How I Met Your Mother Review: Lose Your Illusion

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While part one of tonight's finale delivered on the much anticipated birth of Marshall and Lily's son without too much misdirection, "The Magician's Code Part Two" had a few tricks up its sleeve that will keep us wondering into next season. 

At the opening of the episode, narrator Ted announced to his kids that they were going to hear the story of a wedding day that went horribly wrong. First thought, of course, was that he was talking about Barney's nuptials to Robin (as we later would learn).

As the half hour progressed, however, it was no longer so cut and dry as Ted, on the advice of Robin, called Victoria, who later showed up in her wedding dress and drove off into the sunset with her former flame. 

Prior to that turn of events and the other revelations made at the end of the episode, we caught up with Marshall and Lily, who were relishing having their new son home, but also confounded by Marvin's unpredictable bladder. Ted's line about Marshall ("That guy is a dad!") was just epic and so very true to life. 

Do Not Shoot!

Barney's run in with the TSA at the airport, on the other hand, was a bit of a departure from reality, but just another typical day in the awesome life of Barney Stinson. You just knew the magic trick had something to do with his plan to propose to Quinn, but the build up and eventual pay off were still executed to perfection. Barney's magical stylings accompanied by his disbelieving "whats" were one of my favorite parts of the finale. 

Robin and Ted shared some more quality one on one time, but it was the scene where Barney asked Robin if she was okay with his decision to marry Quinn that really took the gravity of the finale to another level. As we closed out another great season, we were lead to believe that Ted had finally met the mother of his children and Barney and Robin at last decided to tie the knot. Knowing this team of writers as we do, though, I wouldn't be so quick to close the book on those mysteries just yet.

As always, I look forward to reading what you all thought and be sure to check out the best How I Met Your Mother quotes this week offered up. Until next season, may your summer be filled with the highest of fives.


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I would love to Barney and Robin end up together at the end, I mean I think that Im only watching the series because of that, they're really made for each other, but I don't thing that that's going to happen! I read the comment that Ashley left and it almost convince me, but no, there aren't the same flowers, in Barney's wedding those are white lillys, and in Robin's wedding those are roses! I wanted to believe that, but I don't thing that thats going to happen, such a bummer!
And maybe, just maybe, there are two different wedding, Barney is getting married with Quinn, and Robin with her crush, cause Ted mentioned to their kids that they would know more about him later.
But I think that Barney is having a though moment tryin to make himself shure of his decision because he knows that he belongs with Robin!


i love the song played when marvin waitforit eriksen in born


I love how it all connects with each other. Barney and Quinn do look nice together and they really care about each other. But it will always be Barney and Robin.. I just hope they 'break up' (b/q) on good terms


This is a series that never lets me down :) again Barney is brilliant shame about Quin did like her but I also liked Robin so not really so fussed. It does make sense for Robin to marry Barney as Ted always refers to her as Aunt Robin but never says Aunt Quin. Can't wait for next season!


B/R haters or just doubters...let go of this idea that it's two separate weddings. NOT happening. If you want proof that B/R belong together and is happening, I suggest you to watch 6.01, 6.06, 6.19, 6.24, 7.01, 7.10, 7.17, and 7.20 again. About the rain- Ted said "I hope it doesn't rain" in one of the first wedding flash forwards, and then later it showed that it started to rain, before the Robin bride reveal. It's the same wedding on the same day, it just wasn't raining earlier. If you want further confirmation, there is proof the church is the same church if you look at the rooms that Barney and Robin are in (the wallpaper and the curtains are definitely the same in each room). Also, the flowers on the groomsmen's lapels are the same. So doubters are saying there are two different weddings on the same day with the same flowers and in the same church and it just happens to be Barney and Robin's weddings? Just no. They are marrying each other, it's a done deal. And if you want further confirmation, read the interview with Craig Thomas (the creator) over at TV Guide. Also, Quinn is definitely going to screw Barney over. That relationship will not end well. I can't believe some like her, because she's been manipulating Barney from the very start. That whole scene when she fist met him was designed to get him wanting more. And she's always seemed into his money and apartment. Something will definitely happen. Her stripper name is "Karma" FFS. That's a big hint right there. She's probably a goldigger playing Barney for his money and he'll find out, which is "karma" for how Barney played women for sex.


I can not see how if your a true fan of HIMYM you could not love the season finally. I hated Quinn, I'm so glad that Barney did not Marry her. I'm glad Barney and Robin ended up together. They really do fit together better. Ted is not going end up with Victoria. I am surprised they rode off intop the sunset together, but I'm sure it's more of a season cliff hanger then anything else and the writers will right the ship next season. Best line "That guys a dad!". I've thought it and I'm sure many people though it about me.


I think there are two weddings at the same church. In the first church scene it is sunny outside. Later, it is raining outside. Perhaps these are two seperate weddings...differnt days? Hmm? Anybody agree?


glad that robin is revealed as Barney's bride


This episode was great, laughed through it all, LOUDLY! But why are the writers so scared. Barney fit perfect with Quinn. Robin is not a good match at all, they have already been together. I must say I am sorely disappointed... Naughty writers. Ps. Please stop changing the characters personalities througout the series...


I loved the "that guy is a dad!" and "that girl is a mom" flashbacks! I wished parents would have the guts to tell their kids how they once were before they develop Alzheimer's.

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That guy's a dad!


Robin: If I stole a scalpel and I cut you open, all I would find is this scared trembling pile of crap.
Ted: See I've missed these talks.