How I Met Your Mother Review: Lose Your Illusion

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While part one of tonight's finale delivered on the much anticipated birth of Marshall and Lily's son without too much misdirection, "The Magician's Code Part Two" had a few tricks up its sleeve that will keep us wondering into next season. 

At the opening of the episode, narrator Ted announced to his kids that they were going to hear the story of a wedding day that went horribly wrong. First thought, of course, was that he was talking about Barney's nuptials to Robin (as we later would learn).

As the half hour progressed, however, it was no longer so cut and dry as Ted, on the advice of Robin, called Victoria, who later showed up in her wedding dress and drove off into the sunset with her former flame. 

Prior to that turn of events and the other revelations made at the end of the episode, we caught up with Marshall and Lily, who were relishing having their new son home, but also confounded by Marvin's unpredictable bladder. Ted's line about Marshall ("That guy is a dad!") was just epic and so very true to life. 

Do Not Shoot!

Barney's run in with the TSA at the airport, on the other hand, was a bit of a departure from reality, but just another typical day in the awesome life of Barney Stinson. You just knew the magic trick had something to do with his plan to propose to Quinn, but the build up and eventual pay off were still executed to perfection. Barney's magical stylings accompanied by his disbelieving "whats" were one of my favorite parts of the finale. 

Robin and Ted shared some more quality one on one time, but it was the scene where Barney asked Robin if she was okay with his decision to marry Quinn that really took the gravity of the finale to another level. As we closed out another great season, we were lead to believe that Ted had finally met the mother of his children and Barney and Robin at last decided to tie the knot. Knowing this team of writers as we do, though, I wouldn't be so quick to close the book on those mysteries just yet.

As always, I look forward to reading what you all thought and be sure to check out the best How I Met Your Mother quotes this week offered up. Until next season, may your summer be filled with the highest of fives.


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Best proposal EVER!


BTW that door joke is AweSome!!!! :D


Well talk about bringin it to finale!!! That was THE best HIMYM (or for that matter any other TV series I watched)finaly IMHO. I was laughin out loud through out the episode (and didn't even stop to answer the gf call ;) ).
I especially liked how Ted brings out the humor almost surpassing Neil Patrick Harris (but he stayed on top with his magic trick)
Loved the Ted's E-Mail that was some funny stuff.
Robin as we all know will be with my man Barnicle but it would be super fun to see that happen.
All in all this finale had it all, jokes,heart,truth searching. One of the best ways to end a season which has been dissapointing and make us hang on to HIMYM atleast for another season.


Just putting this out there, but what if it's at Victoria's wedding that he meets the mother?


A disastrous season finale. Unfunny implausible, utterly lacking in the heart that often redeems HIMYM's lesser outings. Instead we discover that Ted, far from being a romantic with an ocassional rougish streak now looks to be little better than a sleazeball with no conscience about doing unto others what was done unto him. At a stroke, he is no longer a symapthetic character, but is just a junior league version of Barney. This season started awful, improved only slightly in the middle, and now has ended as it began - vapid, stalled and unfunny. It is time to have Ted meet his dream girl and put this once great show out of its misery.


I really hope Barney and Robin don't end up together, him and Quinn are perfect for each other!


Warum hasst ihr denn alle Barney und Robin so sehr? Die beiden sind mein Lieblingspaar schon seit ich die Show gucke und es hätte keinen Sinn für Barney gemacht jemand anderen zu heiraten (auch wenn ich Quinn lieber mag als Nora).


wooow read that: which is shocking enough as it is. Then, a couple minutes later in the show, we flash forward and we see Robin is the bride. It’s a huge bit of magical misdirection that we want people to tune into season 8 to see how we got there. We love telling stories in crazy ways in How I Met Your Mother, so we’re jumping ahead and showing you the ending and we’re going to show you how we get there. Oh man... well they better make a good story for those 2.. i just cant enjoy that!


@ Juliet I hope u are right! I dont think we know everything yet!
Thats the sense of a cliffhanger ;)


2)Yes, Ted met Victoria at a wedding, but we also know that she was Cindy's roommate, and that she was in Ted's (wrong) class 3) I dont want Victoria to be the bride anyway... they should go back to her wedding ;) 4) Marvin WAITFORIT Ericson? WOW how cool is that!!! =) 5) Did Robin ever meet that guy again? the one she met when Ted bought his boots? and she met him in the club aswell?? I hope they didnt forget that 6) I CANT BELIEVE i have to wait so long now...

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That guy's a dad!


Robin: If I stole a scalpel and I cut you open, all I would find is this scared trembling pile of crap.
Ted: See I've missed these talks.