Two and a Half Men Review: 50 Shades of Crazy

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"That's Not What They Call It in Amsterdam" returned Two and a Half Men to winning form, which is what happens when the focus is placed squarely on the sitcom's core characters.

After a breakup, it can be hard to get back on the horse, or back into the game, or any other number of cliches. In response, Alan and Lyndsey tried to make Walden happy and cure him of his apparent loneliness. However, that plan backfired in the most hilarious of ways.

Walden & Rose's Date

Are you familiar with the saying “Show me your friends, and I will tell who you are?" After this installment, it's pretty safe to assume that Lyndsey is crazy. Not “Rose” crazy, but nevertheless, she and her friends need to see a therapist ASAP. Not one of them looked or acted sane.

Yes, Rose is back and, yes, she is still as nuts and creepy as she was before. From the moment I saw her, there were two things running through my mind.:

  1. RUN, WALDEN, RUN!!!
  2. The song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. 

Take that as a compliment, Melanie Lynskey. You play the role to perfection.

Heck, Rose even stalked Jake, who is living on an army base, and she knew that he was not dealing well with the obstacle course. How scary was that?!?

If I were Walden, I would steer clear of Rose. Granted, this advice may come a bit late, as he was tied up, ball-gagged and about to re-enact a scene out of 50 Shades of Grey by the end of the evening. No matter how good she might be in bed, this is a woman who is probably responsible for shoving her last neighbor/boyfriend in front of a train. So, it is better to avoid her at all costs.

I really want to see more of this Rose storyline. I'm glad Walden is clearly over Zoëy, but he is not in the clear yet, as he is now in the evil hands of Rose.

So what are thoughts on tonight’s installment? And what do you think Rose did with the leaf-blower? Discuss as you visit our updated Two and a Half Men quotes section.


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does ashton really can act?or d show any better without sheen?the plot of the show sucks,ashton sleeping with everybody on the show?at least sheen had class and girls pluss funny,this show sucks but then again what i no,others like d show and concept of producers,they had to bring back rose to boost their ratings


RUN, WALDEN, RUN!!! Ha that's funny, my first thoughts when I saw Rose were similar: RUN, RUN, RUUUUUUN, RUUUUUUN


It's more and more apparent that they're making Alan too pathetic. He'd be a much more sympathetic character if he was still just a modestly successful, down on his luck schmuck. The show should make us want things to go better for Alan, but they make him such a spectacular failure that it doesn't even seem able to manage that nowadays.


Her name should have be spelled "Malanie". That name, also, should expect a well earned raise. Wonder if she will make her appearance and exit the same way as in the "Charlie years"?


i wish we see more of jake


I have missed this aspect of Rose's envolvement very much. Melany should ask for a big salary bump as her appearance surely has boosted ratings. You go girl.


I would like to see Rose back full time maybe even have these season finale be able what happen to charile death and her recount of it I don't know Rose was one of my favroite part of the show

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 5 Quotes

Alan: Is that a leaf-blower?
Rose: That is not what they call it in Amsterdam.

I like you in that red dress, I fell like a bull and I just want to charge.