Supernatural Round Table: "Southern Comfort"

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Garth made his return to Supernatural last week, while viewers were reminded many times of the Bobby-sized hole in the heart of the brothers.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Carissa Pavlica and Sean McKenna are joined by by Alice Jester of The Winchester Family Business as they break down "Southern Comfort." Pull up a virtual chair and gather around now!


What did you think of the return of Garth?
Carissa: It's cool that he's come into his own and found his own hunting space. He didn't really take over where Bobby left off, but he was right. Someone had to do something. Given what he knew, he decided to take it upon himself kudos to Garth!

Alice: I was skeptical at first since his first two episodes were real duds, but I must say I really liked him this time around. He’s quite the intellect! I liked how he could touch the penny-of-eternal-rage and not be affected by it. All because of a yogi and a Sega Genesis.  Who knew that’s the secret to life?

Sean: I really like him. He's just such a different character and certainly not your typical hunter. Especially in this episode, he stepped up his game and we got to see he's not just a goofball but a competent hunter. Plus, getting someone so upbeat when everything else is more tense and serious was a nice touch to add to the equation.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Did you enjoy the Bobby references?
Carissa: Yes. It was weird that they just forgot all about him when Season 8 started. I was glad they remembered him.

Alice: Sort of. They fell flat a few times. I found it funny since Garth is the anti-Bobby. He doesn’t drink, he’s affable instead of cranky, he smiles all the time while Bobby snarled, he’s well adjusted while Bobby had a ton of baggage. Garth still feels a big connection to Bobby though, and it’s nice to see that Bobby didn’t belong to just Sam and Dean.

Sean: I really enjoy when the past is brought up and not completely forgotten (even the references to Sam's demon blood days) and at first I was skeptical. However, after really seeing it was all about remembering Bobby as more than just Sam and Dean's friend but an important hunter connected to everyone, it worked. Did you notice the hat Garth wore was the same as the one worn in the first season finale, "Devil's Trap?"

Should Dean still be mad at Sam?
Carissa: He'll be mad for a while. But there is something much deeper going on and if they don't get over it quick, they're going to do something rash that will drive them even further apart. They're both being ijits.

Alice: No. Dean should be talking with Sam. Or he should be talking with Sam when he’s not on a spectre-induced rage. His little “the slate is clean” speech at the end of “And Then There Were None” was certainly invalidated!

Sean: I understand why he's upset but I want them to talk it out further. They've been through so much, they should be able to figure out how to work together again.

What did you think of Sam telling Dean to get over it and move forward?
Carissa: I'd say Dean needs to tell Sam the same thing. Either get over Amelia and move forward or go back for her. Why hasn't he gone back for her? What haven't we learned yet? Whatever it is, let's learn it quick!

Alice: I’m surprised how many thought that was about Dean’s rant over Sam’s past “choices.” I took it to mean he was telling Dean to back off with all the snide comments about taking the past year off. It was about time and I loved seeing him stand up for himself. Hopefully it’ll be the first step toward them repairing their relationship.

Sean: I was glad Sam stood up for himself, mostly because I want these two to be back on track. I think they really need to both get over it and stop being upset and move forward. I know it's never that simple, but until they can, working together is always going to have that underlying tension.

Do you think Sam would kill Benny if he had the chance?
Carissa: Yes, but for the wrong reasons. It would be to get back at Dean for keeping him from Amelia, for holding his life against him and for saying Benny was a better brother to Dean that Sam ever was. Those aren't reasons to kill. I think Dean is slowly realizing there are more to the supernatural and just killing them might not always be the right move. Funny, because it wasn't too long ago when Sam was the one in that position. They're always in the same place at different times. It's about time for a meeting of the minds.

Alice: Yes. The question is, will Sam go out of his way to get that chance, especially when he knows Dean won’t kill him? I believe he won’t kill him unless he’s sure that Benny has hurt or killed someone, but he’ll be the first guy there if/when that happens.

