Two and a Half Men Review: Army, Some Fatigue

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Two and a Half Men kicked off Season 10 with "I Changed My Mind About The Milk."

But, really, can we change the title at this point to simply Three Men? Jake is now legal and has joined the army, after all. He's practically the most mature character on the show.

Jake on Skype

This week's premiere was not a very good episode, despite a fun appearance by Michael Bolton. 

Granted, Zoey turned down Walden’s proposal (I saw that coming, didn't you?) because there is another man. So that's a pretty big episode. And the episode did well to deliver on other storylines, as we saw the obvious mommy issues our billionaire possesses, which have resulted in many women leaving him. 

If refusing to marry Walden means that is the end of Zoey, I must be honest: I'll be thrilled. I've never been a huge fan of hers.

Moving on other characters, though, is there the premiere really fell apart. Alan is still shameless and pathetic. Berta and Evelyn? Still crass as always.

One storyline in which I am genuinely interested in is that of Jake. He looked good with the army uniform on and even the buzz cut fit. With him getting a love interest (Miley Cyrus!), I cannot wait to see what this season has in store for him.

Overall, it was a decent outing for the returning comedy. What did you think of the premiere? Sound off in the comments, and check out Two and a Half Men quotes section to see how Berta describes Jake now. Trust me, it is hilarious.


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@ Douglas Wolfe - I agree with you 1000%.


A good start to the season. Walden's social clumsiness returned, this time with an over the top proposal, making it as uncomfortable as possible to say no. Michael Bolton's appearance was hilarious. It was a good idea to bring Evelyn into a scene with Bolton and the vibrator joke was perfect. The pot-fueled evening became funny when it started to become troublesome for Walden in bed. But the start of the evening in the bar could've been better. I would prefer that the writers would ease up on the gay jokes. They work up to a certain point with Alan, but those jokes have been milked too much.


The episode was watchable.. The characters are all starting to mesh together for me... I find that the substance abuse jokes are becoming overwhelming. I don't smoke at all, and don't drink often... I am finding myself very uncomfortable through some of the shows jokes... If the jokes were every once in a while fine, but I feel alienated at this point!


This week's premiere to me was a very good episode.


i used to like this show and now I think it stinks. To much sexual undertones and disgusting ones at that. The show is not funny anymore. Jake should really join the army and get out of a loser show.

Beverly brooks

Show is becoming stale. Alan is still so pathetic. He needs to find a JOB! As far as Zoey, she seems to be the only adult present.


I watched the first couple of episodes of last season, then stopped watching in disgust. The Walden character just didn't work. Decided I'd tune in for the start of this season - because sometimes it takes a while for a major change like that to take root and grow. Maybe it would be better. It wasn't. Not funny at all. Even the "edgy" stuff like the pot-smoking scene didn't make a difference. Ah well.


I think it was one of the best shows I ever saw. Glad to see Zoey gone. She was bringing the show down, When Walden ask to marry her, I sure was happy she said NO> best show they have done. Needed to move away from Zoey.


Ok confused ! At the beginning you stated. "this weeks premiere was not a very good episode" and at the end of the review you stated "overall it was a decent outing for the returning comedy" so did you like the episode or didn't you ?


I guess you didnt like the episode because of the little effort you have put into the review; I think you may need to check the names because youve got a little mixed up. Dont worry the show isnt funny anymore, there just treading water at this point.

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Alan: Wow, seems like just yesterday, he was an adorable, chubby-cheeked little boy catching a Frisbee on the beach in Santa Monica.
Berta: Now, he is a fuzz-face, buck private catching the clap from a whore in Tijuana.

Alan: Can I come live with you?
Evelyn: No
Alan: Oh, come one, Mom, I am going to be homeless, once he marries her; I am going to be living on the street.
Evelyn: Try to pick a street in Beverly Hills, so I visit you