The CW Renews The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210

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A couple weeks before it unveils its official 2012-2013 schedule, The CW has removed a bit of mystery from its May 17 Upfronts in New York City...

... by announcing renewals today of The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210.

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Hopeful Annie

The Vampire Diaries will enter its fourth season in the fall, while Supernatural - whose return was assumed when it named a new showrunner last month - goes into its eighth and 90210 its fifth.

The network will now face some difficult decisions.

Gossip Girl is expected to receive a shortened final season, but the somewhat surprising renewal of 90210 doesn't bode well for Hart of Dixie, The Secret Circle or Nikita. (Sorry, Ringer fans, but we can't even pretend this series has a shot anymore.)

CW development head Thom Sherman made it clear earlier this year that he and his team are excited about a number of pilots and are looking for the network's next breakout hit. It hasn't had one since The Vampire Diaries.

Of the following options, which do you most hope gets picked up?

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David and sabrina 2014

Even though season 3 of vampire diaries is rapidly coming to an end, I can't wait to see how this season to end. It may be along time to wait for season 4 but I can't wait for its arrival as well. =)


As much as I like hart of dixie, pleaseeeeee do NOT cancel secret circle! I love it too much!!!


Since The CW have so many great new pilots maybe the clean house and does not renew any of the remaining shows? That would be a bold move! I am so freaking excited about 90210, it’s become so great!!


I wasn't aware that people still watched 90210


Last year when this news came out the renewed all these shows and GG and ANTM! Now ANTM was picked up earlier, and GG will get a pick up again but late announced just as OTH! I just hope CW doesn't waste time-slots on their silly RealityShows!
For I think CW will pick up at least 4 shows with TCarrieD's and Arrow being a save pick up! Think Cult and The selection are on a good position as well! First Cut(ugly betty remake which I would love to ssee), The Shelter(MelrocePlace remake) and Joey Dakota have small chances.


Yeah GG getting a shorter season actually does not impact the schedule, it actually allows for two of those three shows to make it back for the fall and imo some of those pilots will serve better for summer shows. I also do not think Carries Diaries should receive a slot as anything Sex and The City related belongs on HBO.


Kol: I have sense and I watch 90210 and OBVIOUSLY lots of others do too or it would have been renewed EARLY!
So maybe stop being super rude like Bored Now! We do not need more rude people on hear!
Happy TVD has been renewed too!

Sarah silva

Oh and I am happy that TVD and 90210 have been renewed.

Sarah silva

Well then next season should be the last for Supernatural too then!
CW has 10 slots available, it has renewed 3 shows.
I think they have 6 pilots: Carrie Diaries, Arrow, the Hunger Games one, First Cut, Beauty and the Beast, Cult.
So I really do not see them picking up all 6 as they just picked up 3 last year. So with OTH having ended and Gossip Girl getting a shorter season like OTH did. The I think they will just cancel 1 or 2 shows.
I predict they will be Nikita and Hart of Dixie.
My prediction for next year:
Monday Carrie Diaries (new) & First Cut(new)
Tuesday 90210 and Ringer
Wens Arrow (new)& ANTM (then in the new year they will air GG in ANTM's place)
Thur TVD and Secret Circle
Fri: Cult (new)& Supernatural
I do not think they will pick up Beauty and the Beast or the show that is supposed to be like the Hunger Games.


I'm really glad about TVD renewals even that I didn't have any doubt about that :)

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