Supernatural Sneak Peek: You're Not Bobby!

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Following a Supernatural Halloween that concluded with Sam and Dean squaring off over Benny, viewers of this CW favorite should not expect the brothers to simply kiss and make up on Wednesday night.

As teased in the official preview for "Southern Comfort," the siblings will argue over secrets and their year apart, while a returning Garth attempts to play peacemaker.

But Dean takes issue with this intrusion, as you can see in the following sneak peek. After all - this is about to get personal - Garth isn't Bobby, dammit. Ouch...

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Yes...I can't wait to see this (year apart)storyline develop further. The passive aggressive comments to date have set the stage for a good brotherly showdown. Bring it on! Garth needs to be his own character and not an immitation "Bobby". He doesn't have the grey hairs and experience to be "Bobby" but hopefully they write him a role that is uniquely endearing.


Go Garth! Have to say it, Dean was a total dick in that moment. Someone has to take over Bobby's responsibilities and Garth has stepped up to that big responsibility, he deserves congratulations rather than criticism.


Score one for Garth. Dean and Sam, being at the center of so much fun and joy in their lives, seem to forget things like that about people like Bobby. Like, you know, that they have *lives* outside of the Winchester brothers. I know, shocking!

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