPISODE OF PRIVATE PRACTICE. I would give this one, and the whole season, 17 STARS if it was possible. But I can't, so I gave it 5 out of 5. Man, are these actors amazing or what? Shonda is great, simply great.


Just watch the episode......I loved it! The scene with Erica and Mason is by far the best for me! Oh Sam, Silly Sam - he had to take the bait, I hate guys like that. Waiting to see how it pans out when Addy brings home her baby boy!


I couldn't have imagined a better episode!


Is there any way the writers can make Violet packup and leave she needs help and is not getting it from the rest of the female crew, they all have there on problems. Her part is so boring anymore its down right sickening to watch, if I were Pete I would put an end and have her hit the road.


Also, I am getting a little annoyed by Sam. he makes a move on Addison only when he finds out she doesn't want a baby anymore. He is selfish and I bet he walks out again when he finds out she's adopting...

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