Pretty Little Liars Midseason Finale Promos: Betrayal to Come!

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Pretty Little Liars turned the Paige last night, revealing new information about this character's past.

Is she an innocent victim? Or a totally crazy psychopath?

That's just one of the many questions fans have as we head into the painful break between "Single Fright Female" and next Tuesday's mideason finale, "The Lady Killer."

In anticipation of the murderer-revealing episode, ABC Family and Much Music in Canada are teasing the biggest betrayal in series history. By whom? Let the theories fly as you first watch the American preview:

And now from our friends up north:

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i really think wren is a part of the A team because of the note to hannah about how easy it is to get her blood.idk who killed mya and i dont think any of the girls are gonna be the betrayer on the finale. its way too soon


Anyone think it's random that a clip of Ali is shown in the Canadian promo?


nate sorry


i think that nata like maya and just said he was her kin and in fact he was in love with her,,then kill her so it him got be trust me


I am between Paige and Nate as Maya's killer, but, neither one of them is A or has anything to do with the whole A thing. I am almost tempted to say that one of Mona's original conspirators set up Emily as the weak link and just stole Ali's body for shits and giggles. But, that isn't who has been sending messages which, really, other than the lock in at the cabin...really haven't been that bad and seem to me to be more designed to keep them quiet. have a horrible thought, Caleb and possibly Lucas are in a warped way trying to protect the girls and get after the remainder of the "A" team but aren't being totally successful.


btw i also loved the canadian promo


For some reason, i feel like Caleb or Ashley's boyfriend (the priest/ brother/ pastor/ whatever) have something to do with team A.. Toby and Wren are also very suspicious!! DAMMIT!!! EVERYBODY IS SUSPICIOUS!!


To me, it seems like Nate is Maya's killer. I wouldn't be suprised if they find out he's not actually her cousin. There HAS to be a reason for him being on the show and him bonding with Emily about Maya isn't cutting it for me!


I think the betrayer es, Paige, Nate, Melissa or LUcas, really maybe they are kind of obvious since they're the shaydiest of all, but I doubt the parents are in it, neither the boyfriends or the main girls so that leaves them.


I think Paige is a red herring and that Nate is Mayas stalker/killer but if maya's killer and the betrayer are the same person the how is he or Paige for matter close to any of the liars besides Emily I'm thinking Ashley destroyed a fake hard drive or something like that

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