Sean: Sam will definitely do it, but I wonder as to the circumstances. Will he do it out of anger? Revenge? What if he has to kill Benny to save Dean? Benny's death feels inevitable and when the do come to that moment, I'm sure Sam will have the unfortunate task of making the final blow.


Carissa: Yes, but for the wrong reasons. It would be to get back at Dean for keeping him from Amelia, for holding his life against him and for saying Benny was a better brother to Dean that Sam ever was. Deam isn't keeping Sam from anyone or anywhere. Sam is. Really? Dean's bad for while being possessed got out everything he should have dumped on Sam years ago but it's ok for Sam not possessed in 801 to trash Dean by telling him he find his perfect life and not only didn't it invlove Dean Dean wasn't even in it?! I think Dean is slowly realizing there are more to the supernatural and just killing them might not always be the right move. Dean realized that in Season's 2 Bloodlust.


I personally don't see why Dean should be mad at Sam at all. Dean is bitter because Sam didn't look for him, however unlike the other times they've separated, Sam had no idea where to start or where Dean could be. I also don't believe that Sam needs Dean.
I'm also confused as to why Sam says he's never had a normal life before Amelia. Didn't he do a stint in college with a live in girlfriend? I am glad Sam stood up for himself at the end though. I also thought that when he told Dean to get over it, he was referring to the fact that he hadn't gone looking for him. Dean is very attached to certain people, mainly Sam and likes to keep him under his thumb. He always needs a sidekick with whatever he's doing. I think Sam is used to being more independent. Dean was being hypocritical in always getting on Sam's case for wanting to trust a monster.
I do think Sam will eventually kill Benny. I don't think he'll do it out of revenge but I think Benny will eventually slip up and Sam will be there when he does. I think that when the show eventually ends, (which hopefully will not be for a while), they will go driving off into the sunset together. Or perhaps over a cliff into the sunset together...


Sam doesnt need Dean , he isnt clinging onto him like he is the only thing in his world and Dean isnt doing the same. The brothers relationship should be based on a mutuality not one dictated by Dean,s issues.
Sam would kill Benny if he felt there was a justified reason but not out of pettiness he was upfront with Dean . Dean did go behind Sam,s back and killed Amy that was Dean,s decision . Benny was thrown at Sam like a brick by Dean I wasnt exactly surprised he reacted the way he did .I can understand how Dean views Benny as they were in Purgatory together but Sam wasnt there and he has got burnt before with trusting a supernatural being. Sam asked Dean to trust him over Amy , Dean didnt abnd her being Sam,s friend and saving his life counted for nothing so Dean is expecting a 180 degree turn around in his view to be accepted by Sam it doesnt always work like that. I wish they hadnt gone down this road and not have Sam look for Dean and created yet another brother relationship for Dean instead of focusing on the one they have had from day 1 but they havent.


Garth: Attempt at rehabilitating a character so he can remain a "special guest star." I would judge Garth's character in the past as being completely comfortable with himself, happy doing what he's doing, and knowing who and what he is. To change the character into Bobby 2.0, IMO, is completely OOC, as his emulating Bobby somehow means he knew he was a village idiot and now he can be something and be important. Why else emulate to the degree he did? From now on, I'll record his episodes and FF through them. No, didn't appreciate the references AT ALL. Bobby may have helped a lot of hunters, but none of them had the relationship with him that the brothers did. The episode basically made that relationship meaningless. Sam and Benny: Sam would love to kill Benny, just so he could tell Dean, "I told you so." Unfortunately, I see Sam very much needing Dean right now; whereas, Dean no longer needs Sam...he just wants him around...although, at this point, I don't know why.


