Family Guy Season Finale Review: A Horrid Affair

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On the season finale of Family Guy, "Internal Affairs," Bonnie is being distant to Joe after he wins an award for a massive cocaine bust. This leads to Joe sleeping with a young female officer who has the hots for him after his buddies encourage him to do it as revenge on Bonnie for her indiscretions.

She finds out, and they must try to find a way to salvage Joe's marriage. Oh, and along the way, Peter deals with an old foe.

Peter vs. Chicken

Be careful, as I'm going to overanalyze this whole episode below.

Now, infidelity a sticky issue for the show, and one that is actually a recurring element - this is the seventh episode where an affair is the catalyst for an episode's event.

All of the main characters have wound up embroiled in one at some point; Peter and Lois (both!) with Bill Clinton; Quagmire with Loretta (Cleveland's ex-wife before he moved on to The Cleveland Show, which still hasn't been canceled), and Bonnie with her trip to France last season in "Foreign Affairs" to cheat on Joe with a man named Francois.

In fact, that event is the catalyst for this installment, as Peter and Quagmire call back to the events of that episode for justification for Joe to cheat on Bonnie.

Here's the problem, and it's something that gets referenced: Bonnie never actually had sex with Francois. Did she probably do something that constitutes cheating on Joe? Yes. But for Quagmire to encourage him to go all the way with the new girl Nora strikes me as a glaring continuity error, considering he was there in France, helping Joe to "walk" for Bonnie to prove his love. As well, Lois has espoused the "sleep with someone else to get even" idea back after she slept with Bill Clinton. While her opinion has likely changed after how that all went, at least a line acknowledging it would have been smart.

It all ends when Joe and Bonnie basically promise to be faithful to each other and to work toward their relationship, but isn't that how "Foreign Affairs" basically ended? In fact, isn't that how all episodes involving affairs end on this show? Huh. Guess Family Guy is more consistent than I think. And of course, it will all probably end up with more unresolved marital strife between the characters. The external philosophy from the writing staff seems consistent, but the internal philosophy of the characters is ill-defined at best. Quagmire once cheated on Loretta, then gave a big speech about respecting the fidelity of marriage in "Welcome Back Carter," then in this episode goes and does exactly the opposite of that.

I do not expect Family Guy to be the most intelligent show on TV, but the show calls back just enough to past episodes that it should be aware of its internal philosophy. Seriously, a check of Wikipedia or Google search about the characters to make sure they're consistent wouldn't hurt, would it?

At least there was another giant chicken fight. By my count, this was the first fight since the show moved to HD, and the goal seemed to be "take everything way too far."

They start fighting because Peter backs into him accidentally, then they wind up coincidentally stepping on one of Stewie's time travel pads and wind up fighting in the old west (in what turned out to be a Back to the Future 3 reference), before then winding up with hundreds of Peter and giant chicken clones duking it out. Then they wind up in space, before fighting on an oil tanker, which leads to another gruesome death for the giant chicken...or does it?

While the surprise that should accompany a giant chicken fight suddenly happening was ruined thanks to the Fox promo department (broadcast network promo departments are the opposite of Batman), it was still entertaining because of the overdone cartoon violence for no good reason. It also served as the only redeeming element from an episode that was philosophically baffling.

Even worse, there weren't a lot of memorable jokes, just a few humorous Family Guy quotes. If Family Guy isn't going to make sense, it could at least be funny, and it was neither. Hopefully they never return to this story thread ever again. I'm not saying that they shouldn't do darker, semi-serious episodes – I applaud their experimentation – but they need to remember their strengths.


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This is a comedy/cartoon show. Its not supposed to make sense. Are we seriously trying to analyze this show? Your review is laughable.


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That was a great episode i love family guy altho i have to say the Manson episode was bad you did my man wrong redo


one of the best episodes ever!!
the chicken fight is amazing over the top...
from a car accident to the wild west, back to the future, destroying ISS with the spaceshuttle,....
and Joe´s lapdance at the end... OMG


Please me and my friend begs you not to band or ritre off family guy!!!!


The A-plot was Joe's affair and marriage, which was pretty flat as Family Guy episodes go. Especially the mirrored fuzzy clam scenes. I mean really? Bonnie as a stripper? Who could possibly think that was a good idea? However, the B-plot, the giant chicken fight was amazing, it's been something I've been looking forward to for a long time. It was delightfully over the top like always, though I wondering how they could possibly top themselves next time (and there damn well BETTER be a next time). My favorite part was the army of cloned Peters vs the army of cloned chickens. The giant chicken fight alone justified the existence of this episode.


sorry jaybird. gotta disagree on this point. i thought "viewer mail #2" was actually the stronger of the two episodes. They spent five minutes of their 20 with the chicken fight. They should've spent another five minutes on Stewie's POV. That was hilarious. IMO, the chicken fight is done. Over. No need to see it for 5 minutes during a season finale.


"Internal Affairs" was WAY BETTER than "Viewer Mail #2." The fight (the 1st in a long time) between Peter and Chicken was CLASSIC Family Guy...LOL!!!!! My favorite part about Joe and Bonnie in this episode was the flashing back to when they first met. And, by the way...VERY NICE homage and all to Toto's "Africa." Again...LOL!!!!! Until next season...Peace.


this was as bad as the episode where they spoofed the movie taken. for a season finale i was expecting something better than the tired chicken fight routine.

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Family Guy Season 10 Episode 23 Quotes

Joe: It feels good to know that thanks to me and my colleagues, a lot fewer people will be injecting cocaine into their penises tonight.
Peter: Is that a thing?
Quagmire: It's a great thing.

That's right, Joyce, apparently there were over 100 kilos of cocaine right here in Quahog. And yet my guy can't get dick.

Tom Tucker