Grimm Review: A Tentative Truce

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After months off the air, Grimm finally returned with "Face Off."

And it picked up right where it left off in “Season of the Hexenbiest.

Grim Fight

“Face Off” was really a culmination of payoffs all of us have been waiting over a year for. Juliette and Renard’s actions are beginning to make some sense, Adalind continues to be a great villain, and, most importantly, Nick and Renard finally tip their hands to each other.

Juliette and Renard’s fun times were incredibly difficult to watch. I was mostly suffering from second hand embarrassment as their aggressions towards one another kept escalating and growing more awkward. The intense feelings they share is one thing, but it ended up translating into what looked like the beginning of BDSM gone wrong. They clearly needed a safe word when the bullets started flying.

Leave it to Rosalee to piece together what’s afflicting Juliette and Renard after being back in town for all of a few hours, and, might I say, it’s wonderful to have her back in the mix with the boys instead of on the phone far away. Naturally, the purification potion is causing Juliette and Renard to have feelings they cannot control, and if something isn’t done soon one of them will end up killing the other.

Adalind continues to work with the royals, and is now working the next part of her plan: pregnancy. However, the paternity of the baby is questionable because of the expediency of it.  Is Grimm trying to say Renard is the father even though it only feels like a few days, at most, have passed since her encounter with Renard? Adalind used to be a creature, but she’s human now, and pregnancy tests usually take some time to show up positive.

This leads me to wonder if Adalind is actually pregnant with a different royal child.

Nick and Renard’s meeting, aside from being cut short, was everything I could have hoped for and more. The reference back to the pilot with the house in the woods played up the perfect amount of symmetry. Nick is no longer fearing who he is or what he’s seeing, nor is he alone in all of it; he’s figured out how to survive on his own terms.

In typical Grimm fashion, we were left with very little answers during this meeting aside from Nick getting his key back; nevertheless, one of the more pressing manners is to stop Juliette and Renard’s fatal attractions so heading back to the spice shop to get it all under control is probably for the best.

Finally, I really want to single out David Giuntoli. The man was awesome tonight as he took Nick through the emotional ringer as Nick went through rage, heartbreak, and more. He did some of his best work tonight.

A Few More Thoughts and Questions:

  • Monroe is still the best sidekick ever, and his reunion with Juliette was adorable.
  • Will the purification potion show what a Grimm looks like (if they have one)?
  • Juliette suddenly seemed to care about Nick again as he’s suffocating on the spice shop’s floor.  Are her memories of Nick finally returning now?
  • Renard inside the trailer feels so wrong.


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Glad that the show is back and that Rosalie is back. Also glad that at least part of Renard's plans for Nick are out in the open. Wondering how Nick and Monroe are going to get away with killing those four thugs at the hotel ... but it's not like Nick hasn't already gotten away with a slew of Wesen killings. Also wondering why Nick needs a "purification." I thought Renard needed it because he was so far from pure of heart. Does Nick have a dark and dirty heart? Hoping that Juliette will find an "out" and leave the show after the Juliette/ Renard thing is resolved. Don't know if the writers/producers realize how unpopular the character is. McHatton: "the purification potion is causing Juliette and Renard to have feelings they cannot control" No, it's the curse. McHatton: "Will the purification potion show what a Grimm looks like ...?" No, a Grimm is just a special human, like a Slayer in "Buffy". (Admittedly, the show has told us so little about the origins and nature of either Grimms or Wesen that it's tough to be sure.)

Lemonaki myrwdato

im so sorry this comment wasn't supposed to be here!!!! no pregnancy!! false alarm


The more I watch the Adalind/Renard "love" scene, the hotter it gets. I spent the extended hiatus anxiously awaiting the consummation of the Juliette/Renard flirtation, stupidly not realizing it was something involuntary for both of them. Now that I get that essential fact, the better it is for Renard that he had sex with someone he actually wanted to be with, even if it was just given the circumstances. Too bad the writers can't seem to alleviate Juliette's suffering with the same alacrity.


I ma so glad they finally got back to Renard and the resistance. Please get Renard back on track and away from boring stupid Juliette. While you are at it get Nick away from her! Way back last year ( stupid NBC) when Renard was talking to Jac in Paris they talked about being with the resistance. Also last season when they guy came to town (funny enough the one they showed in the flash back with the tattoo on his hand) he said something to Renard about the resistance and Renard said he did not care about them being in his canton. Now we know why...he is working with them. Please please get this show back on track and off Juliette and Renard. Why did they cut shirtless rage Renard and Adalind out of the show but have it on the NBC website?


Love Love Love Nick...can be please get him a girlfriend that is worth something. Juliette really gets on my last nerve! Also where is Nick's mom?


I watched the episode, but I can't remember a thing about Adalind being pregnant. I have no idea how I missed that (unless hubby was talking to me, and I turned to listen). UGH. Wil rewatch tomorrow. Also--Renard/Juliet in the house--they were kinda enacting, physically, what was going on in their minds--it didn't translate as well to the screen as the writers may have thought, though, as it did look like a badly edited sequence.


I was disappointed with the big fight between Nick and Renard. I wanted Nick to kick Renard's ass! I guess Renard and Nick will be freindenmies now! Wow the big love scene between Renard and Juliette was as boring as they are. I am so glad it looks like they are finally ending this really boring storyline. Looks like Renard is finally waking up and getting back to his old self. Loved they he did not tell Adeland he had the key. She is not pregnant by the Captain but by his brother Eric. I am sure Adeland will use this to keep the brothers at each other. I can't believe stupid Juliette finally showed she cared about Nick at the end. I wonder that step two of the cure is? Love Love Love Monroe and Rosealee. Now that is a couple worth watching...not Nick and Juliette and not Juliette and the Captain. More Hank please! Also love Adeland being scared to leave the jail!


I am so glad Grimm is back! Grimm is the no-brainer Friday, 9pm slot winner.

Lemonaki myrwdato

there is a pregnancy test that tells you if you're pregnant before your delay!!


Cool fight. Renard/Juliette was clumsy. Monroe was funny. Rosalee was awesome.

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