Two and a Half Men Review: "Grandma's Pie"

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In my last Two and a Half Men review, I was happy with the writers.

This week, I am so angry with them. Why did they have to pursue the hookup between Alan and Lyndsey's mothers any further? It just made this episode very awkward and unpleasing to watch.

They could have introduced Lyndsey’s father, and then decided to create a relationship between him and Evelyn. I just don’t think the writers were on their A game tonight with "Grandma's Pie."

Expect for the “lesbianic” storyline, I enjoyed tonight’s episode. We had a full house. Berta, Jake and Eldridge were present. Even Zoey returned from her trip and was around for the madness.

The idea of having dinner with your girlfriend and ex-wife, with your housekeeper within earshot is a bad one. What was Walden thinking?

Mothers of a Problem

Alan’s dinner went a little better than I expected, the children did not find their grand-mothers were dating, so that is pretty good. But seriously, Chuck Lorre needs to kill this storyline.

It does not add anything to narrative of the show so far. The idea of Alan and Walden recapping their dinners, while drinking tea is very good, I might even do that sometime. 

However, the big story here is that Walden asked Zoey and Ava to move in with him, which means that Alan is going to have to find somewhere to live. What is your take on that?

Do you want to see Alan and Jake move out or should Walden just break up with the b***h as Alan suggested? Sound off below and read some of the best Two and a Half Men quotes from Monday.


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this show is no longer good, it is time to hang up two and half men. It just is not funny without Charlie....He may be a screw up in life but he was excellent on this show and it is now ruined.


really? I do undeerstand they need to have gays/lesbian to have on the show...but don't do when their kids are dating together..THAT IS DISGUSTING grandma becomign lesbian is 100 percent gross LET HOPE THIS SHOW GET CANCEL


Terrible episode. The Grandma connection made me uncomfortable in my own living room, not funny at all. the Walden/Alan relationship just does'nt work. Would like to see more of Alan,Jake,Lyndsey and Elden.


Definitely an improvement from last time. The dinner scene with Walden, Zoe and his ex-wife was very well played. Although I don't like the storyline about Evelyn and Jean, Alan's comment about "golden girls gone wild" did crack me up. Alan serving tea over and over was funny especially when Walden drew the correct conclusions about it. And as it should, the best part came at the end when Alan felt a shiver down his spine and all that...




dudes, the show is about two men living together. walden owes alan for saving him from killing himself. not hard at all and needs alan as a comedy second bananna. two older ladies lesbian affair is just not funny. evelynn is very funny in how she uses men and her quest for riches and influence. zoe doesn't fit and nothing funny about her. candy and alan, that was funny, candy was just a great character.


@ MP, Evelyn has always been bisexual. Watch some of the old episodes, it has been mentioned several times.


First of all this review has some wrong points. They could have not introduced Lyndsey's father because he is dead. That was explained in the previous episode.


Ashton is a welcome addition only when the original cast is included. When Walden, Alan and Jake have co-mingling story lines, it’s hilarious.
I guess they realized keeping Walden as a complete moron did not work well. I do not like Zoey at all. She doesn’t fit just as having Alan married to Candi in the past was a stupid story line. The lesbian story line does seem a bit from left field considering Evelyn has always ADORED the men.


After all the early criticism, I actually find Ashton Kucher to be the best part of this show now. He is actually a believable character and his relationship with Zoey has possibilities. Alan grows more cringe worthy every week and Jake's stupidity is just sad. The Walden/Alan dynamic has never worked well. Walden has no reason to let Alan sponge off least Charlie was his brother. If the writers can't find a way to redeem Alan at little, there is no point watching this sad show.

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Alan: You gotta be excited about having your girlfriend back. What has been like a month?
Walden: Three weeks.
Alan: Still that is like a decade in penis years.

Alan: Here you go.
Walden: I gotta ask, what's with the tea? You make it for me, you make it for Lyndsey
Alan: I got a little philosophy, when someone is nice enough to let me into their home or their pants, I like to show my appreciation.
Walden: Without spending any money
Alan: You know me so well.