Supernatural Episode Trailer: You Left Me to Die!

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Supernatural treated its fans to a Halloween fitting for The CW drama last night, one filled with Toblerone and vampire killings.

But look for things to get a lot more intense next Wednesday, as the official network teaser for "Southern Comfort" depicts a very angry Dean and serious tension between the brothers.

Not featured, yet making his presence felt on the installment: DJ Qualls as Garth! Yes, he's back, TV Fanatics, having assumed Bobby's duties during the past year. Prepare yourself for the presence of an "avenging ghost" on the episode and watch the preview below:

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That the episode didn't show a half hour scene about Sam and Amelia's separation, doesn't mean he didn't say goodbye to her. He wasn't happy at all about leaving, didn't you see his sadness walking out of the room? They did love each other, that's for sure.


The thing that puzzles me is this: They seem to want to make a big deal out of Amelia and how Sam was finally happy with her... but he couldn't have loved her or been happy all that much if he just walked out on her without saying goodbye in the middle of the night...


The way I see it Sam thought Dean was dead so why look. It's hard for Sam to tell Dean anything without him getting mad at him. But it's not the guys that write the stories either.


Sorry... I think Sam is hiding behind his new found love. He DIDN'T even look for Dean. Left him there and walked away with out even trying to save Dean. And you can say Crowley said he was dead, but really, Demons DO lie!


Just because while ago Sam did stuff behind Dean's back, its not a fair reason to do the same, doing it against Sam is really immature..


I didn't say having a friendship with a vampire was bad, the selfish action by Dean was to hide it from Sam. I mean, Dean being friends with a monster, does that happen every day, NO. Dean always judged Sam for his actions, but when Dean does similar things..everything should be fine right?....


I don't think Dean or Sam are selfish. They just both accept things differently. Dean can't be mad at Sam for wanting a 'normal' life. But Sam needs to understand that normal is not an option for Dean, and probably not for him. It's probably devestating to Sam and so he fights against it as much as he can, whereas Dean accepts it. We know that Dean doesn't really want this life, but he knows it's the one he was dealt. Dean is angry at Sam for not looking for him because that is what Dean would have done. But Sam isn't Dean. Dean tried to have a normal life after Sam went to hell because that is what Sam made him promise. But he wasn't truly comfortable in that life. Sam didn't make that deal with Dean when Dean disappeared...and I think it was easier for Sam to assume Dean was gone, because he wanted that normal life so much more than Dean does.
Sam needs to find some kind of middle ground. Make his own 'normal' life.


you should read huffington post review of blood brother, describes perfectly dean's character & sure selfish he ain't, never was, either immature, remember he brought up sam & put aside his own life & desires to do so, he went to hell for him, he almost die again making a deal with death to retrieve sam's soul, what part from all this strike you as immature or selfsih? as for the part he colaborate with a vampire in order to get out from purgatory, what he was suppose to do? spend an eternity there fighting for his life waiting his brother to save him? which he did'nt even try, so why dean should tell him what happen in purgatory & how he manageto to escape when sam does'nt give a crap about him?
as for sam
yeah abandon dean to rot in purgatory for eternity was very mature of sam, sam was always selfish from the get go, he abandon dean to go to colege after all he had done for him, in season 1 when dean went to retrieve him to go look for their father sam's responce was i'm sure he's fine
& in the bridge scene when dean says that they have to continue hunting in order to avenge their mother? sam's responce was that he did'nt even remember her so why bother to avenge her it would'nt change anything,
only when his girlfriend end up dead suddenly remembered that he had to go hunting in order to avenge her, not selfish at all,
you want me to go on with references from season to season? all the lies & secrets he kept from dean or how many times he try to kill him? i don't think so. the fact that he did not look for dean it was the cherry on the cake of all his previous actions of selfishnes


Most people think Sam is the selfish and immature one this time, but I actually think is really immature by Dean to be pissed at Sam, I mean, its not he was very honest when he came back, he hide his friendship with Benny. Sam did what any grown man would've done: moved on with his life, met a girl and had a happy life. Its not like something had him pulled to that horrific life of a hunter, Dean is the only one who gets freewill...I understand Dean wasn't happy at first, but he should stop pretending he is Sam's boss. Sam started the apocalypse, but all that was because Dean came to Stanford to bring Sam back to the hunting life. It is not fair to be working on something you don't like, if there's nothing that keeps you on it.


Garth is hilarious. I can't wait.

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