Shameless Review: Sexual Healing

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It seems incredible that a bum like Frank Gallagher could become such an important pawn in the war between gay marriage activists and conversion therapy believers.

However "Civil Wrongs" proved that even guys like Frank can have an impact.

I guess the best kind of pawn is someone desperate like Frank. He needs the money, he is shameless (no pun intended) and he will do whatever you want if you ply him with enough booze, cash or attention. There's just one thing these groups were underestimating: Frank is an idiot savant.

Jimmy Drops a Bomb

I genuinely do not understand how a man like Frank Gallagher would have enough brain cells to form a coherent sentence, yet somehow the guy can work it. Obviously a large part of this is a testament to William H. Macy's acting ability, but still. Frank is such a scumbag in so many ways, most of all the way he is with his children, but he also has the tools to make an impact when he wants to. The key part of that sentence was "when he wants to." It's all about incentive with Frank, but when he has the motivation he is fairly intelligent and an awesome orator. 

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What started on last week's Shameless as a drunken rant about Frank getting domestic partnership rights, with his clingy Burt and Ernie roommate Christopher, propelled him into the spotlight as a voice for gay rights. We all know that Frank has no problem with anyone's sexual preference. Do you remember in the Shameless Season 2 premiere when Frank was offering to blow people in order to repay a debt that held Liam as collateral? 

Now that guest star Bradley Whitford has Frank on the public speaking circuit, Frank is lavishing in the attention he's getting from the gay community. While we know he has swung both ways, he does prefer the ladies. Thus, when the guys from conversion therapy showed up offering to "brainwash him back heterosexuality" and deliver him binders full of women and more money, Frank was hard pressed to refuse the offer.

Now he's a pawn between both of these groups, but at the same time he is totally playing them. As sad as the whole "conversion therapy" thing is, it was actually funny that they tried to turn Frank and Scottie on with a little Marvin Gaye to set the mood. Nothing like good ol' Marvin!

Somehow Frank found himself at the center of the most interesting storyline this week and it was probably in large part that he wasn't screwing over his kids! This is a great thing because Debbie is ditching school, Ian is mourning the fact that his boyfriend is marrying a legitimate whore, Lip's current girlfriend tried to kill his ex girlfriend, and Jimmy might leave for Michigan.

Just when Fiona finally gets settled in a good workplace environment, Jimmy wants to uproot things! Don't get me wrong, I think med school would be great for Jimmy, but I also think Fiona is finally finding herself, making some friends and getting a life and she shouldn't have to lose her identity and follow Jimmy. Also there's still the issue of Estefania, hello! At least Beto didn't forget about her.

The bottom line is that Jimmy doesn't even need to become a doctor because Jody just "cured comas!" I guess when Lip told Sheila and Jody that they should do stuff Karen actually likes in order to trigger her consciousness, sex should've been at the top of everyone's list. Apparently orgasms and brain functionality go hand in hand. Am I the only one who totally forgot Jody and Karen are still married? 

What will Lip do now that he knows he's in a full on Fatal Attraction relationship? I don't like Karen but putting the girl in a coma was a bold move. What happened to good old fashioned mean girl tactics like hair pulling and rumor spreading? We will find out next week so stay tuned. For now, a hearty congrats to Kev for knocking up V's mom!


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Fell behind a bit on this show and just catching up now, but of course it continues to be great. One thing that threw me off is that usually the show tries to balance the lightness and dark by having the two Gallagher pillars experiencing opposite fortunes - Frank is up when Fiona's down and vice versa. However, as this episode started (and as "Frank the Plumber" setup) they're both doing well with Fiona's new job and Frank's new con as the gay right's man working out so well, that they have to change things up to keep the trademark Shameless balance of humor and heartbreak...and this time both Gallagher's sort of crash at the same time with Frank being exposed and Fiona being crushed by Jimmy's return to law school. What great setup and execution. Also, as always great music in this one, especially in some of the best scenes. 1985's "A Beautiful Life" was a great choice for when Veronica announces that she and Kev are having a baby, as was Fellow Bohemian's “It Takes So Little� when Ian tells Lip about Mickie’s girlfriend - both songs fit not only for their sound and vibe, but also lyrically with the scenes which is nice to know that the producers put some thought into it. I also really liked that they used "Firehouse" by Middle Distance Runner when Fiona’s new friend at work invites her to lunch, although that didn't have much actual tie-in with the scene but it's still a great song.


Jimmy gotta go. Estefania, med school..too messy.
Fiona should just forget about him and try the new boss, he is so cute!


I think Jimmy is tired of poverty and routine. Going to med school is just a way out for him. He may never even finished med school when he is there. This show is realistic. While Jimmy is declaring his undying love for Fiona in season 1 and then appearing this season to play house with her,like all relationship in real life, monotony kicks in and true love is out of the window. I feel sad for Mandy, I do like her character but I cannot imagine what kind of plan Lip is coming up with to punished her. Lip can be very cruel when he needs to and as we all know, he is very smart! Perhaps now that Karen is awake, the wrath will be lesser.


best part of tonight's show was Bill Macy's acting. And he gave us the humor balance the show needs. He was terrific. They have taken the Fiona/Jimmy relationship as far as they can, so I expect him to be gone next season. How long will Fiona's good fortunes last? Who knows? Except for stealing an idea from Almodovar (Jody and Karen's awakening,) it was one good and entertaining show. How will they end the season? Can't wait.

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You saw what I did here. I'm your new rainmaker.


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