The Mentalist Review: Who's Playing Who?

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Will Jane's search for Red John bring about his redemption or his descent into madness? 

"The Crimson Ticket" had me wondering who was playing who and would anyone survive the consequences of this Mentalist game.

The murder of the week was barely worth mentioning, but I will say the show planted enough subliminal clues to the killer's ultimate motive to be worthy of Patrick Jane himself. There were advertisements for the California Lottery planted in several shots. On buses, newspapers, etc. It was hardly surprising to find out that Callie was offed for her winning lottery ticket.


But the crux of this story was the aftermath of the season ending debacle that let Red John go free, leaving the CBI and FBI at one another's throats, literally. Agent Darcy had a nervous breakdown after the horrifying accidental killing of Wainwright and her fellow FBI agents believed Lisbon's team should be behind bars for their part in it.

Tensions were running so high that it didn't take much for Jane to make it worse. You'd think that watching Jane poke the bear would grow tiring after a while, but in the adept hands of Simon Baker it's simply fun to watch, even when we know what's coming. 

When Jane walks away after telling an irate FBI agent in this The Mentalist quote

 Your temples are pulsing like some weird undersea creature. If that's not anger, you should see a doctor. | permalink

... it's no surprise that Patrick was safely in his little blue Citron by the time the inevitable brawl broke out.

But Lorelei was the center of this episode and Jane couln't take his eyes off of her. A fact that didn't go unnoticed by Lisbon.

Lisbon seemed determined not to believe Jane when it came to Lorelei. Why was it so farfetched that Red John had a mole in the FBI? Wasn't Grace's ex-fiance an agent of Red John? Wasn't there a season long investigation trying to find a Red John mole in the CBI?

Yet Lisbon appeared convinced that Red John and Lorelei were playing Jane. Was the knowledge that Jane slept with her bothering Teresa more than she let on? Did she believe that one night in bed could cloud his judgment that badly?

I found it interesting that when Lorelei accused Patrick of being in love with Teresa, he didn't react. I don't believe that Lorelei's wrong. I just think that Jane was in such control of his emotions while he was playing this game of cat and mouse that there was no reason to respond. Or did he realize that any further reaction from him would only paint a bigger target on Lisbon?

Honestly, I love Lorelei. Her voice is downright hypnotic and the way she and Jane play off of one another is mesmerizing. Perhaps it's that odd connection that has Lisbon so on edge.

Jane's tactic of offering to be Lorelei's savior seemed plausible to me. She knows that Red John will most likely kill her and perhaps Jane can grab onto some innate sense of survival in the girl. For it to work Lorelei must believe Jane has some feelings for her. In that context, the kiss made sense.

But once Lorelei became the hot potato nobody could hold onto for long, her days were numbered. Is she dead?Is she alive and back in the clutches of Red John? Has a rogue FBI team secured her away for their own investigation?

Only time will tell but I hope we get to see her again soon. Either way I'm looking forward to another wickedly fun season of The Mentalist


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i like this series especially the patrick jane role he is awesome n just his hair style is awful rather he need a hair cut. the mist handsome i found is the FBI guy who is engaged to grace in season 3.


Jane IS not cruel, he just protects himself from abuse. He has been on his own for a long time. He knows BS when its I'm front of him.


Susan Darcy works for Red John. Red John sent her to make Jane say he was alive. Darcy will give Jane back the files she took from wainwright. Wainwright went after Jane and now he's dead. See the pattern?


Beuno Heller is very smart. He knew where he was going from the very start. He is going to amaze US television watchers. These writers are like a good game of chess. They make moves that are brilliant at times and at other times they almost loose the game. The red john story line is brilliant and diabolically deceptive. Red John seems to have the same attributes as Jane, just darker. Interesting huh? They both have connections, money and power. I believe Red John is part of the secret society and that he has world wide connections. Jane already knows who he is. He just does not want to admit it. I believe the show will end when Red John is revealed. Anyway, enough about that! Lisbon is in love with Jane and he is in love with her. But they both know better for now. They are more professional than people might think. Their love goes beyond sex. The psychological aspect of their relationship does not require sex at this time. They are searching for deeper meanings. Their sexual activities are for physical reliefs only. Van Pelt and Riggsby are immature and are only scratching the surface with each other. Neither one is committed. Their jobs are more important to them. Cho is hiding. We will see the real him. But most important of all they have each other. They will not let each other drop over the edge. This is television at new heights. Most of the time this show does not treat is like we are stupid. It has its moments. Not many! Bravo!


I also hate his hairstyle. I must say that the lighting and styling are very bad. Baker's eyes are always black in this show.


This episode was not what was expected except for what we already had seen in the promos. I think PJ has had Lorelei taken away, after all he has escaped from prison hiself and since his descent into a much darker persona, he doesn't seem to care who he is hurting. He is so sweet and amusing, one forgets to hate him, but he is a cruel man as Darcy accused. Maybe has has gone to Brett Stiles for assistance. The murder of the week was very banal and forgetable. By the way, I hate the hair, too Elvis like. Prefered his looks in season 1


It's strange because all players in the world are more handsomes in film or TV, except Simon Baker. His hairstyle and makeup looks done by RJ. Seeing him in an interview on The Talk he seemed a thousand times more attractive. Seriously, The Mentalist must change their stylists


Jane loves Lisbon and Lisbon loves Jane. I don't have a problem with that? The tension was well played between Jane/Lisbon. .


Baker's hair and amake-up were terrible looking.


Unoriginal though it was good to have a good fraction of the episode dealing with the aftermath of the finale. The RJ storyline has to come to an end this season or I'm quitting. I don't want Lisbon and Jane together romantically.

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Your temples are pulsing like some weird undersea creature. If that's not anger, you should see a doctor.


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