The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Spiraling Into Shame?

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Damon and Elena are set to go at it this Thursday on The Vampire Diaries.

No, not like that, people.

Instead, the two will argue over just what their dirty dancing on "The Five" really meant, with Damon accusing Elena of experiencing a "shame spiral" as a result of their blood-infused grindfest.

Not so, Elena claims. She was simply "high like a crackhead." The near spit-swap was clearly a result of this altered state. But does she really believe that?

Watch the latest sneak peel at "The Killer" now and then view another TVD clip from the upcoming hour:

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Sometimes Damon can cause too much problems or cause Elena to make wrong choices as a vampire but I can't wait to see what else happens. ;P


Lol, it doesn;t matter. Her decision-making skills makes her look like a crackhead anyway.


Elena has faced the fact that she has strong feelings for Damon and she chose Stefan. Do we not remember the last half of S3? I think Stefan was very wise to push Elena into confronting her feelings last season. In "The Five", it looked like Elena was high on blood at the time, not really Damon.
Now usually when you're with person A and you develop an attraction for person B, and you decide to stay with person A, you try to avoid person B until all goes away. But Elena can't do that (small town, brother, etc) and Damon won't leave. But Plec & Co do need to more settle the triangle of Stelena/Delena. It's time to focus on Forwood/Klaroline!


Love you, Damon. For being tagged as 'Monster' and 'Bad Boy' you are too good for Elena. She is openly using Damon now and then she says she was not 'herself'. I am starting to dislike Elena more and more now. :( But I think in Season 4 we will get Delena. Its the Endgame. :)


It seems like much of the storyline between Elena and Damon is going to be Elena unsure of wheter her feelings for Damon are her actual feelings, or if its the "Hunger" causing her to feel more for him for other reasons like physical attraction. Just like the dance scene they talk about in this clip when she gets so upset with herself. Was she dancing and getting close to Damon because she wanted him or was it all just her reasoning the blood.


I have always liked and supported Elena but she is now a vampire and needs to grow up and face the fact that she has strong feelings for Damon. It is not fair to him nor Stefan and she is in constant denial. I was so hoping that she would change into a badass vamp and get over her ways of feeling so depressed, etc. Anyway, it is early in the show's season so I have hope that she will grow up.

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