How I Met Your Mother Review: Lose Your Illusion

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While part one of tonight's finale delivered on the much anticipated birth of Marshall and Lily's son without too much misdirection, "The Magician's Code Part Two" had a few tricks up its sleeve that will keep us wondering into next season. 

At the opening of the episode, narrator Ted announced to his kids that they were going to hear the story of a wedding day that went horribly wrong. First thought, of course, was that he was talking about Barney's nuptials to Robin (as we later would learn).

As the half hour progressed, however, it was no longer so cut and dry as Ted, on the advice of Robin, called Victoria, who later showed up in her wedding dress and drove off into the sunset with her former flame. 

Prior to that turn of events and the other revelations made at the end of the episode, we caught up with Marshall and Lily, who were relishing having their new son home, but also confounded by Marvin's unpredictable bladder. Ted's line about Marshall ("That guy is a dad!") was just epic and so very true to life. 

Do Not Shoot!

Barney's run in with the TSA at the airport, on the other hand, was a bit of a departure from reality, but just another typical day in the awesome life of Barney Stinson. You just knew the magic trick had something to do with his plan to propose to Quinn, but the build up and eventual pay off were still executed to perfection. Barney's magical stylings accompanied by his disbelieving "whats" were one of my favorite parts of the finale. 

Robin and Ted shared some more quality one on one time, but it was the scene where Barney asked Robin if she was okay with his decision to marry Quinn that really took the gravity of the finale to another level. As we closed out another great season, we were lead to believe that Ted had finally met the mother of his children and Barney and Robin at last decided to tie the knot. Knowing this team of writers as we do, though, I wouldn't be so quick to close the book on those mysteries just yet.

As always, I look forward to reading what you all thought and be sure to check out the best How I Met Your Mother quotes this week offered up. Until next season, may your summer be filled with the highest of fives.


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1) NO! I always wanted Robin and Barney - i swear! and when quinn came around i didnt like her, but now i love her and Barney. Dont get me wrong Robin and Barney are awesome, but not as awesome as Barney and Quinn! If u really think about it - its true. And now i cant be happy for them + they have 1 season left, they have to show us how barney and quinn broke up and why, how robin and him got back together etc. even if they say: 1 month later its a lot of work (wow next season is gonna be legandary - so much to tell, every episode is gonna be awesome ;) ) i hope..
well but maybe its a double wedding, or barney says no last minute.. i dont know why and i NEVER EVER thought i would say that: but i want Quinn to be the bride not Robin


We've seen Barney and Robin as a couple, they just didn't work. I don't know why the writers keep putting them back togather.


At this point I'm starting to feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. Everytime I think we're actually going to be given something meaningful with Ted and the Mother, the writers just string us along with some pointless tangent. And this one just makes Ted look like a bad guy, stealing Victoria in the middle of a meltdown and all. If I weren't so committed to the show at this point, I'd wash my hands of the whole thing.


I hope barney doesn't marry Robin. I really don't like them as a couple. Maybe she getting married to someone else. Or maybe it's her wedding day with barney, but the wedding goes wrong, like the episode say, and they finally decide to not get married.
And i hope, and think, that victoria isn't the mother.


Two words guys: ...not yet.


It just can't be victoria... Ted says in the episode of the roommate, that at the the time, he didn't know it, but this would be the first time he'd hear a description of his future wife... : ''she's a whore'' ! Stop it with thinking they could bend it to make it work for Victoria, it's just impossible.


I'm so happy the bride is Robin. Quinn and Barney never had a scene like the one Robin and Barney had last night when he checked that she was okay with him being engaged. Ever since Zip Zip Zip I knew Robin and Barney had something special. I never could get behind Quinn or Nora, they were nice enough but not meant for Barney.


hy can't it be Victoria? I seriously think they just revealed "The Mother" last night. The timing of the story makes sense with why he started telling his kids in 2005, the year he met Robin, yet also when he met Victoria. They met at a wedding back then when she was a caterer (don't think the producers ever said which wedding Ted meets "The Mother" at) plus he may have texted her right after he got her number I'd have to go back and check. She could have left her yellow umbrella at the St Patrick's day party after returning from Germany when she then enrolled in graduate school which was why she was in the economic's class Ted accidently started teaching and Victoria may be the roommate to his ex-girlfriend when he saw her ankle going into the bathroom. Victoria could also be the perfect match from the dating service when he stood up the chance to meet in order to get back with Robin. I don't see any of this as a far stretch. Personally I think there is great chemistry between Ted and Victoria - lacking in all his other pursuits.
Plus the kids look like her. If the 8th season is the finale season they can spend it tying up loose ends and giving us a chance to know the mother better, Victoria. I'll be watching no matter.


Why do you people all think that Robin is the bride? I got a theory that the wedding is actually Barney's and Quinn's. And maybe Ted just caught Robin trying on Quinn's dress? The wedding went horribly wrong - probably because Robin ruined it somehow?
I used to like the idea about Barney and Robin getting together, but now I really really like Quinn. She's perfect for Barney. Robin seems quite selfish lately


I think they're trying way too hard to surprise us. First, there's this awesome, sweet proposal to a girl who is a great match for Barney. Then we see Robin as the bride at the wedding. Meanwhile, Victoria shows up in a wedding dress. Then Ted decides to run off with her. Then he decides to take her to the wedding. Then he decides to drive past the church. I think it's time to stop sending the audience through mazes and start taking the romances more seriously. Esp, don't show us a charming proposal and then 15 minutes later tell us that Quinn isn't the bride.

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That guy's a dad!


Robin: If I stole a scalpel and I cut you open, all I would find is this scared trembling pile of crap.
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