Castle Review: Zombies On The Loose

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Well, that was fun. Castle aired "Undead Again," the second to last episode of Season Four, this week and the outing consisted of breakthroughs, decisions and zombies. Let’s discuss.

Undead? This week’s case focused on an attack by a zombie. Going into this episode and having ready the description, I was a little hesitant. The idea seemed a little far fetched, even for Castle, but I was so wrong. The episode was light hearted and fun, just the way we like this series. 

Attack of the Undead?

I have to admit the blue eyes and some of the makeup freaked me out a bit. But serious kudos to the makeup department for making me question the reality of zombies, if only for a minute. Hey, Ryan did the same thing!

Did anyone notice that Gretta was played by Tiffany Dupont, formerly of Greek fame? It was good to see her back on TV!

Punishment. So Martha makes the point that Castle is trying to punish Beckett because he is pissed about her not acknowledging his “I Love You.” Have to say... I get it. You put yourself out there only to be rejected in a way that doesn’t seem like rejection. A way that makes it seem like it never happens. That is rough. As a full fledged Caskett fan, I want these two to move forward. I know all of you fans do too. But should Castle act like he is okay with it?

“When a life altering moment occurs, you remember.” The wall is coming down!! Beckett admits to Castle that she has been seeing a therapist, trying to work through the issues from the day she was shot. This was just in time, considering that Castle was thinking this may be his last case.

Making like The Walking Dead

The issue has been debated since the beginning of this series. The two obviously have great chemistry. They make a great team. You can’t move too fast in a series or it will lose its spark. Is now the right time to move forward? Fight out in the comments, TV Fanatics.

After Thoughts:

  • I totally want Castle’s laser tag game set. That was seriously awesome. 
  • How can you not love Castle when he is sure that “the killer’s a zombie!” then high fives someone? Almost reminded me of another awesome prime time character
  • The picture of Castle and Alexis in the apartment is adorable.
  • Where was Lanie???? 
  • Alexis decides to go to Columbia University. Looks like she will be back around for next season. 
Pretty much a fun and enjoyable episode, you know, what we have to come to expect from this series. Now it is time to head into a serious, dramatic, and what is guaranteed to be an emotional season finale. So what do we think, TV Fanatics? Will Beckett or Castle make a move? Will Beckett find out that Castle had been researching the case all this time? 

Zombies on Castle?
This is it, Castle fans. One episode left. Hit the comments and sound off on “Undead Again” and don’t forget to make your predictions for next week’s finale. Also, don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table. Until next time, my favorite Fanatics...


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Omg! Castle should just TELL Beckett that he knows she LIED!!! Seriously this has been dragging out for long enough!! Come on writers


does anyone think that it was lanie, who castle high fived after pronouncing 'the killer is a zombie'.. i know she wasnt acknowledged, bt it lukd like her...!!!!


when Alexis dropped down from the ceiling in that black laser tag catsuit, i screamed out loud laughing. great finish. alla y'all can complain all you want about how you're not getting this or that, or want more this or that; but you are really pissing me off - it's a roller-coaster ride; just climb in and hang on and kwitcher bitchin'


smh is abbreviation for 'shakes my head'. Ok. Caskett needs to move forward. Now. I know before I said I'd be patient. No more. NOW! I say. Now.


@SweetBeckett - He couldn't say anything before she got shot; she was in a relationship. It came out when she was shot because he was in shock and terrified of losing her. And after she got shot she kept him at arms length...


Thoroughly enjoyed the episode, was fun, great scenes with Alexis and Dad letting go..inspite of the reality of loosing his little girl to college. Enjoyed the connections with what Beckett has been thru, and the way that Castle finally understood more from her side of her feelings. I think that it could have happened earlier in the season.
If she turns in her badge, hmmm.. I have said earlier this season, Castle could afford to open up his own dectective agency. Road Trip!
The canadian previews show KB hanging on the rooftop, hands slipping. I hope that that isnt the season cliffhanger!! (that we have to wait till fall ;)
Wonder if Castle talks Beckett into spending a couple weeks with him to unwind till they decide their future?


@SweettBeckett: "If Castle loves Beckett, why can't he just say it again??? MEN! smh! The jerk waited until Kate was dying... what is he waiting for? Another bullet?" You may recall that he was going to tell her a few episodes back, but just as he was about to do so (what a coincidence!), Beckett indirectly admitted in an interrogation that she had heard him the first time. To Castle, this means she is indifferent to his profession of love. To say it again would just make him look desperate. What Beckett said on this episode VINDICATES Castle; if he had professed his love again, she still wouldn't have been able to handle it. WOMEN! smh! (What is "smh," anyway?) :)


Brandon Keener, the guy who chained himself to the radiator made me laugh. Double bonus, I found out he's the guy who voices one of my favorite video game characters.


This is my last case with Beckett. OMG no not really, worse portrayal of a man in love eva.


If Castle loves Beckett, why can't he just say it again??? MEN! smh! The jerk waited until Kate was dying... what is he waiting for? Another bullet?

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