What did you think of the return of Garth? I love DJ Qualls and I enjoy him just about anything. His portrayal of Garth could have gone very badly, and at first it seemed to be headed that way, but Garth has really come into his own. Like our boys, Garth has had to grow and change and it is nice to get to watch that happen. Did you enjoy the Bobby references? Yes. Any reference to Bobby makes me smile and these were all so touching. It was about remembering and seeing Bobby's connection outside of Sam and Dean. I thought it worked well and it just reminded me how much I miss the old coot. Should Dean still be mad at Sam? I would be. I have siblings, and if they left me to just rot in Purgatory, yep, I'd be pissed. It would take a great deal of time. Now, everything else he brought up about his past with Sam does need to be gotten over, and I think it has for the most part. Right now Dean is feeling very abandoned and lost and those feelings are dragging up old memories, opening old wounds. It happens to us all. I want to see him get through this, but in reality he needs time to deal with everything he's been through. Dean doesn't do therapy, he doesn't talk about his issues, and usually he buries his feelings - always leading to explosive conclusions. Unfortunately this means that although he really needs to face his issues, he won't until he has absolutely no choice any longer. I get, I hate personal confrontation and I'd rather bury my feelings than face them. What did you think of Sam telling Dean to get over it and move forward? That he was being a complete and total asshole. Dean had just spilled his guts - admittedly under the influence of a specter, still - and he revealed his pain of abandonment, the feeling of distance with Sam and then Sam goes and threatens to leave. ASSHOLE!! Do you think Sam would kill Benny if he had the chance? Yep, honestly surprised he didn't do the moment they met. And right now, if Benny showed up, he would. Now, that doesn't mean things won't change. After all, Cas is about to show up and he knows Benny as well and may be apt to protect him as well. That could change Sam's mind, but at the moment, Sam would kill Benny without blinking. And I agree with Carissa, right now it would be for all the wrong reasons.


Sam doesnt tend to be petty or spiteful so I am surprised people seem to think he is in the wrong with Benny. Especially after the way Dean did act where Amy was concerned. Dean's words were far more devasting to the brothers relationship than anything Sam said and considering Sam's time in the cage and Dean's words to Sam and Bobby I couldnt see why they rehashed this old stuff and Dean didnt blame Sam for Soulless Sam so why retcon that ?. I wish Jeremy Carver had had Sam look he has in showrunners in the past have seemingly used Sam to create so sort of fake drama and the Sam's story is not very good but at least he does have Amelia otherwise right now the show would be dominated by Dean'as relationships. Right now I do wonder why these two are together? Sam doesnt want to be there and Dean doesnt really want him there he has Benny so not sure what we have with the brothers?


[I wish it would warn us we're out of characters instead of cutting us off mid-sentence. I was almost done anyway.] I noticed you guys didn't say a word about the Amelia flashbacks. Is that because you couldn't find anything interesting to talk about? I find them not only boring, but an annoying interruption.


First off, I have to completely disagree with Carissa that Sam would kill Benny out of petty spite. The only thing that would make Sam kill Benny is to save people. (And if it does happen, then yeah, predictable.) Although the horrible way Carver is writing Sam, heck he just might gank Benny because he's pissed at Dean. The kind of guy who leaves his brother to die would do something like that. Garth was hands down the best part of this episode. I've always liked him, and now like him even more. He's a breath of fresh air. I certainly can't say as much for the fighting, it was completely stale. Everything about it was rehashed, from a supernatural being forcing them to spill their guts, to the issues it raised. The conflict between hunting and normal life were big arcs in both seasons 1 (Sam) and 6 (Dean.) Benny is playing the same role as Ruby. And even issues that were long buried were dug up again. I noticed you guys didn't say a word about the Amelia flashbacks. Is that because you didn't find anything interesting to talk about? They are boring, and an annoying interruption.


I love garth. I did not love garth saying ijits. That belongs to bobby. I was so glad sam stood up for himself. Dean reallllllyyyyy needs to get over it. But dean never gets over anything. I like the stronger version of sam. And yes sam will kill benny. But we're talking about sam here. Sam won't kill benny out of revenge. Benny will have to have done something for sam to kill him. And sam will still hesitate because of he and dean's relationship


I loved the return of Garth. He is a really good hunter, I just think he has a hard time dealing with Sam and Dean Level Monsters, like shojos, angels, gods, phoenixes and dragons, etc. Put Garth up against vanilla ghosts, vampires, werewolves and the like and he's definitely the guy you want at your back.

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