Gossip Girl Review: Headbands and Heartbreak

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The countdown is on. With only a few episodes remaining in the final season of Gossip Girl, the series tries to bring it this week. Let’s discuss "Save the Last Chance."

Is Derena Back On? Things looked promising when the hour started off with Dan and Serena still in bed together. The two decided they need to make amends with their friends before they even think about getting back together and letting people know about it. Mission accomplished.

So these two are back together. Good idea? Doubtful. Looks like Good Guy Dan really is long gone, proving so when Georgina made a quick appearance to find out that S will be the next chapter. Sorry, Serena, your luck hasn’t improved yet.

Cute Dan and Serena Picture

Basshole Drama. This arc needs to come to an end. Not only did it take up the majority of the installment, but it led nowhere once again. Father and son fight for drama. Ex-husband brings evidence to ex-wife who burns it. Somehow in this mess, Ivy ended up half naked. Pretty much the only good part to come out of it. Ivy tried to make deals with the Bass’ to destroy Lily. Didn’t happen. Chuck tried to stop Lily from burning the evidence. Didn’t happen. Really, the same as other episodes this season. A lot of build up for nothing big to come out of it.

At least there were some interesting new relationships. Bart became Nate’s partner so he can own him. This won’t last long. If there is one thing that Man Bangs is good for, it is standing up to the elder Bass. Gorgeous and tough. Thank you, CW, for putting Chase Crawford on our screen every week. Now just get him to take his shirt off. It’s been a few weeks...

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In a completely creepy twist, Ivy is digging her claws into another older man. Welcome back, Billy Baldwin! Serena’s absentee father returned to make out with Ivy and prove the two had been working together to destroy Lily (called it)! William didn’t seem to interested in the scratchy throat vixen by the end of the hour. Could this all be a plot to destroy Ivy? 

Anyone else think that Ivy with William is creepier than being with Rufus?

Speaking of Rufus: what are you thinking about returning the evidence to Lily? Girl dropped you when her dead husband showed up. You can not possibly be that nice!

Queen B Returns. Blair’s pop up show was a success, even with the scheming of Sage and the other high school minions. Best part about it? B brought back the headband! Worst part about it? Her success highlighted Chuck’s failure, as he now thinks they can’t be together anymore. Make a decision, you two. 

B Fashion Show

Overall, a pretty solid episode for the final season of GG. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was “Save The Last Chance” up to par for an episode so close to the end? Check back for the Gossip Girl Round Table and visit our Gossip Girl quotes for the top stinging one-liners.  

With only three episodes left, what is going to happen to our favorite Upper East Siders? Sound off below and check out next week's Gossip Girl promo. Until next time, GG fans. XOXO.


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These reviews make me sad. 4 stars? Are you NUTS? Go read the Huff Post review and learn how to do your job.


Each episode recently has helped to bring everything backfull circle. The return of Georgina Sparks, Dan and Serena having sex where Serena had sex with Nate, then Dan and Serena on the vespa re-creating their first date, Blair going back to high school and re-creating her 'Queen B' days, Dan and Serena having and finally the last scene where I was reminded of when Chuck dumped Blair, remember the horse comment when Blair lost her 'Queen B' status in season 1. I think the episodes have been re-creating season 1 and have been doing a good job coming full circle. Congrats on the episodes getting better and better! It gives me hope that the final episode will being back the 'Fab 4' triumphing over their enemies Nate, Serena, Chuck, and Blair?! Maybe, with Nate saving Serena from Dan? A girl can dream. ;D


What would be so cool if Jenny was back and they had that whole queen scene like OMG 3 generations right there ;3 and like Jenny is like what 20 in the show so it's close to her age

Drea xoxo

Now back to TV's worse scripted end game, Chair. i really want to know who the writers think they are pleasing with this tug of war with Charles and chuck. i really do! it seems he is a jekyll and hyde atm. one episode he is charles and loving and as quoted tonight by nate (the good guy) but out of nowhere chuck resurfaces and destroys not only blair but us GG1.0 fans by saying they will never be. how can one man make this sudden transaction from an episode -_- make him back to Charles in s5 where he did everything for blair not this stranger whom i thought we left in the pilot.

Drea xoxo

this whole pointless arc concerning Ivy and Bart. LET IT GO! ivy should never have been used in this season let alone EVER! Bart i thought we got rid of him in s2. the trollers making reference to the actors personally need to realise its not their fault they are acting the way the PRODUCER/WRITERS are PAYING them to do! serena really is showing how blonde and empty she is and why she'll never break the rhodes curse.
blair finally has a calling and glad serena told her to stop and appreciate the scene rather than scheme. (1 star) only good to come from the episode was rufus and lily. 'too much has happened for us to ever get back together but we have a family together' this was why the episode was fortunate to warrant a star rating from me (2/5)

Drea xoxo

the derena please let me be sick and chuck novels and scripts at these writers on how to write a compelling love story! in fact send them back to university/college something so they can get their creative writing back into gear! I feel plec should have wrote this series at least then i'll expect this bs to happen! stop making this show for the GG3.0 make it for us original UES, the old money who want our shippers to be heard and seen!! the Chairs Serenates Derenas Vanate, Jenate ANY OF THEM! cut out sage and make blair strong again! make chuck and lily one again!


Blair needs to stick up for herself against that monster Chuck. She deserves much better than him. She has loved him for five years and all he has done is treat her like dirt. That relationship is toxic.
Just when I thought this show was getting one thing right with Dan and Serena, it may be all shot to hell.
I really hope that the chapter on Serena is the complete opposite of his last one on her and that he just said that quickly to Georgina because they wanted to go public together. The Chuck and Bart arc is the absolute worst! Not only are Ed Westwick and Robert John Burke two of the most irritating actors on television, I'm so sick of the whispering conversations they have together and the fact that Bart is some almighty God who can't be defeated. Can the last episode be Chuck throwing gasoline onto Bart and setting him on fire? Please.

Drea xoxo

so i've basically wasted 6 years of my life following this show for them to ruin it. great. even OTH knew to sort itself out and gave us such a fantastic last series, it made me forget about s7-8 (basically when peyton and lucas were removed abruptly) what i'm trying to say is WHO ARE THESE WRITERS!!! CAN THEY NOT READ BLOGS! THEY SHOULD JUST CANCEL THIS SERIES AND REFILM ASAP! for the love of bass, why did they destroy chair! i was anxiously waiting all summer for the chair revelation that they eloped in paris and the series was going to open with their actual wedding not this bulldisnac of a pact! writers be realistic! the series finale of 5 doesn't equate to this season on the slightest!!!.


a plot to destroy ivy - are you serious? Obvious he wants to get back with Lily, thats why he wanted both bart and rufus out the way. um, obvious.


OMG, for nostalgia's sake I tried to watch this horrid car crash of a show. Big Bass cannot be defeated because only one copy of anything incriminating ever exists, and it gets burned dramatically in a fireplace! Little Bass cannot be with his onetruelove Blair because of no good reason whatsoever, as usual, but we're somehow supposed to play along. Nate has no purpose. Serena is an idiot. Dan is annoying. Season 1 of this show was absolutely fascinating, awesome, and inspired on all levels. Season 2 was pretty good too, for a while. And then it all started falling apart, and despite some bright moments along the way that I enjoyed, it has turned into the worst kind of junk. Why did they even bother with a season 6? So we could have wedding scenes? Really? The lifespan of this show is a walking lesson in how a successful operation goes awry. All who want to have a long-run show should observe this to find out what not to do.

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