The Vampire Diaries "Killer" Photos: Hostage Hostility

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Ready for some killer images, Vampire Diaries fans?

Or, we should say: some images from "The Killer?"

On November 8, this CW favorite will bring Stefan and Klaus together in an uneasy, unexpected alliance in order to contain the danger Connor has unleashed on Mystic Falls. As teased in the official network description, look for this hunter to take hostages in the Grill and for the Salvatores to disagree over how best to deal with the situation.

That's what we see in one of the following photos, as Damon and Stefan argue, Caroline looks on in anger and Bonnie bonds with a local professor:

A Killer Scene
Bonnie and a Professor
Stefan in Shock
D. Salvatore
Lockwood, Tyler
Angry Caroline Forbes

NOTE: The CW has also published new photos from November 1's "The Five," including a flashback to Elijah and Damon/Elena at a fraternity costume party.

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Stefan & Elena: Stefan needs to stop standing around get more romantic and show Elena he loves her and Stefan needs to have more fun maybe that's why Elena is getting bored with him. Elena & Damon: Damon might love Elena but dude bros before hoes (well she not a hoe but u get it) brothers come before girls and Stefan had her first even though she might like you back tell her that you can't do that to your brother because in a long time you never seen him this happy. Plus Damon might love her but he is not able to keep her safe and provide for her. Now drum roll CAROLINE,KLAUS & TYLER: klaus loves Caroline Tyler hates Klaus I think it's cute "mass killer has a crush" Caroline needs to take a chance with Klaus and don't get over with it they make cute couple but not best communication going on between them maybe Caroline wants to to let Klaus in but he might hurt her feeling plus might want to let Klaus in but Tyler might not approve Tyler needs to let Caroline experiment with Klaus to see how far everything goes. Team Caroline and Klaus ***plz comment on this comment***


Will everyone stop drinking the damon kool aid....he's way is always screw everything as long as I get what I want cough katherine cough elena.I really hope he becomes the big brother for stefan support and help him but instead they throw stefan to the sharks to make damon oh so tough.


damon usually ends up being right and for once it would be really nice if he was given a thank you abit of recognition !!!! Stefan is written as the guy who can do no wrong even when he is rippings heads off or trying to kill his girlfriend yet Damon tries to do the right thing and everyone criticizes him .He was even made to feel it would have been wrong to save Elena !!!! Most people would save the person they loved .i wish they would stop making stefan seem like a saint and everyone forgives him where as Damon does one thing wrong and its the end of the world .So far he has been right and he would have been right to save Elena !


Disagree, Madz. Damon's "let's just kill'em anD eat 'em" strategy is not always the best one. But you are like the typical Damon fan. The guy can do no wrong because he is soooo hot. And I just keep thinking, "Oh why didn't Stefan let Damon die last season instead of becoming Klaus' slave. He sacrificed everything so that Damon would live and then the ungrateful bastard puts the moves on Elena. What a jerk!


I miss Bored Now. Where is he?


As usual, Stefan always have to find flaws in Damon or his plan but in the end, Damon's trick will work! Nothing new! Have I mentioned that Damon/Ian looks so good with each passing episode? No even more sexier and hotter?

Drea xoxo

i want elijah too! n blah has this not been done before.....


im missing elijah!


Let me guess. They'll have Stefan do or say something ridiculous so Damon gets to look tougher, better whatever.


Same here! I already love this season and I would love to see TVD more than once a week. Who is with me ;-)?

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