CSI Review: Cliffhanger With A Side Of Karma

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From the opening sequence - where Sheriff Liston was running down the statistics and we were watching the crimes she listed happen - I knew that "Homecoming" was going to be an episode for the record books.

Before anyone asks: yes, I did a little happy dance at seeing Jaclyn Smith return as Olivia Hodges. How could I not, given that I just said last week I was hoping we would get to see more of her.

Moreover, we enjoyed our first view of Barbra Russell, DB’s wife, who was wonderfully portrayed by Peri Gilpin. And for the record, I also hope we get to see more of her as well. I like witnessing sides to DB outside his work persona. more than just “Work DB”. 

D.B., Barbara, & Ecklie

That said, the rest of the episode didn’t leave us much to be happy about. Jeffrey McKeen was back and meaner and more corrupt than ever. Kudos to Fin for going after the truth and not letting her preconceived ideas about Jack Gilmore get in the way. 

It was surreal watching Sarah, Nick and Greg discuss the corruption from the past and missing Warrick. I can’t believe he has been gone for nearly four years already. This season has seen its share of changes, as we saw the addition of DB, Morgan, Fin - and, of course, the departure of Catherine. I was almost concerned that we might be seeing the departure of Nick as well. But then I remembered reading recently that Eads had signed a deal to stay on for next season.  

Speaking of Nick, how awesome was he facing off against McKeen? We don’t see Nick get upset very often, but I really thought he was going across the table at least two different times. I'm pretty sure Nick will come back for no other reason than to stop McKeen. 

Then there was Ecklie getting shot while blocking Morgan from the shooter. What a fatherly thing to do! I really hope that the shotgun slug he took isn’t fatal. He’s finally connecting to his daughter (is dating one of Charlie’s Angels) and taking a bullet for your kid has to score some major brownie points. Right?

Anyone whose read my reviews will know how much I despise cliffhanger season finales, they are a pointless practice who's time has come and gone with UHF and VHF. And this hour was right up there with the worst of them.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't consider where the fall season should pick up. After all, we want to make the best of a frustrating finale. So, what does Russell’s kidnapped granddaughter, Ecklie's shooting and the dirty cop keeping tabs on Fin mean for next season? 

While we know Nick will be back, do you think Ecklie is in mortal danger? And the kidnapped Kaitlyn, do they have a reason to keep her alive? Then we have the lighter side with Hodges. What did Hodges mean his said his trip was truly life changing? Gah! I just keep coming up with more cliffhanger questions! The new season really can't come soon enough. 


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Oh cool did not know that don't get to see much of CSI thank you for that


@Michael, They have spent several episodes showing that Moreno is clean and not like his father (who was a dirty cop). I would be genuinely surprised if both cops were involved, I'm betting only on the one.


I kinda of see your point about cliffhanger I am the same way with romances between coworkers. I got to say I though nothing would top last year season finale but this did it and I really like how much better CSI has gotten I like how mad DB got when his granddarther and darther got keep nap and I love how he in a Happy family. I guess my only issue is the two undercover cops I do not know about you but from the moment I saw them I knew they were a part of it I hope they would do something different but I guess they want to get all new people to play cops

Uncle jackass

It was a good reason I kept away from spoilers, because I loved the feeling of flashing back to the last season of the transition of Cheers into Frasier. So it was nice to see D (Doctor) B (Becker)'s 'other life' being the most 'normal' family of the CSI characters; also haven't seen Brooke Mcvelan in a while. But for me this episode was very fasted pace with a lot of setting for the character's development. I don't remember ever seeing Nick being this frustrated about doing his job, but it seemed McKeen brought his worst 'bad cop' aspects out of his persona. Ecklie's assassination plot was justifiable developed well as he has been trying to recover this family that he never had or took for granted. Naturally it was sad for his character to possibly die. And DB's external life was as close as picture perfect as it could get. Thus, it a cliche ending. Of course, still the best of the CSis.

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