Gossip Girl Review: Headbands and Heartbreak

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The countdown is on. With only a few episodes remaining in the final season of Gossip Girl, the series tries to bring it this week. Let’s discuss "Save the Last Chance."

Is Derena Back On? Things looked promising when the hour started off with Dan and Serena still in bed together. The two decided they need to make amends with their friends before they even think about getting back together and letting people know about it. Mission accomplished.

So these two are back together. Good idea? Doubtful. Looks like Good Guy Dan really is long gone, proving so when Georgina made a quick appearance to find out that S will be the next chapter. Sorry, Serena, your luck hasn’t improved yet.

Cute Dan and Serena Picture

Basshole Drama. This arc needs to come to an end. Not only did it take up the majority of the installment, but it led nowhere once again. Father and son fight for drama. Ex-husband brings evidence to ex-wife who burns it. Somehow in this mess, Ivy ended up half naked. Pretty much the only good part to come out of it. Ivy tried to make deals with the Bass’ to destroy Lily. Didn’t happen. Chuck tried to stop Lily from burning the evidence. Didn’t happen. Really, the same as other episodes this season. A lot of build up for nothing big to come out of it.

At least there were some interesting new relationships. Bart became Nate’s partner so he can own him. This won’t last long. If there is one thing that Man Bangs is good for, it is standing up to the elder Bass. Gorgeous and tough. Thank you, CW, for putting Chase Crawford on our screen every week. Now just get him to take his shirt off. It’s been a few weeks...

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In a completely creepy twist, Ivy is digging her claws into another older man. Welcome back, Billy Baldwin! Serena’s absentee father returned to make out with Ivy and prove the two had been working together to destroy Lily (called it)! William didn’t seem to interested in the scratchy throat vixen by the end of the hour. Could this all be a plot to destroy Ivy? 

Anyone else think that Ivy with William is creepier than being with Rufus?

Speaking of Rufus: what are you thinking about returning the evidence to Lily? Girl dropped you when her dead husband showed up. You can not possibly be that nice!

Queen B Returns. Blair’s pop up show was a success, even with the scheming of Sage and the other high school minions. Best part about it? B brought back the headband! Worst part about it? Her success highlighted Chuck’s failure, as he now thinks they can’t be together anymore. Make a decision, you two. 

B Fashion Show

Overall, a pretty solid episode for the final season of GG. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was “Save The Last Chance” up to par for an episode so close to the end? Check back for the Gossip Girl Round Table and visit our Gossip Girl quotes for the top stinging one-liners.  

With only three episodes left, what is going to happen to our favorite Upper East Siders? Sound off below and check out next week's Gossip Girl promo. Until next time, GG fans. XOXO.


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Isn't it obvious that Dan isn't writing a bad chapter about Serena and he just didn't want to tell Georgina that him and Serena are together? C'mon guys why would he tell the girl that split them up in the first place that he was dating Serena. Also they hadn't told anyone else and I doubt Serena would want Georgina to be the first one. Serena and Dan have been the couple I've been holding out for from day 1! I like Nate but only as a friend to Serena, they're to much like brother and sister. You can't deny that Serena and Dan were each others first love and have never really gotten over that.


(SPOILER-maybe) I kind of wish Serenate will happen and Chair in the end. But didn't ausiello say there will be no serenate? How is Derena recoverable after this, if Dan is playing her? ...I get that this is gg and anything ridiculous can happen, but really how??


I really feel sorry for ALL the shippers of this show. At the end of the day, in the last episode I think that is when some fans will be happy with this season. It's stupid that they had this mini-season as all that has been done is p*ss off the loyal fans of this show.


I really wanted Blair to go off on Chuck in the end. I love them together, and I'm mad at him. He told Blair that he was sorry for giving up on them when she never did...yet he's doing it again! He says he loves her with all of his heart, and would give up anything for her, but he won't give up his pride? I don't know. It's so annoying. I would have much rather they got together in the beginning of this mini season and stayed together, so that I could at least believe in this couple the way that I want to. Ugh. Only three episodes are left, so they need to fix Chuck and Blair.


I am so tired of this... Is it too much to ask for derena and chair to end up happy? I really hope it all ends well or I'll have wasted 6 years.


OMFG!!!!! Has Dan no limits at all??? Nate was right when he warned Serena after all but she never listens he ended up being the most twisted person in the show I never agreed with bringing derena back on not to mention only a few minutes after Dan was pinning for Blair but seriously what a screwed up couple I never understood why the writers didn´t put more effort in Serenate instead they really had potential but well at this point I pretty much got the cue: they are idiots!!! my Gosh! what really gets on my nerves is this chair nonsense that pact is so ridiculous it makes no sense at all they are supposed to be the main couple the heart of the show that was the best plot they could come up with? seriously I´m so sick of this show the writing is just plain stupid I just keep watching for pure sentimental value because honestly they don´t know how to write it anymore.


William is so playing Ivy. All he wants is to get Lily back... !
Chuck telling his only parent abandoned him was so heartbreaking...


WHAT THE F**k!!!!!! DAN, seriously... I had so much hope for Derena and now this crap. I swear this is not happening, I am dreaming. I have watched this show for 6 years and have rooted for this damn couple. If they do not end up together I will be PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh dammit!


This show always uses recycled story lines its getting old and repetitive


Really, I'm just waiting for the end montage, but how can Dan go back to Serena after Blair? Sheesh, admittedly Blair was not kind, but Dan and Serena have nothing in common. The chapter will go back to being mush about Serena. It would be cool if he commented on her nearly apocalyptic daddy issues, complete self-absorption and the fact that fruit flies have a longer attention span.

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