The Vampire Diaries Review: Elena's First

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Last week on The Vampire Diaries, “The Five” looked to the past.

The Killer,” however, was filled with happenings big and small that will propel us into the future, as the episode teased/introduced/propelled juicy storylines coming that will clearly play a role the rest of the season.

What was so great about tonight’s nearly flawless episode? SO many things!

Phoebe Tonkin on The Vampire Diaries

The Voiceover: They’re vampires... who write in diaries. Get it?! But, seriously, our episode kicks off as a sullen Elena laments in her voiceover about being depressed, angry and scared at her new vampy self and then.

Cross cutting to the Salvatore mansion, Stefan is scribbling down how he’s intent on finding the alleged cure to give Elena her life back. The opening somehow avoid the sap and proves once again that the emotional core of the show is truly the guiding force to everything that happens. Bravo!

Damon-isms: As usual, the biting humor of Damon was all over, from his early scene mocking Elena’s melancholy state by saying he gets the "shame spiral" and "newbie vampire remorse." Later, we're treated a Wizard Of Oz reference when Damon calls Klaus and his hybrids the “Lollipop Guild.” All that quipping aside, we can always expect Damon to eventually get to kick-ass mode, which he does. 

Nearly Klaus-less: Klaus may be in Italy trying to figure out this curse cure, but his presence is all over the episode, which only shows how effective and awesome the character is. Stefan ends up doing what Klaus says. Tyler ends up doing what Klaus says. Sense a pattern here? The fact that Klaus is in another country (and has the best cell service ever apparently) and is still driving story is a compliment to both the writers and the fabulous Joseph Morgan.

Now, if we can only get Rebekah back soon. (Hear me, Julie Plec?!?)

Who’s in Peril This Week? Jeremy, Matt and April are all helpless while bald bad-ass hunter Connor rigs the Grill with his werewolf juice bombs that come with a poisoned nail chaser to get rid of as many vamps as possible. In the midst of all this, Jeremy realizes he has spent time with Connor but someone has compelled him not to remember, so that’s a major remember this part of later moment from this scene. (Truth be told, I’m mostly happy that Jeremy finally has an actual, active story this season.)

If I have one complaint, it’s that the victim of Connor’s booby trap is not any of our regulars but Hybrid Dean (ummm... who?), one of Klaus’s minions who gets "nailed" and looks kinda like Pinhead from Hellraiser for a quick second and then dies. Quite an elaborate death for someone we really don’t care about, but I’ll forgive for now.

What Caroline Saw: I’m sure our fearless TV Fanatic Editor-in-Chief Matt was pleased as punch that we got some Caroline this week, especially when our blonde bloodsucker caught her beloved hybrid Tyler wrapped around Haley and went all finger pointy at the twosome.

But, come on, you’d think by now we’d see it coming when the TVD writers fool us by thinking one thing when it’s really another. Another example of the smart writing is made clear here when Tyler comes clean that he and Haley were just bummed about the death of Hybrid Dean (again... who?!?). LockWolf also reveals to her (and us) that Klaus’s ‘knowledge’ of a love tryst between him and Haley is just a rouse so they can keep working on de-siring all Klaus’s hybrids.

So Caroline has nothing to worry about, right? RIGHT?

Brotherly Love: I marvel whenever the love/hate of the Salvatore Brothers comes back in play and never grows stale. We get he-man shoving in this case, asStefan gives Damon a shot of vervain and Damon later digs deep (literally) in his bro’s baby-smooth chest. However, at the end of the day, Damon’s got Stefan’s back. Awwww!

And the writers still manage to remind of us of the love triangle when Damon makes it clear that while Stefan might not be able to love vampire Elena, Damon is fine with her no matter who she is. Snap! Delena is so ON!

Bewitched: We’re slowly getting Bonnie back into the mix, but first she’s still on the outside of things, hanging out with dreamy Professor Shane (who we shouldn’t forget is pulling Connor’s strings). Shane is kindly helping her bring back her magic and while it all seems subtle and nice, you just know this is a big teaser for what’s sure to come in future episodes. Bring it!

Twist and Shout: So, who really turned out to be “The Killer?” from the episode title? The newest vamp on the block, of course, Elena. We could’ve guessed her first kill – via the classic snap-your-neck move no less - would be a big one... but leave it to the TVD writers to wisely make it the one person (buh-bye, Connor) who just happened to have a tattoo that could help her become human again.

While Elena isn’t exactly aware of this fact yet, it’s a nice kernel to a secret held by Damon and Stefan that will surely come back to life when we least expect it.

Tattoo You: The fact that The Vampire Diaries Season 4 still leaves you drooling for the next episode the moment the end credits roll is quite a feat. At the end of “The Killer,” Jeremy is the only one who can see the sudden appearance of the hunter’s tattoo on his arm... BOOM!

Damon tells Stefan he has his back, but also makes sure we know that the love triangle is still alive and kicking…BOOM!

