The Vampire Diaries Clip: Hostage Hullabaloo!

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Connor is coming.

A huge factor already on The Vampire Diaries Season 4, this hunter will truly make his presence felt on next Thursday's "The Killer." How so?

By taking April, Matt and Jeremy hostage and creating some serious hostility among those not trapped inside The Grill.

In the following sneak peek, we see Stefan argue with Damon over how to best approach the situation, while Tyler and Elena also weigh in and the gang wonders how to drag Bonnie out of her self-imposed retirement. View the official TVD promo for the installment then hit Play now:

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David and sabrina 2014

This episode was surely filled with traps and shocking times but I can't wait to see what else happens. =O


@Shaun, you fail to see the point I was trying to make, Damon first acts -then thinks and usually it ends up badly for everyone. Remember when he killed Mason and then went on to brag about it to Katherine,which made her call Jenna and compel her to stab herself? And its not like Damon cared about saving Caroline and Tyler anyway, his main agenda was just to fuck up Klaus's plans not even taking the time to see that it was useless anyway, Klaus had a back up plan - my point is Damon underestimates his enemies, thinking he can just go in and go Chuck Norris on their asses. He should not do that. Sorry, if I upset you about your favourite Damon, but its common knowledge that you need to think before you act.


You are so right Amie show would of been much better if Damon did nothing and let Tyler and Caroline die. Maybe would of gotten real lucky and had Matt die too when he went alone to save them. Stefan's do nothing but offer yourself up instead plan would have been sooo much better.


Sure Damon, whatever you say, go and do your "open heart" surgery stuff...I am sure it will end as well as it did when you killed Klaus's witch, freed Caroline and Tyler to put a stop to Klaus's sacrifice plans. Except it didn;t, you got bitten by a werewolf and your brother had to hand himself over to a psycho in order to get you the cure....Go ahead Damon, you plans are always epic...failures.


Love love damon's character! His lines are priceless!
"Is that where you've been all morning,out buying bossy pants?"
Love it!


I normally find Stefan pretty boring, when he is being a goodie, goodie that is. Stefan being mischeavious is always much more compeling so here is to hoping he keeps the secret about the cure for a long while, even it does end up biting him in the ass in the long run.


i wonder how Elena will react when she finds out why Stefan doesn't want to kill the hunter... Hopefully it will make all us Delena fans happy!


So the guys actually listen to Damon for once.. then Stefan trolls in and suddenly everyone does exactly what he says. It's getting ridiculous now. Be quiet, Stefan; let Damon do the plotting -- it's not worked out the other way around much has it?


This show is getting better by the minute.


I start liking stefan. I think klaus is a real good influence here. Everybody else is panicking like a bunch of beheaded chicken (even Damon).
Klaus all the way and who cares for triangles now anyway. We´ve got some kickass hunters here.

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