The CW Renews The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210

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A couple weeks before it unveils its official 2012-2013 schedule, The CW has removed a bit of mystery from its May 17 Upfronts in New York City...

... by announcing renewals today of The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210.

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The Vampire Diaries will enter its fourth season in the fall, while Supernatural - whose return was assumed when it named a new showrunner last month - goes into its eighth and 90210 its fifth.

The network will now face some difficult decisions.

Gossip Girl is expected to receive a shortened final season, but the somewhat surprising renewal of 90210 doesn't bode well for Hart of Dixie, The Secret Circle or Nikita. (Sorry, Ringer fans, but we can't even pretend this series has a shot anymore.)

CW development head Thom Sherman made it clear earlier this year that he and his team are excited about a number of pilots and are looking for the network's next breakout hit. It hasn't had one since The Vampire Diaries.

Of the following options, which do you most hope gets picked up?

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Avatar can they NOT renew Nikita but keep stupid shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl? I'd rather they keep The Secret Circle and Ringer than those two duds (or Hart of Dixie).


Fingers crossed for Hart of Dixie! It (and Supernatural, but that's mostly out of habit) are the only shows I watch on the network. I tried Ringer, and I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't stick with it. I've never had any desire at all to watch any of the other shows, and none of the pilots they're looking at are all that tempting either (particularly the SATC prequel. I'm almost embarrassed for the network, that they actually are considering such an idea.)


o.m.g.. 90210 will have a sesson 5!! can't belive it, it's my favourite tv show!! i'm so excited to see the crew on a new season.. fuck yeaaaah!!!


I'm pretty shocked 90210 was given an early renewal. The show' storylines are getting pretty useless or for a lack of a better word - stupid. Storylines are either recycled, too far fetched, or just plain odd. As for Gossip Girl, they should either end it already or give it a shortened season. If it goes on any longer, it'll die a sad death.


I am completely, deadpan serious when I ask this: Can someone please explain to me why 90210 was renewed?


How can stupid 90210 be picked up and not nikita. Come on cw, Nikita is your only action drama u have to re new it. 90210 sucks dunno why people still watch it


Hate 90210 it's such a bad show .... ringer it's awesome ...


I'm really glad the vampire diaries and supernatural will be renewed. I really hope they renew ringer. if they don't then i dont know if i want to watch cult with matt davis because after its first season it could get canceled and i dont even know if i want to watch beauty and the beast either.


Soooo excited to have my 90210 back next season.... Such a great show, completely addicting!!


The secret circle must be renewed. Not because it is a sister show to the vampire dairies, but because the secret circle itself is great, interesting characters. A new aspect of witches and unlike the unworthy 90210 i am looking forward to watching the next episode. 90210 is just terrible these days, whilst they were in high school the show was good, but nothing worth watching has happened since, only silver sleeping with every guy on the show. THE SECRET CIRCLE. WATCH IT, VOTE FOR IT AND, LIVE TO TELL THE TALE.

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