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Two and a Half Men Season 10

"Cows, Prepare to Be Tipped"

In the Two and a Half Men season 10 finale, Walden is surprised when he dates a 22 year old woman but ends up attracted to her grandmother. Marilu Henner guest stars.

"My Bodacious Vidalia"

Walden helps Alan get back into the dating game with an image make over on Two and a Half Men.

"Another Night with Neil Diamond"

Walden tries to help life Alan's spirits when his breakup with Lyndsey leaves him crushed on Two and a Half Men.

"Bazinga! That's From a TV Show"

Alan and Walden get dragged into the fray when Jake cheats on his girlfriend with her 18 year old daughter on Two and a Half Men.

"Big Episode. Someone Stole a Spoon"

Walden and Alan's party plans go too far when they try to keep Herb from feeling lonely on Two and a Half Men.

"The 9.04 From Pemberton"

Alan and Walden have a huge fight causing Alan to move in with Herb on Two and a Half Men.

"Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries"

Alan doesn't think that Walden and his ex-wife are compatible when she and Walden consider giving it another try on Two and a Half Men.

"Advantage: Fat, Flying Baby"

Spending Valentine's Day alone prompts Walden to beg Kate for a second chance while Alan's plans go awry on Two and a Half Men.

"Paint It, Pierce It, or Plug It"

Alan isn't happy when Jake brings home his 30 something girlfriend while Walden keeps a secret from Alan on The Big Bang Theory.

"Run, Steven Staven! Run!"

On Two and a Half Men, Lyndsey decides to go on a date when someone else after Alan refuses to give her a key to the beach house.

"Grab a Feather and Get in Line"

Alan and Walden head to Kate's fashion show in New York City where Walden considers coming clean about his double identity on Two and a Half Men.

"Welcome to Alancrest"

On Two and a Half Men, Alan uses Walden's money to finance Kate's fashion line, while Walden's double identity starts to wear him down.

"Give Santa a Tail-Hole"

On Two and a Half Men, Walden continues to maintain his two identities while Alan finds himself alone on Christmas.

"One Nut Johnson"

On Two and a Half Men, when Walden wants to find a woman who won't only love his for his money, Alan helps him create and alias.

"I Scream When I Pee"

On Two and a Half Men, Alan's second ex-wife, Kandi decides she may want him back and Walden decides to make a fuss over Berta's birthday even though she'd rather forget it.

Alan & Lyndsey's Commitment Issues
"Something My Gynocologist Said"

Alan has a revelation when he ponders a commitment with Lyndsey and Walden gets the attention of a wealthy older woman on Two and a Half Men.

"Avoid the Chinese Mustard"

On Two and a Half Men, when Walden can't handle the ups and downs of a regular relationship he hires an actress to play his girlfriend.

"Ferrets, Attack!"

Walden is in trouble when he must choose between Zoey and Rose on Two and a Half Men.

"That's Not What They Call It in Amsterdam"

Walden starts dating Rose even though Alan voices his concerns on Two and a Half Men.

"You Know What the Lollipop Is For"

Walden starts to feel his age when an old friend's daughter comes to visit on Two and a Half Men.

"Four Balls, Two Bats, and One Mitt"

On Two and a Half Men, when their sex life feels dull, Alan and Lindsey decide to spice things up.

"A Big Bag of Dog"

On Two and a Half Men, Alan questions Walden's mental health after his breakup with Zoey.

"I Changed My Mind About The Milk"

Michael Bolton guest stars on the Season 10 premiere of Two and a Half Men, while we get a glimpse at Jake in the Army.

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