Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Pics: Scenes from a Crime Scene

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The countdown is on for the Pretty Little Liars midseason finale.

Last night's "What Lies Beneath" crossed some names off the list of Maya murder suspects, but we won't discover this culprit's actual identity until the aptly-titled "The Lady Killer" on August 28.

But fans need not wait that long for a few sneak peeks at the crucial episode.

ABC Family has released the following images from the installment, while the network also teases that "someone close to the girls betrays them" during the hour. Who will it be? In what fashion? Ponder the possibilities while you sort through these photos:

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Scene
A Funny Crime Scene
Careful Pretty Little Liars
Emily in Tears
Bloody Emily
A Dark Embrace
Ezra Upheaval

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i agree with the comment below. he could be lying and be an ex of mayas. maybe from true north?


i think its that crazy cousin of mayas who i really think has been lying and is most likely a ex boyfriend who probably atacked emily and she had to fight back sooner or later no one in town will even want to look at the girls because they are always in the middle of a crime scene


I think something's wrong with Mona...


It's gotta be Something with Caleb or Hanna's mom, because Hana is the only one who is upset. Maybe Wren is A and he's pissd that Hanna rejected him after he stitched her up, so he went in for a little revenge?


Emily is fine, I saw on a different website Emily has blood on her hands


Something happens to Hanna's house.It has to do with her mother.If it was Emily then also Arya and Spencer would be as shocked as Hanna.Anyway,i think at first Hanna thinks that her mom is maybe dead but then she walks out of the house safe and sound! As for Ezra all his problems will be solved and Ezria will obviously still eb together when the show cmes back...that's great.I love Ezria.


My guess is Emily.. I dont see her on the photo's.

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