The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Killer"

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An unexpected kill. A new tattoo. A dangerous mentor/protege relationship.

The Vampire Diaries did it again on "The Killer," shocking viewers with its action and suspense. In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker, Steve Marsi and Leigh Raines breakdown the episode, analyzing Stefan's secret, Elena's murder and more...


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Matt: The final few moments between Damon and Stefan. This is the true love story on TVD. The Brothers Salvatore are often in conflict, but they always come back to one another. Even just an hour or so after one comes ever so close to squeezing the life out of the other's beating heart.

Miranda: I love Extra Snarky Damon an unhealthy amount, so for quotes, every word that came out of his mouth, especially asking about Stefan's bossypants. As for a favorite scene, Elena killing Connor to protect Jeremy. She didn't hesitate. She just acted. And it was kind of badass of her.

Steve: Seems almost too obvious to point out, but Ian Somerhalder was just destroying it this week - with his facial expressions and Damon quotes, not fangs. With Elena now a member of the undead and all the implications therein, the love triangle has been infinitely more compelling in Season 4.

Leigh: Hayley saying to Caroline that she doesn't do teen drama. It was ironic and hilarious.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Do you welcome the return of the journals?
Matt: As much as I miss the presence of ghosts in Mystic Falls.

Miranda: I know I'm probably in the minority, but yes, I like the journals. I know the motto is "show, don't tell" but when it comes to the inner thoughts of characters, I'd rather the writers didn't go around having them talk about their feelings all the time. The show isn't The Vampire Therapies, you know?

Steve: What do you want them to do, blog? Facebook? It's not The Vampire Tweets. "dear followers, omg elena effin broke connors neck but I dunno if that makes me want her more or less lol. kthxbai 4 now!!"

Leigh: I've missed the journals. But doesn't Stefan know how easily Klaus could find those? Journals are for feelings, not deep dark secrets.

Should Stefan tell Elena about the cure?
Matt: YES. I know Stefan just wants what's best for Elena, but let's think about how he's treating her: like someone who truly cannot think for herself. He isn't even trying to give her a say in this decision, he's just making life-altering decisions - that place many people in danger -  for her and, what's even worse, he's doing it by teaming up with someone who only wants Elena to be human so he can extend his Hybrid line. Seriously, Stef, take the gloves off and treat your girlfriend with some respect here.

Miranda: Another question first: Did I miss the part last week where Klaus said the cure won't work unless the vampire hasn't killed yet? Or did I just start writing for The Vampire Diaries? Because if that's true and killing Connor means she can't be cured, then no, he shouldn't tell her. Her shame spiral would just spin faster and a depressed Elena is, well, depressing. If she can still be cured, then yes, tell her. That might be the control she needs to keep from killing again.

Steve: Definitely. Kids these days have no appreciation for the '70s British goth-infused post-punk revolution. But seriously folks ... no. Not until he regroups and formulates a new plan to go after it, which will obviously happen. No reason to tell her unless there's a chance, however slim, that they might get it.

Leigh: Yes. Everyone needs to stop keeping stuff from Elena if they don't want her to go rogue and ya know...kill the hunter.

Cooler cliffhanger: Jeremy's tattoo, Elena's hallucination or Bonnie lighting some candles?
Matt: Jeremy by a landslide, and I can't say I ever imagined saying that. But The Vampire Diaries Season 4 has tied him into the events surrounding Elena extraordinarily well. I love the idea of his destiny actually being to kill folks like his sister. Talk about a conflict of interest!

Miranda: How about a tie between the tattoo and the hallucination? Both of those set up some very interesting stories moving forward. And while I know Bonnie's going to have a witchy role to play in this whole cure-map thing, her lighting some candles? Snoooooooze.

Steve: Jeremy's tattoo. You knew it was coming, but still, a cool twist for his often-maligned character. Why him? Does his mentality change now? So much potential there.

Leigh: Elena's hallucination and Jeremy's tattoo. Calling it a tie.

Are you buying Tyler's story about Hayley?
Matt: That they never hooked up? Sure. Not sure I'm buying why this lie covers their tracks with Klaus, though. Couldn't they be were-ing each other out in bed and still be plotting to free other Hybrids?

Miranda: The sire-bond takes away free will, so I can imagine that there are other werewolves out there who hate it as much as Tyler did. And I got the sense that Haley was attached to Dean, so yes, I'm buying his story.

Steve: Sure. Why wouldn't they want to help their kind break the sire bond? Besides, this display of teamwork and potentially pawing one another werewolf style aren't mutually exclusive.

Leigh: I buy Tyler's story, but that doesn't mean there can't be some sexual tension there.

What do you remember best about your first kill?
Matt: The click of the trigger. The drop of the body. The splattering of the blood. The ever-lasting satisfaction that I finally beat my brother at Big Buck Hunter.

