Awkward Review: A Little Racist

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It’s good to be back in high school. Last week’s Awkward season premiere was a little, well, awkward without the bells, lockers and hallways.

Yes, the high school is very much a character on this MTV hit and putting everyone back in their usual routines tonight meant the comedy returned to center stage.

Jenna Stresses Over the Tape

"Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary" also introduced a new character to help fill out everyone’s favorite high school: the Asians, who are just a little bit racist.

It turns out the Asians run the school, and if anyone can help get the Sanctuary cesspool tape to see if Jenna and Matty are on, it’s the Asians. Becca has the entire school wired, and she can get the tape back for video, but it’ll cost Ming a favor... and maybe a little Asian immersion too. Since Ming’s not a cool Asian she must become a school Asian, right?

By the way, MTV, if you guys want to green light a movie of Ming going on a crazy adventure to become a cool Asian by downing Adderall, spring breaking in Cabo, and getting it on with an indie rock back’s lead singer... I will pay good money to watch that movie, or at least tune it to watch it. TV movies work too.

The only question remaining: is Ming’s favor now fulfilled? Valerie’s quick grab and go of the tape part was part of Becca’s plan, so I’m leaning towards no.

Speaking of Valerie, thanks to the tape showing the vice principal having an affair with a guy in a fugly tie, she’s now vice principal. I can only imagine how well the high school will do under the gentle guidance of Valerie.

Jake and Jenna are still feeling out their respective roles in the relationship, and Jenna’s history with Matty continues to be the dark cloud that hovers over her side of the relationship. Especially when Matty continues to make his feelings clear to Jenna: He loves her. Although I’m with Jillian when she says she’s Team Jatty, yet I can’t help but get annoyed at times because he had his turn with Jenna – let Jake have his.

Something needs to keep Matty relevant, though, because at this point he has nothing but his feelings for Jenna. I’m hoping he’ll get something else to do soon, so he's not just pining.

Finally, Lacey told Kevin about the letter. The look on Kevin's face alone was enough to let us know what he thought about Lacey in that moment, and now it’s only a matter of what he’s going to do. What a cliffhanger.

A few more thoughts:

  • The backdoor joke from the pilot makes another comeback tonight.
  • Tamara’s word of the week: Frasians.
  • Be sure to read our interviews with Jillian Rose Reed and Ashley Rickards!

This week’s winning exchange?

Becca: What I don't know is, are you a cool Asian or a school Asian? What are your PSAT scores?
Ming: 120.
Becca: Low. You're not a school Asian. Have you ever spring break-ed in Cabo, downed Adderall, or had an affair with the lead singer of an indie rock band?
Ming: No.
Becca: Not a cool Asian either.
Ming: So what am I?
Becca: White. | permalink

Head over to our Awkward quotes page to read more of tonight's amasian quips, and let us know in the comments what you thought about tonight's episode!


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Um, only white people can be racist. The portrayal of Asians in this show is racist.


Matty's declaration to Jenna was just so annoying. He really hasn't learned anything and thinks he can just throw these words around and have her back. Even if he means it, it's just urggghhh.
I agree with imredjimmy. I don't want this show to become like Gossip Girl and focus on the love triangle like that's all that matters. I want actually less of Jenna and more of Ming and Sadie. I want to see others have story lines and Matty too. He needs to be given something else or else he will become washed down to just being Jenna's other love interest.


Team Jatty means Jake and Matty, right? :)


To be honest, what I loved about Awkward was the humor, the situations Jenna got herself into, not the love triangle. That was the point I was kind of fearing in season 1, and now it feels like it's basically what the entire show is about. At least the script is funny enough not to make this love triangle over-bearing, I really liked Ming's meeting with the Asians. However, I'm afraid that if this show doesn't step it up, I won't want to watch it anymore. More side-characters, less romance.


*Sigh* I wish the episodes were longer...

Sp mckenna

Nice review! I'm glad this show is back. I'm still trying to guess who that mysterious commenter could be...


I squealed a little when Matty told her he loved her and smiled. A dick move at this point but still the cutest thing I've ever seen.


Absolutely LOVED tonight's episode! It was sooo good, and probably one of my all time favorites. I love the Asian crowd, and I bet we'll be seeing Becca again (which I can't wait!). Seriously, great episode and I'm just eagerly awaiting next week!

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