The CW Renews The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210

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A couple weeks before it unveils its official 2012-2013 schedule, The CW has removed a bit of mystery from its May 17 Upfronts in New York City...

... by announcing renewals today of The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210.

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The Vampire Diaries will enter its fourth season in the fall, while Supernatural - whose return was assumed when it named a new showrunner last month - goes into its eighth and 90210 its fifth.

The network will now face some difficult decisions.

Gossip Girl is expected to receive a shortened final season, but the somewhat surprising renewal of 90210 doesn't bode well for Hart of Dixie, The Secret Circle or Nikita. (Sorry, Ringer fans, but we can't even pretend this series has a shot anymore.)

CW development head Thom Sherman made it clear earlier this year that he and his team are excited about a number of pilots and are looking for the network's next breakout hit. It hasn't had one since The Vampire Diaries.

Of the following options, which do you most hope gets picked up?

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And for the sake of GG, cut HOD, despite my love for Rachel Bilson. I swear just like KW, Josh Schwartz is also a horrible producer when comes to taking on more than one show. Whedon knew how handle his creations.


@Bored Now KW has not been involve with TSC since it 3rd episode and pretty much barely involve in those episode as by the time he brought in, it was actually already ready to go, they just slapped his name on so the fans would watch it. He has a show on Fox, which is a show he wanted to do way before JP came to him about TVD. He ain't going back to TVD.


I love Supernatural and I am so glad that it got renewed. I am iffy about TVD because I haven't been happy with the last like 10 episodes. I would much rather have had Ringer renewed then 90210. I was worried about watching Ringer because Tuesday 9/8c shows don't tend to do well. They normally only have the one season. I would like to see Hart of Dixie renewed.


"Sorry, Ringer fans, but we can't even pretend this series has a shot anymore." - Damn! That's cold.


Yay for TVD. As for 90210, how did that happen? If you've never seen Ringer before, you are really missing out. It never really stood a chance, though, on the CW. I am going to miss SMG... again!


The CW, going all the way back to the WB, used to be my network to watch. I now watch 4 shows on the network. If they take off TSC and Hart of Dixie that will bring it down to 2 and the end of GG means 1 will be left. Time to move on I guess and I know there are more viewers like me out there, so let's see how long the network will last.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

AS for the three poll.... At this point I'd rather have the CW-classic soap like hart of dixie being renewed. Nikita never interested me plainly because its essentially tasteless and will never beat the original la femme nikita tv show that was a masterpiece.
TSC on other hand never really did anything good and is degrading faster than TVD. If it dies, there's a hope that TVD quality might improve at least a bit with KW NOT having to stretch in three shows.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Not surprising on renewals. SN struggles on even if pretty much half-dead and TVD, even with the horribly falling viewership numbers still has quite a good spot for a relatively small channel like CW. Will forever be in denial that Ringer won't be back. That show became way too good to just...end like that and is pretty much the only show on CW that was consistently decent...

Allison berry barbieri

Oh no! What about TSC??


Nobody who have sense watch 90210.

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