Supernatural Review: Blood, Sweat, and Fears

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Supernatural has always been something of a journey and each season has essentially marked a specific chapter in that excursion, beginning with the simple hunt for Sam and Dean's father. As the series progressed, the challenges became more difficult, the enemies stronger, the twists more dramatic - but all in all, the Winchester brothers were moving towards something whether it was defeating an enemy or saving the world.

There was always some end game in sight.

After 21 episodes of season seven, Sam and Dean can finally do something about the all powerful Leviathan. Their goal for victory just came within reach.

Appearance by Crowley

We knew at some point that the creatures of the black ooze would meet their demise, but for the most part, any indication of that seemed absent. There were moments of borax and beheadings that slowed them down, but nothing that could actually eliminate them.

But why would the writers wait until the final three episodes to set the plan in motion?

Don't get me wrong, searching for the blood of the fallen sounds like a cool but arduous task, but Castiel gave it up last episode, the Alpha vampire gave his up this episode, and now they need Crowley and presto: the weapon is ready.

I know the trouble that the boys are going through to get the blood, and its not an easy task, but to be honest, it's felt like they snapped up the blood mighty quick.

Which makes me wonder, why this grand task didn't happen earlier in the season? Sure, we could have seen the brothers on the run and realize the Leviathan are too strong to defeat, but somewhere in the middle pack of episodes, the recognition of a potential weapon would have given the brothers something to head towards and do, other than just fight random monsters along the way and hope not to get eaten.

Perhaps it would have allowed for more of a fluid continuity story arc wise and we could still have ended up exactly where we are now, but knowing that it was a tough trip for the brothers to get there.

But now that we are there, I feel a sense of certainty, even if I'm not certain the Leviathan will be defeated this season. It really doesn't seem probable, and if Sam and Dean do, would truly illuminate the waste of a bad guy.

"There Will Be Blood" was the stepping stone for the final show down and reintroduced the Alpha Vampire who was so much more scary than Edgar or the rest of the Leviathan. Perhaps it was his piercing eyes, his calm and cool demeanor with an edge of knowing his own power, or maybe it was simply his frighteningly long cuticles. The Alpha Vampire emitted a mystery and ability to crush everything around him, all while sitting in his chair.

It was rather interesting that the Leviathan had made a deal with the Alpha, but double crossed them in the end. Seems that the Leviathan are only out for themselves. Who knew?

Even further so, how Sam and Dean get stuck asking their enemies for help and how their friends have even become their enemies. Castiel paid the price with his mind, but it seems that Bobby is getting closer and closer to vengeful spirit. I've got a feeling he's going to make a sacrifice before the boys put him away for good.

While I'm glad the episode brought back Crowley and the Alpha, and even gave some focus to the Leviathan story arc, I'm still waiting for that big kick that really sets apart the Leviathan as the worst bad guys ever faced. If anything, the finale needs to reinvigorate that sense of urgency and fear so I feel that as the episode draws to its probable cliffhanger close, I'll be excited to see it lead to something more and not simply waiting for it to be wrapped up.

It's time to give Dick a good beat down. Supernatural style.


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this storyline is not bad,just think another way!


i would like to see in season 8 less demon killing by sam and dean some episodes in season season 7 and even in season 4 sam and deam did not kill demons. besides a physic merdium slyvia browne says there is no such things as demon and hell it does not exist plus i hope season 8 is the last season for supernatural


The worst season ever!!! I don't like that Leviathan story. Angels and demons were much more interesting.


Well I like Supernatural best when Angels and Demon had it in for each other. That's the best storyline they came up with.
Hopefully next season will focus on some of A&D action along with Vamps and Other weirdos.
Love how Dean's facial expressions changes with the situations. Jenson Ackles is awesome.
Hope Bobby stick around as his usual self as well. Boys do need some guidance.


Meh probably the worst season so far, it just kind of seems like an asspull to me. How did dick know about this word of god, and if these things were so damn bad why were they put into purgatory instead of just erased by god? Just kind of seems stupid to have to create a magic tablet and only one person to read it to stop monsters sometime in the future when you're god.


I like this episode, i hope the whole leviathan thing end soon i never liked it. pd: Is just me or Dean look super Hot in that new jacket ???


@Topher You know what you can do with your superiority complex.


I could not have say it better.


I think that for the first time and, for what it ostensibly seems to be, this season's story line is the most pertinent and at the same time too clever for American audiences. (Kardashian is a kind of bloodsucker, lol. But that is the kind of TV america watches) This season is a play on the 'silent' enemy. The enemy that doesn't look threatening but numbs you into becoming - well, today's american audiences. I think the fact that most people don't find the Leviathan threatening is exactly symptomatic of what the Leviathan ARE doing in the show. The greatest enemy is the one that seems least threatening. Straight out of the philosophy of Adorno and Horkheimer.


- Cont
Then that leaves me to the final question, Where did Bobby go? And I can't believe that he took over that maid body. I have a feeling that he will be put down before the season end. And I'm hoping that Crowley was smart, and left a little gift behind for the boys, for emergency situation like the one he is in now.

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