Pretty Little Liars Review: An Impossible Game

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Pretty Little Liars has finally moved from mysteriously complex to downright improbable.

"A dAngerous gAme," the Season 3 finale, may have featured tons of action and drama, but it was so unbelievably frustrating that I couldn't really enjoy it.

In classic Pretty Little Liars fashion, the hour needlessly complicated the plot of show. Over and over again, the series gives us no real answers because its constantly undoing the work of the previous episodes. What are we really suppose to believe when everything that is asserted one week is completely upended later on? How can we really narrow down our suspects when the drama constantly throws new characters into the mix?

Unfortunately, PLL has reached the point that all programs built around a central mystery eventually encounter: how can you answer the questions without writing yourself out of a job?

The Pretty Little Liars

Shows such as Lost "solved" the problem by setting a clear end date and mapping out the storylines from that point on. With Pretty Little Liars, it feels like the writers have no clear sense of the ultimate direction. Or they need to continue to obscure it by retreading over the same clues from different angles. 

For example, when Toby was revealed as A, Marlene King announced that he was definitely evil and wasn't working undercover for good reasons. Yet, Toby claims that he is just working with the A-team to keep Spencer safe. Who are we suppose to believe? If you remember, the big Mona reveal was met with some derision because the creators claimed they weren't following the plot of the book series. So I guess if your a Spoby fan, you'll believe that Toby's really protecting Spencer and you probably squealed a little at their reunion.

It was nice to know that Spencer was actually trying to protect her friends in the end because it did seem like she was going to betray them for a guy. The deal she made with Mona was to serve up the girls on a silver platter for Red Coat in order to get Toby back. Luckily, she was working towards helping the girls figure things out...but even that seemed a little convoluted. It seems a little much to expect that Malcolm would someone how see the photo she sent and identify her so that Hanna would know.

Side note: how ridiculous was it that despite the fact that she was holding her cell phone, Hanna told Malcolm she was going to use the house phone to call Emily,  leaving him to conveniently play games on her cell phone? How many houses even have landlines these days? But I digress.

The big showdown with Red Coat didn't go as planned. Someone locked Mona, Hanna, Emily and Aria (and possibly hoped to get Toby and Spencer) in that lodge and set it on fire. We know it wasn't Spencer or Toby. Red Coat was still getting off the plane. The most likely suspects are Jenna, Shana and Melissa.

Yep, these three ladies were together talking about the gathering at the Lodge and some videos (plus there was some talk about "those bitches getting what they deserved"). And Jenna and Shana helped Wilden the night he got hit by his own car, as we recently found out. They all seem to want to make the As (and the girls) pay for something, and it looks like Jenna may have also been being blackmailed by A as well. (And her eyes are getting bad again.)

And everyone wants to know who Red Coat is. The answer is *spoiler alert* Allison....Or someone who looks a lot like her. What was crazy about this reveal (other than the fact that Ali is supposed to be dead) is that no one knows who Red Coat is. To hear Mona tell it, she is all powerful and all-knowing. Is she a girl or a superhero?? It's just ridiculous to think that there is a person who is that omniscient and omnipresent and have no one (not even the people working for her) know what she looks like. This character is an outrageous improbability, making it impossible for anyone to fight against her.

Mona also revealed that she was working alone as A until Red Coat showed up at Radley and took over. And now it seems that Mona will be one of A's victims.

The final scene of the hand reaching out the ground nicely referenced us back to the Halloween episode that ended in the same way. Only this time, another hand came onto the screen to help the buried person pull themselves free. I'm guessing the buried person is Ali since we're suppose to believe that she is the girl in the red coat.

In other season finale partial reveals, Wilden's car made a reappearance and exposed Jenna and Shana's involvement with Wilden. And there was a little surprise waiting in the trunk...but of course we don't get to see what it is. CeCe's body anyone?

Oh, and Ezra and Aria finally broke up.

What are your thoughts on the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale? Will you be tuning in next season?


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With this episode Pretty Little Liars reached a new level of dumbness. This season has been amazingly stupid...not stupid like season 1 and 2...but particularly stupid.


Sorry spoby fans but toby aka pretty eyes is evil. Remember he tried to kill lucas. Hes been working with a and mona for a long time.Dont trust him. And mona do u believe she doesnt know who red coat is. She knows shes lying shes done it before. Poor innocent mona. Yeah right! Watch out liars


Good episode. Ok I believe that Toby is really on Spencer's side and just wants to protect her. I knew hen spencer joined the A team she had other motives to find Toby and help her friends. Spencer, Hannah, and Mona all saw red coat as Allison so for right now I'm going to believe its really Allison or atleast someone that looks exactly like her. It looks like Mona is now going to be a victim of A but is she going to join the liars side or is he going to be out on her own. I'm wondering what was in the back of the police car is it a body is it something else either way I can't wait to find out when the show comes back on.


Solid episode?!! LOL!!! Give me a break!! Time to grow up.


I find it really crappy that the show's creators/producers flat out lie to everyone about the storylines. Are they too stupid to be coy? Geez! Ali is redcoat....oh wow...big surprise. That's sarcasm by the way. If you read the books you will already know the endings for each finale. Can this show please get new writers who have a freaking clue. Like the recapper said...they don't know how to properly tie up the story.
Thank GOD Aria and Ezra finally broke up!! Talk about unrealistic. Hopefully this leaves room for Jason to come back (who by the way I highly doubt would try and kill Aria!)


Sooo does that mean we can trust Mona now?


Guys do you think that we can trust Toby? I really love Spencer with Toby that's why I want to believe that he is just on the A-team to help her and the girls but it somehow feels as if he cannot be trusted... what do you think? and what about Mona? can she be trusted after the ending in this episode?


Toby - clearly on Spencer's side, but the compass put in his hand is a new development. Somebody hit him so that he wouldn't be able to go help the girls. To me it looked like Melissa or Shauna. Mona - so she was A on her own until radley right? so she genuinely had a mental problem and actually needed to be at radley. so she had been blackmailing ali? did she kill ali? Ian died in season 1, was that Mona who killed him? why did he say he killed ali? what stuff was Mona responsible for? Ali/red coat - so *spoiler alert* I know everyone said alison had a twin, and it would make sense that this is the storyline because of the ashley marin scene in the halloween episode. so if the twin that tried to kill her sister was alisons twin sister, it would make sense. she could have killed ali and would look just like her. and also is clearly a psychopath that could be taking revenge on the girls because killing ali wasnt enough. my question is, if red coat was on the plane, who would set fire to the house the girls,mona and toby were supposed to be in? if it was melissa - would she kill her own sister, along with jenna and shauna. and what's their motive? now red coat RAN AWAY, when hannah saw her, does that seem like the actions of someone all powerful? my guess is that maybe it is ali's twin and ali is actually dead. no mask. im also guessing red coat didn't count on the house burning and that she doesn't want to kill the girls, well not yet, and that's why she saved them


DeAnna, what do you mean? When she said "hey pretty eyes" toby was together with Spencer... they were together back then.. so I don't really understand what you mean? he was doing it to protect her?


Sorry to inform everyone, but the mention from the waitress of "Pretty Eyes" regarding Toby alludes to him being on the A Team far longer than we have been privy to. Longer than he and Spencer being together. So he got with her BECAUSE he was on the A Team. Not he joined the A Team because of her. Our man Toby, is in fact, evil. This I knew as soon as the waitress mentioned those two words. Sad, but true.

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