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On the conclusion of the How I Met Your Mother season seven finale we finally heard wedding bells, but while one wedding was about to get under way, we learned about another that never happened thanks to Ted. Robin confronted Ted about his reluctance to have children and his tendency to always pick the wrong woman. She convinces him to call Victoria to see what she is up to. The last time we saw her she was engaged but nothing could have prepared Ted for what he saw when she agreed to meet him to catch up. Barney takes Quinn away on a romantic vacation to make up for skipping out on her and going to Atlantic City. His engagement surprise is foiled when his magic trick is flagged by airport security, but he still got the answer he was looking for. 

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i don't like barney and robin! no! never! >,


Idk why you guys are getting mad at the finale.... It could be like previous episodes, where maybe Robyn n Barney are at the alter and a major twist happens next season where it didn't fall through like Ted n Stella, and you guys are crazy if you think Ted marry's Victoria....If you all paid attention to the story, theirs a yellow toy bus on the case which Ted mentioned which belong to his kids mom. So don't get your panties in a bunch and just chill. I really hope Barney n Robyn don't get married....


hi were did you guys watch this at


@sig and @qw3r: i second you!! What the hell!! common man! I knew it would be Robin but why??? Personally i feel Nora was the best girl he could have got! But even quin was good!
N Ted not victoria!!! Carter plz not victoria shez the lamest girl ted might get.


That must be, with no doubt at all...
The most RETARDED finale ever!!!


why???? why Robin ?....
Quin and Barney were so perfect together ... And Victoria ?? OMG Ted...


@Sig I like Robin and Barney together.


I say... What the hell is this, worst season finale EVEEER !...
I've never been so pissed of about sit com ,ever ever ever...
VICTORIA !?!?! she sucks.... and Robin with Barney? damnn Quin fit so perfect... damnnn you writers.

How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 24 Quotes

That guy's a dad!


Robin: If I stole a scalpel and I cut you open, all I would find is this scared trembling pile of crap.
Ted: See I've missed these talks.