Diane Neal Returning to NCIS This Fall

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Diane Neal, who plays U.S. Coast Guard investigator Abigail Borin on NCIS, from time to time, will be playing her at least one more time this coming year. TV Line confirmed she will return in Season 10.

The Law & Order: SVU veteran, who can also be seen this summer on USA's Suits, first appeared in Season 7 of the CBS procedural as Leroy Jethro Gibbs' redheaded CGIS counterpart.

She's made several appearances since.

Gibbs, Borin and Abby

Neal's last visit came early in NCIS Season 9, when she assisted on a case - and in the team's hunt for a perfect match for Gibbs (the team and more than a few fans feel Borin herself would qualify).

“It is the most fun place to work,” Neal said of the show, listing Pauley Perrette, Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly as friends and calling leading man Mark Harmon “the nicest man in TV."

Also, "I get to have a gun! It’s also really fun because I play the female Mark Harmon.”

Hard to argue with that logic - and we're glad she'll do it again before long.

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I am so excited to see her return! Diane made things a little more interesting. I do like ships between the characters, especially tony and ziva (: as long as it isnt random or overdone and tacky. but i hope there will always be the team solving naval crimes! i couldnt imagine ncis without any of the characters.


My wife and I do agree which is most unusual.It is great Diane Neal will return to the show . She is the plus to NCIS. After the demise of Mike Franks. Personally I had hope they use him in the only way t v can .Either in flash backs to earlier years or as a specter in aiding gibbs when he needs the only information Mike Franks can give. As you might have guessed he was one of my favourites and is truly missed.


LOVE NCIS!!! Last season finale was amazing. My husbandand I watch every week. Glad to hear everyone is coming back. Personally I liked JLC with Mark Harmon's character. I would like to see her come back. But whatever happens we will still be watching, best show on TV. We never never the reruns on USA network this summer, its always our "go to" show. Can't wait for September 25th to arrive.


I am excited about season 10 i hope its a great season full of solving mystery crimes, not this soap opera, high school stuff they can leave out, i love the naval crime drama solving


This is the only television series that my husband, our 18 yr. old daughter and I watch together. We got "into" the show before Kate joined the team, and we have either watched on Tues. night or recorded it to watch together later. (We later watched the re-runs all of the earlier shows that we missed when they first airded.) Our daughter won't watch the recordings unless her dad and I watch with her. The is our "translator" of what is said and happens. (I am kind of slow on following the storyline at times. LOL) Our daughter will go off to college for the first time before this season premiers, but I am sure we will record them for her, and we will discuss each show long distance. We will be saddened if any of the characters don't return for next season. WE LOVE NCIS AND ITS CAST!


Aman Erin That is my season 10 wish too no more favoritism all character get equal screen time


I know that Gibbs is the lead, but frankly I'm pretty burned out on Gibbs drama. Last season had too much. There's no mystery left in him, and if there is, I just don't care anymore. I want the team to get back to solving crimes, not the high school version of NCIS where the biggest mystery is who is flirting with or bedding who. How about some good solid team episodes with interesting crime stories? Please?


I like the fact of Diane Neal coming to NCIS some episodes, i however think they need to leave her out of Gibbs love life, we had a bad enough with JLC last season, think things need to settle down and just work on naval crime drama and the team being a family.


also something to think about when it comes to the shippers Just because they scream the loudest on the internet doesn't mean they are a majority.


I agree with AJA I remember when the samething happen to me at my workplace it was so bad I had to leave

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