Modern Family Review: A Modern Day Normal Rockwell

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Last week's Modern Family was a lot about feeling the love at "The Happiest Place on Earth", otherwise known as Disneyland. While Disneyland is a place where people go to escape real life, the Pritchitt-Dunphy crew was brought back down to earth on "Tableau Vivant."

What other way to showcase the inner workings of a modern family (pun sort of intended) than to reinterpret one of the works of Norman Rockwell, Mr. All American Artist himself?

Luke & Manny Argue

When teacher's pet Alex is bombing in her art class, she chooses to use her own family to reinterpret a Rockwell painting, "Tableau Vivant." Norman Rockwell is often referred to as one of America's favorite illustrators ,who has many a time painted a very idealistic picture of the perfect family. Thus this made Alex's choice all the more ironic.

Especially since by the time her presentation was up, the whole family was at each other's throats!

Phil had to fire Mitchell for some part time contract work he was doing. Meanwhile, Mitchell wanted to quit anyway and was trying to get fired. Phil was blinking uncontrollably from nerves. Skating around hurt feelings led to a bunch of miscommunication and a big fight. Oh, and Mitchell got stuck in an elevator for two hours.

Luke started a fire in school and only got caught as he was putting it out. Because he looked like a big hero the school rewarded him a medal, but Manny felt too guilty over the whole thing and was pushing Luke to confess.

Elsewhere, Cam and Claire were duking it out over whose parenting style was better. Note to every single parent on the planet: never criticize another person's parenting. Unless someone else's kid has set your kid on fire or pulled a knife on the playground, keep your mouth shut. It is not your place to comment on how someone else raises their child. It simply never ends well.

Lastly, Jay is insulted that Gloria doesn't like a special sandwich named after him. Honestly the sandwich has anchovies on it and I'm already nauseated by it. I think Jay just wants to feel special, but so does Gloria. Gloria was jealous of Jay's bond with Maxine.

Hands down my favorite part of this episode was small, but perfect. When Haley walked in after a night out and thought Phil was reprimanding her but really he was practicing his speech to Mitchell, I thought she was so busted. Especially when he realized she was carrying her shoes. But this is Phil Dunphy we're talking about here! Haley twisted it that she was nervous and trying on clothes for graduation. "Well put them on so I can see the whole outfit!" Phil mused. Classic Phil, I love him.

What did you all think of this week's Modern Family? Was Alex's art project the perfect metaphor for what used to be considered a Rockwell type of family compared to what the standard is now? Would you ever order the Jay Pritchett sandwich? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out our Modern Family quotes!


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I just have to say that modern family is one of the sickiest shows I have seen for a long time.It may be legal in some states,but it is morally wrong for two people of the same sex to act like that.What about our children.We are telling them that it is ok to be queer (gay) excuse me.And it is not.And you show this crap on prime TV.What the hell is the matter with you


OK, I've sorted the bit about shwnoig the username!Now, the bit about everything being blank within My HPTs I can't replicate that. When I click on My HPTs, I see a list of my uploaded tests. Then I can click edit' to edit the details of a test (there WAS a problem where it wasn't shwnoig the saved comment on that page, but I've fixed that) and save any changes.How much if any of that do you see? Can you let me know which browser you are using?Thanks for helping!Carol


renee and others, then just go away! no one will miss your comments as you obviously arn't smart enough to "get" what MF brings every week. which are just huge laugh out loud type of humor. no to the anchovies but otherwise fine sandwich. love how they make each character such an individual and the new lili has really done so well for one so young. very funny stuff with her.


Actually when someone elses kid is f*cking with your lights and stuff I would tell them to stop even if the parents dont like using that word. Otherwise I have no issue, especially what Claire did when Cam got worried about his finger in the disposal, he totally deserved to get his finger cut off since he was being so arrogant instead of teaching her how to act. She is way to spoiled.


im agree in the judge some parent skills, after allm those kids will become persons, who also may interact with us, at least is my opinion. i cannot believe Phil did want to broke up with claire so long time ago.
actually it make me happy!, dont ask why


normally i'd agree that you shouldn't criticize another's parenting. However, if the child is in your house you should be able to set some rules while they are there. So while I wouldn't agree with the way Claire was acting it is really not okay to let your kid run rampant around another person's house.


I thoiught the show was good. I wouldn't eat a Jay Prichard, maybe without the anchovies. Gloria does yell too much. Clar is too bossie. Phil is a dork,Luke is "Just a kid". The Lili is perfect., The old one never smiled or acted like she was a child. I will continue to watch this show is is so real.


I love this show but why arent they using the new neighbor kevin hart more often. Hes great.


modern family is going down so unhappy

Sarah silva

Leigh: I would not love the Jay Pritchett sandwich, take away the anchovies and it may be good.
I too thought that Haley was busted but then I was like"It is Phil" so I knew Haley would be fine.

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