And then Elena has her end-of-episode voiceover interrupted by the appearance of blood in her bathroom and the word KILLER written on her mirror, but the images then vanish and we get one final ‘What The Frak?’ moment... BOOM!

Can someone conjure up a time travel spell to get me to next week’s episode? Like, NOW?!


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Elana is just a whiny bitch i mean u cant help but lije her ofcoursr but everyone has to hekp elana elana this elana that ugh and she says shes not selfish but she is its always gotta be her way or no way she has to kbow everything or she throws a hissy fit soooo it really is getting on my nerves. She is the bifgesr hyprocrite ever shes always ssying you cant do this but i will i will die for u but u cant for me i can steal and lie but u cant its not right let ne whin whine whine

David and sabrina 2014

Majority of the cast are determined to find the cure and we'll see if they'll get there as we keep watching. =)


i really don't understand everyone, confusing Stefan's statement, what he said about loving Elena, he said he will always love her. but he gets that she needs to be human, to save herself from herself. yeah Damon worded it lovely, but at the end of the day he doesn't understand her compassion and need for others. Stefan and Damon love Elena, vamp or human, just Stefan wants her back human cos she cant cope with being a vampire. i think her little outburst at the end of the episode proved that.


Is it just me or this season is really good!
it has a plot ,it's coherent totally unlike last season .
elena finally you are having a reaction to something !
i like that they are making elena resemble damon as a vampire rather than stephan ,it somehow adds something to the love triangle that started to be boring last season !.
Also they are trying to envolve everyone in stories,jeremy having the tatto and the fact that he might actually have a story is a pleasant surprise!
really liking this season ! :)


I liked this episode to a point... Stefan's behavior was just stupid and reckless. By trying to be the hero, as always, he almost got a lot of people killed. What he did to Damon was just idiotic. I understand he needed to keep Connor alive to be able to get to the cure for vampirism, but he was completely wrong on his method. He could've been more aggressive and not put himself so much in evidence by his actions. I hated him in this episode and I hated Elena for just 'trusting" him after he vervained Damon and just took over the whole situation with the most insane plan ever...he almost got Jeremy killed! Elena acted like what he did was okay when she knows Damon is always the one that keeps on saving her and has always her best interest in mind, sometimes in spite of herself and her martyrish decisions. I feel the love triangle is inching its way in, but we need to see Elena stop being such a goody two shoes and own her vampirism. There is so much she can learn from Caroline! We don't see Caroline being such a martyr and always involved in such drama regarding being a vampire. Elena needs to finally grow up and face reality ( the I-can't-do-it moaning is getting old) I hope the cure is not found for a while (it will happen people!) and I would like to see Elena get closer to Damon being a vampire...well, one can always dream...


Amo esta serie


Con'd... My biggest issue so far is how elena is taking this whole vampire thing.. I get she doesn't want to be a killer.. but she doesn't have to be.. since when is drinking a person's blood, erasing their memory of it so fricken depressing.. it's aggrivating to a point that she is like this.. it's almost stupid to me.. how has no one pointed out the fact that katherine can now drink blood from a bag.. eventually elena can too.. she just has to get to that point.. but she's so damn depressing sometimes.. it is almost too much


I did like this episode, but i have to say, common sense just went out the window with stefan this episode. I get it.. don't tell anyone Klaus said.. but really keeping it from Elena, who the cure is for??? seriously... I mean I understand Conner had to die by someones hands, as it is way to early in the season for the "cure" to be so in reach.. but to not tell elena, to let things go so far.. because vervaining damon and taking his daylight ring.. That makes PERFECT sense????? I think there was a smarter way to move around this episode.. and it bothers me when the writers make characters do such stupid things, and make such careless idiotic decisions.. but i have to say even though it was a bit silly for me.. it was enjoyable that Elena of all of them killed Connor...


I love Damon & Stefan’s bond they are always there for each other no matter what happens between them, yes Stafan screwed up but Damon made sure that he will payback for his actions. Plus it was great to see what we always believed in being brought up into the surface, we always knew that Stefan loves human Elena while Damon loved her as a human, loves her as a vampire and will always love her either she remains a vampire or turn back human again but now they’ve said it out loud. (I believe that love should be unconditional like Damon’s love for Elena. You can’t say I love you but in a condition, that’s not love.)


It was great to see Elena and Damon teaming up (they can be a great team), to see him helping her 'cause even that she’s this powerful girl who can now fight back who doesn’t need to be saved or to wait for others to protect the people she cares about ( I loved how she was the one to protect her brother ) she still have this martyr side « I can offer to trade myself in exchange for the hostages.» and she needed Damon to be there for her, to make her see that she need to be smart along with being powerful to win a fight. Ps: I love how he used "We" when he talked about Jeremy: "We will get him of this and we'll compel him to hide in the bahamas" and "We'll get him out. I promise."

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