Two and a Half Men Season 11: Likely, To Include Angus T. Jones?

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CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler made it very clear last week at the Television Critics Association winter press tour:

The Network would "like to have an 11th season" of Two and a Half Men.

Considering the ratings remain strong for this sitcom, it's seem hard to believe CBS won't get its with, as the only real question remaining would then surround the status of Angus T. Jones.

Jake on Skype

He's rarely on the show as is, and he made headlines a couple months ago for referring to it as filth.

 “We’d like him to be part of it next year,” Tassler said. “I think he would like to come back, too. [Executive Producer] Chuck [Lorre] would like him [back], Warner Bros. would… He made his public apology and we’ve moved on."

There's no new deal in place for Ashton Kucher, either,but both sides have been satisfied so far with their partnership and it's assumed he would accept another large check to return.

“This is a happy cast,” Tassler concluded. “These are happy people. We had a little bit of a glitch, but... what else is new? The kid’s 19 years old. I have a 24-year-old. Between the ages of 19 and 24, there’s been plenty of things my kid has come out and said that I wish he hadn’t. But I think the bottom line is cooler heads prevailed. He’s been a beloved member of that cast for years and years and years.”

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Be good to have an 11th season. Of course bring Jake back, kids will be kids,
they like to learn the hard way. Now if continues to do things like he did that is a different story.
Still love the show!


Bad idea - Jones should be fired and BLACKLISTED from all of Hollywood. The charactor has been silly for awhile anyway. Love the show but no Jones please.

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