Two and a Half Men Season 10: It's a Go!

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TV Fanatics may not be thrilled with this news, based on their reaction to last night's Two and a Half Men episode, but the CBS sitcom will return for a 10th season.

Alan in the Hospital

Deadline confirmed the news today, reporting that stars Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones have all signed new contracts. They will be paid the same amount as this season - $700,000 per episode for Kutcher; Cryer somewhere just under that figure; and Jones $300,000 an episode - but all receive a sizable signing bonus.

Two and a Half Men has suffered in the ratings since the departure of Charlie Sheen - falling from over 20 million viewers/week to closer to 12 million - but is still among the most viewed shows on television.

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season 9 with ashton was still funny :)
i laughed my ass off as i did watching previous seasons :D


True, Charlie Sheen is irreplacable and was the main reason most of us watched the show. I personally loved his act. But then Ashton is not Charlie; he is good in his own way. I've loved the show for its writing and dialogues. As long as Chuck's there; i dont think the humor quotient would be affected. Looking forward to season 10.


The new version of the show sucks. Chuck, you lost, Charlie won! I know I and everyone else I know have switched to watching ANGER MANAGEMENT. I can't wait for Charlie's Showa ratings to surpass the stir fried dog shit of a "new version" on two and a half men


the shows producers should do anything to get charlie sheen back ashton kutcher is crap compared to charlie sheen who was so effortless with the act . ashton seems to be over acting . t jones is a star . ashton you suck get lost


I really have to disagree with all these comments, the new two and a half men is not as great as it were before but still one of the best tv shows, and ahston coming in to forfill the footsteps of Charlie is not a easy job and yet he managed really well. What you guys are lacking is the same old feeling in the house, i remember i always had a nice feeling when watching this show but that was becuase jake was young and you could refer to your own life. Ashton is totally great and i love the way he interacts and tries to bring the show back to life, just live with it, Charlie is the one who made us lose a great show not Ashton. Try looking on it from a different point of view then just puting out ignorant statements.


ashton sucks!!!


get rid of zoey and ashton. boring boring boring........................
we want cryer, angus t jones, judith and evelyn and of course berta.......
get someone to turn up as charlie's illegitimate kid borne to some ex-flame of charlie or to (?)rose maybe. hate zoey. her accent is no longer cute and her kid is tooooo irritating, little brit queen. lindsey is much better though i hate elridge. charlie was damn damn good at what he did!!! i miss him. he was a lovable rascal!! :)


I love the new Two and a Half Men!


Ashton is so unbearable to watch. Full of himself and tediously boring. Why is he paid so much when he is the last comer, adds nothing to the show and actually brings it all down? The show has deteriorated beyond salvage and it's a pity because the original actors and writers were outstanding. Now it is just TV at its lowest standards.


People People, no matter how many shitty reviews we write it won't ever change anything! These dumb-asses running the network think the show is funny, and that's all that matters.. Yes it sux.. But season 10's a go and we the people just gotta take it.. Like a prisoner takes it up the asss from his 400 pound cell-mate...

Two and a Half Men Quotes

Judith: Don't you think you've had enough to drink at the magic show, Evelyn?
Evelyn: Excuse me, darling, but some of us deal with our boredom and depression the old-fashioned, non-prescription way

Evelyn: I'm deeply hurt.
Alan: With me or Charlie?
Evelyn: Charlie.
Alan: Great, come on in