Miranda: Hmmm. Well, it was definitely unexpected. And messy.

Steve: It was so awesome. I may not look like it, but I am a certified beach volleyball all-star with an impressive vertical leap. Those 11-year-olds never saw it coming.

Leigh: Wait... what? The first kill I had was probably a goldfish or something.

David and sabrina 2014

It seemed surprising to see Jeremy grow a tattoo especially when he's known to be a ghost seeker but I can't wait to see what else happens. =]

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - the conversation between Damon and Stefan at the end. Especially the part when Damon told his little brother he's doing it for him and not Elena. THAT is what this show is about. The return of the journals - I don't have anything against them, but writing down that I'm a vampire and that I just killed someone? Super smart move. Should Stefan tell Elena about the cure? Well, not telling her worked out great so far... Cooler cliffhanger - Jeremy's tattoo. After it spreads, it will look awesome on shirtless Jeremy. Tyler's story - yes, I might buy it, but hiding Hayley's existence from Caroline wasn't very cool. What do you remember best about your first kill? How easy it is to stick a knife in someone's body.


1. The Salvatores' scene at the end - the fact that Damon is doing this for Stefan and not for Elena puts him on my good side for once. Plus, the show is at its best when the brothers get along and reassure each other of their support. Also the scene where Damon tells Elena its complicated when she accuses Stefan - that's what it means to have your brother's back! 2. Nope, back then Elena was tolerable so I appreciated her writing in her diary. Now its irrelevant, cos she is irrelevant. Stefan writing all these secrets in his diary - dumb idea too. 3. At this point Elena does not deserve the cure - so no. 4. Jeremy's tattoo - that I did not see happening so quickly. Elena's hallucinations are blah... 5. My question is does Klaus REALLY buy it... 6. Yes, Elijah gave the highest of fives after that - even Klaus was impressed!


1/ Damon Salvatore's scenes.
2/ After all The show is called The Vampire Diaries, plus they made it return for a good reason which is the inability of Stefan and Elena to be honest about their thoughts and feelings to each other.
3/ Yes, I'm with Matt's answer, plus she would at least know his motives for letting her down, screwing their plan and risking her brother and everyone's life.
4/ Jeremy's tattoo and Elena's hallucination.
5/ Yes, I believe that after what he has suffered he would try his best to help the others to get free like he did.
6/ Good question. :)


Favorite scene: Elena attacking Damon and Elena killing Connor. I like Elena as a vampirie. Favorife quote: Damon, "For someone who doesn't wwant to be like me, you sure are good at it." Journals: They are okay, but I would not want them in every episode. The Cure: First I have to say I don't want a cure. I like Elena as a vampire. Yes he should tell her. It is her undead life/life, she should know and have the right to make decisions about it. Cliffhanger: Elena's hallucination. I knew the tattoo was coming, so it was not a surprise. Tyler: I believe him. FIRST KILL: THere have been so many, I honestly can't remember. It was probably a bug. ;)

Drea xoxo

1. well i didn't really have a fav scene, but the one that didn't bore me was with jer tattoo an delena standing up to stefan, felt katerina-equse
2. no! should have replaced those scenes with katerina developments and hopefully her and elijah are working together.....
3. no, she gives away secrets (previous series will prove) i don't see them gainin ganything in telling her tbh let alone the plot....
4. hallucinations, it has led to me seeing katerina next week and may even lure elijah back to MF...then the tat.
5. I felt powerful and that i had increased my chances with elijah....


Favourite scene: Damon and elena - anytime - their chemistry is going through the roof right now. the journals: yeah sure, i keep a journal myself - good plot device for presenting elevated thoughts and keeping the moral centre of story going. Lincolnesque. stefan should tell elena: boy cant do much on his own but kill people. Also will give elena another reason to live. Cooler cliffhanger: none of the above. seriously jeremy is as cute as a button but he needs to get some hunter juice in him fast, then I'll believe he;s been tapped. Tyler and Hayley: hayley is a one-dimensional sexpot - thats the problem here. she's got less class than the other sexys on this show. and classy sexy people is one reason this show has survived and her show did not.
but yes, i see chemistry between tonkin and trevino....


1. Elena killing Connor! Very uncharacteristically Badass of her!
2. Yes I missed them, and agree with Miranda.
3. He told Damon so why not tell her too!!
4. Well Jeremy's tattoo even though we all saw it coming, probably the hallucinations too!
5. I blew myself up in Bomber man lol.. Felt dumb


What I don't get is why Klaus wants the cure kept secret. Nothing has been said that implies it can only be used on one person - in fact Stefan said he would take it as well to be with Elena. The more people who know, the more pe


I'm missing the question: who wants the cure the most?
Did you see the look on his face?

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